Saturday, 28 February 2009

City Southern Sojourn

Berrics blah blah blah, I shouldn't need to tell you to loo there, it is now the most popular skate site in the world (I think Reskue is second)

But I can tell you about THIS video from City, some smooth stylings in there.

Friday, 27 February 2009

I am cooler than Kanye West

Secret Wars is a pretty cool concept, basically two artists get about ninety minutes to fill a huge white board each with just black markers and ink, then a couple of judges and the crowd vote on the best to determine who wins the battle.

Here at Reskue we have supported Secret Wars for a while, giving them some prizes in the last series, but I hadn't actually made it down to one. So I headed down to Soul Cellar last night and its definately worthy of your support, the atmosphere was really mellow with some good hip hop playing and I ended up being one of the judges.

It turns out that Secret Wars isn't as secret as you may think and recently Kanye West put it on his blog saying how cool it looked, and it looks like there is gonna be a UK vs US event on the horizon.
I'm stoked that Reskue can support Secret Wars, and if you are an artistic type you may have noticed we have started stocking Belton Molotow spray paint instore, art and skateboarding go together like cheese and crackers so it makes sense for us to cater for local artists.

On the skateboard front we should have whole bunch of Plan B, Harmony and Motive decks in today ready for the weekend, and if you are thinking of getting anything in the sale make it snappy because its finishing soon!

Thursday, 26 February 2009


Here is a little vid of some of the Dekline team in warmer places, Dekline have been steadily picking up a whole bunch of stylish guys including Olly Todd, Jason Lee and Soy Panday.

I had some Deklines a while back and they were actually really nice to skate in, so much so that I bought the same pair again! Unfortunately they got pretty popular and every emo kid in town had a pair, but lately they have been taking things back to skateboarding and are only available in select shops.

We are gonna be getting Dekline shoes in March including a cool Jason Lee colourway so have a look at these guys and think about rocking some Deklines soon.

More Skateboarding >>

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake day + Maloof comp

This has absolutely nothing to do with skateboarding.

But enjoy it anyway.

In a tiny bit of skate news the Maloof Money Cup will be back later in the year.
If you don't know what it is basically the Maloofs have a shed load of money, their sons think skateboarding is cool, so they make a massive concrete park and throw huge amounts of cash at top pros to kill themselves down massive rails, and then they destroy the huge concrete park after about a week when it could have been put somewhere as a permanant structure and made 1000's of people happy.

Bearing this in mind I thought you could make your own mind up about it with this handy little game!
Simply use these words and fill in the blanks.

awesome, corny, stupid, sick, crappy, exploitative, dumb, Judges, amazing, rad, red bull, massive, little, style, streets, chris cole, mike mo, mtv, raw, nyjah huston, p rod, maloof, j rog, koston, reynolds, carroll, reskue, disgusting, megapop, same-old, the berrics, car parks, skateparks, sheckler, naked, I, skating, watching, trademark.

I think the Money Cup is _______, ________ will probably win with his _______ _______ which is ______. I would rather watch _______ at ________ but what do ______ know, I prefer _______ ________.

Copy and paste this and change the blanks for any of the words above, send your entry to and you can win some type of DVD, I have Traffic and Real ones in doubles so you can have one of them!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Post Crazy!

I have gone a bit post crazy today but I found a video part thats pretty rad so thought i'd share it today rather than waiting.
Have a clicky here for Joseph Delgados part from a New York scene video, blog regulars will be aware that I like the NY scene, I reckon this chap will be hooked up pretty soon.

The Stevie Williams/Josh Kalis footage from earlier this week had me feeling like watching some East coast gangster skating, I even got myself a DGK tee the other day, although i'm sure they will probably hook me up soon.

Mike Barker...

...has been getting some props from skate geeks like myself and Joe Paget, here is a bit of footage from his new board sponsor HYPE! Anyone who does front board pop outs and feebles on ledges is good in my book!


This is following the tradition of advertising small companies that we don't even stock at Reskue, good one!
We have loads of Plan B, Zero, Deathwish, Darkstar, Blind, $lave, DGK, Harmony, Karma etc too though! In fact that reminds me there is some footage over on the $lave site you might wanna see too!

Workshop vid should be here tomorrow or tues too!


So a few of us got up at 7 am and headed down to kings park to try and film a few bits, turns out we thought spring had come earlier than it does and it was still pretty dewy, it was the first time I have skated in the daytime in about four months though so i'm not complaining, i'll keep the minimal footage we have for a future Kings Park webofsoap or something.

I'd hope I don't have to tell you to go look at the Berrics every weekend now, but just to recap for all the people that ask if there are new games up during the week: THERE IS ONE ON A SATURDAY, AND ONE ON A SUNDAY! And this weeks are bangers too!

On the subject of the Berrics maybe have a look HERE for a bit of insight into the place.

If you want to enter the Fourstar comp i'll leave it one more day, i've had a few more entries and i'll get them up in the next day.

And one more thing, i don't know if i already posted this but there are some offcuts of Jak Tongue up at 6:57, I didn't think backlips down rails could really be offcuts, but I guess Jaks just got it like that! The video should be rad.

Friday, 20 February 2009

New stuff online.

All the City and DGK decks are now online so go have a look to pick up a bargain. A full size range of Karma wheels are too.
Speaking of bargains we currently can offer Force and Thunder trucks in our set up deals and red/white Indys for an extra four quid! combine that with a sale City deck for example and you get a set up worth £111.47 for £90! Bargain! It is strictly while stocks last though so if you are thinking of getting a set up now is the time!

It isn't quite dark when i close the shop up these days so hopefully you'll be seeing the Reskue crew at some parks and spots near you soon!

I have had a few people ask about the Something For The Weekend comp - It is ANNUAL so we are gonna have one every year! So don't stress! I am always gonna try and have it in March at the beginning of the spring to get you hyped up for the good weather and fun times ahead, there might not be as many prizes this year (there was 40 last year!) but there will still be loads and it will hopefully mean the standard of entries is banging! Start thinking about what you are gonna do!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Fourstar comp!

The entries for the comp are starting to come in, if you don't know about the comp you have to create a picture of someone from the Reskue team, in any medium and send or bring it in for a chance to win a Fourstar DVD, there is a still time as I have extended the deadline for a few more days so get on it!
Here are some of the entries so far so you can see the standard, or lack of, mostly based on Joe Paget! Click to look at them.

I miss Love Park

I have never been there and it is entirely possible the new generation of skaters haven't even heard of it, but Love park in Philidelphia was rad, the central part of the Philly and therefore East Coast scene from the mid nineties up to the early millenium.
And HERE is an edit with two of the best locals Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis, they were absolutely killing it back then and both cemented themselves into my favourite skaters list, the pop of Stevie and steez of Kalis are both amazing, have a look at the footage and if you have never seen Stevie skate before quickly try and decide which stance he is!

Strangely i got a Stevie williams deck in yesterday as well as restock of Karma, Harmony and Plan B decks.

We still have a bunch of City decks in all different sizes for just £40, which considering boards are going up to £55 all over the place is a pretty sweet deal, if you are as ignorant as Ranny you might not have seen much of City, that Bachinsky guy who kickflipped 20 stairs, hes on em, and Jimmy Cao who was stupidly consistent in Battle At The Berrics, him too.

The boards are rad, In fact I am putting a personal guarantee that they will not snap if you try a kickflip down 20 stairs, if you do snap a City deck doing this just bring in the footage of the attempt and I will give you a new deck for free! Can't say fairer than that!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Elwood Comp

The chaps at Two dist have been going for it lately, They distribute, Elwood, Jart, Momentum, and now Cliche and I Path too and they have been putting on a bunch of comps and events up north, its just a shame we are so far away!
Here is a bit of footage from the recent Elwood comp they held:

"Elwood Knockout Comp" - Central, Manchester >>

Monday, 16 February 2009

Sale City and Santa Cruz decks

We got a bunch of City and Santa Cruz decks and they are going straight out at £40 instead of £50! So they are a bargain! They will be online from tomorrow.

free stuff!

So there was a competition recently to win a Fourstar DVD on the Revival website.
The guys that won had to pick up their prize from a shop of their choice, and they sent us a few extra copies!

So you can win a copy of the Fourstar dvd by sending us a picture you have drawn, digitally or otherwise, of any one of the Reskue team, (it doesn't have to be good, just do one! The funnier the better!) ms paint is a good starting point, e mail your entry to you have two days!

It is free and requires a very small amount of effort, so get on it!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Goings on

So I went to the Portsmouth Alien Workshop premier and missed the first half, was pretty gutted but what I saw was rad, I don't wanna give anything away so if you want to see it then come in on Thurs and get your copy, it'll be £20 but you get a book with it too so its well worth owning.

I went to London yesterday to order for Fall in Vans, Alphanumeric and LRG. Yep you read that right we are gonna be an LRG dealer very soon! I got an LRG promo too so i'll bring it in tomorrow for peeps to see.

Obviously London doesn't agree with me cos I now have flu, but i'm still here at Reskue ready to sell you skateboards, so be nice if you come in!

And finally we got some new Globes and they are pretty rad.

Only £39.99 too!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

5Boro offcuts

Not much more to say, these are offcuts, from 5Boro.
Hopefully getting up to the Mindfield premier from Bored tonight, we'll have our copies on Thursday! If you are desperate for one then maybe e mail and say "I'm desperate for the new Workshop DVD" something like that, and we'll put one by.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Ramp Champs!

Mr Greg Nowik and Mr Marc Churchill have been over at ISPO in Germany for a Mini Ramp comp, well supposedly mini, it looks huge! Here is some footy:

Volcoms 'Redneck Rampage' - Part Two: Redneck Invitational >>

Volcoms 'Redneck Rampage' - Part One: Best Trick >>

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Skate Quiz!

There is a skate quiz at the pub Little Johnny Russels in Pompey on Weds to raise money for Southsea skatepark, for more info have a look HERE.


Prices that is! (that is the most cheesy American thing I have ever written)
It's true though, you may have noticed other shops have been putting up the prices of boards by a fiver - £50 decks are now £55 and UK £40 decks are now £45, they aren't trying to make more profit, it is because the value of the £ against the $, so boards are more expensive to the shops but we are having a price freeze keeping the same prices, so we are now one of the cheapest shops in the country! We'll keep boards at this price as long as we can, but if you are thinking of getting a new deck, now might be the time!

Monday, 2 February 2009


If you have a few hours spare then you can have a go at watching this edit.

It's Snowing!

Or it was earlier, if you are a stinking student lamo type you may not even have seen the snow this morning as it is starting to dry up.
Not much chance of skating in this kind of weather, so its not too good for skate shops but I still think it looks cool! If it becomes a regular thing we might have to start doing this:

I always thought those snow skate things kinds sucked but this vids pretty rad.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

6:57 updates.

There is an update over at 6:57 of a bit of footage of the Reskue block getting some action from Paget and Pete Blackburn who has been skating really well lately.

I'm really looking forward to Robs video, and he seems to actually be getting footage so no Fully Flared setbacks are happening!

Tibs and Darren and some friends took a trip to Oxford yesterday so hopefully taters should have an edit up of that soon.

We also have new decks from Motive and restock of Harmony and Plan B decks, Harmony do really well for us and they have a new promo out too, £6 for almost an hour of skating and you get a Harmony sticker pack as well! The skating is pretty rad, however Don Brider wants to have a word with Joe Gavin about his no Complies!


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