Saturday, 24 July 2010


Our Adidas have finally arrived! Check the site to buy online or pop instore! to celebrate I thought i'd bring you a bunch of videos from the Adidas team:

Pete Eldridge is sick, big pop steez!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Andover?! Reskue vid...

Nuff said really! This event needs your support! If we get a bunch of people down there then it will show there is a need for an indoor park in the South! Tell your mates and pimp the Facebook event, this needs to be rammed!

In other news filming for the Reskue vid has been going well-ish, we had a little re-edit of Darrens part the other night, he only has 3 tricks from his original part in there now! Basically if you take Darren to a set of stairs he'll either do a trick in a few tries, or snap his board. Cam has easily enough footage for a part including some ridiculous enders which Ranny shot for a possible well deserved First Light in Sidewalk! I'm going to be going over to the Isle Of Wight to finish filming Darren and hopefully get some tricks! And then we are DONE! Only a year or two late, but thats what happens when you work every single day!
If you hadn't seen how hard we have been working on this here is Cam trying to cruise a rail:

And here is a little edit of the 3 up 5 down spot made famous by 6:57, if you were thinking of filming here I wouldn't bother, Darren pretty much killed it!

If you were in any doubt as to how good Cams board control is here is an old vid of him against some poor kid in a game of skate, heelflip late shuv?!

Here are a few other vids as well to keep you hyped:


And a bit of Frenchman steez for you:

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Some inspo..

here are a few vids from relatively unknown guys to get you inspired, as well as some footage from the top three finishers from the CPH pro comp.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


I have been slacking emmensely on the blog again, apologies! There has been a lot of team action going on though, which hopefully you will see the fruits of real soon! Filming with Josh and Cam for the Reskue Remix video has been going well, footage has been racking up and when Josh has as many tricks as he has slams its gonna be a banger, combined with Cams part which is gonna be huge! Paget and Darren have been on some trips with Ranny to get photos, potentially for Sidewalk. You may have noticed we were open a bit late last Sunday, this was because we got up early to go film/photograph Darren hitting up a huge rough gap, the Reskue squad aren't messing about! We are really trying to get some bangers for you guys to peruse over your Coco Pops! Hopefully the video will be finished in the next month and you'll all be stoked on the new footage! Cam has his ender and trust me its a banger!

I have had a few people say I should just put the finished parts up online, as Greg,Marc,Paget and Curtis have had full parts for almost a year! But I have been adding to them and I want the whole team to be checked out in its entirety, Darren gets new footage all the time and Paget has been getting a few bits after his injury, but its all coming together and should be done very soon!

It seems videos used to mean a lot more when they weren't online, owning a video which you paid for meant you watched the video religiously and really studied it knowing every trick.
One of the last big videos before the DVD revolution was Menikmati from eS, I seriously loved this video, all the music was original and didn't have any vocals to detract from the skating, Fred Mortagne who filmed and edited the video is easily one of the best skate videographers, all of the timing on Kostons part is amazing and perfectly in time with the music. It is wierd to think this came out 10 years ago as a lot of it is still really really good now, its interesting to look at the trick selection now compared to ten years ago, some of the slow mo tricks are now fillers, yet some of the gnarlier handrail stuff hasn't been met to this day, Arto was at the peak of his skating at this point, the El Toro front board is crazy, and the switch front board in a line is bangin, in fact its the same rail Marissa does a regular front board in the Zero video which only just came out, Arto kills it!
eS have put the entire video up on its site in a celebration of its history, and here it is, take some time to watch it, especially Kostons section, and get inspired!

And here are some of the bonus bits!

That is a lot of Good skateboarding! If you are stoked on this then leave a comment or let us know on the Reskue Facebook!


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