Monday, 28 March 2011


We got our first bunch of PALACE decks and clothing in last week, and they just happened to put up this edit of the PALACE crew hitting up some spots in NYC, any video with Chewy Cannon in is good in my eyes, and they have filmed it all on old school VHS style cameras, giving it an old feel like the OG Zoo York Mixtape video of just rinsing through the streets.

GANGBANGING AT GROUND ZERO from Slam City Skates on Vimeo.

Let us know what you think!

Monday, 14 March 2011


Contests are kinda boring generally, there are a bunch of guys that skate at just the right speed to do the tricks they need to do, and cos they wanna land everything half the time you know what tricks they are gonna do.
Thena along comes Dennis Busenitz at this years Tampa Pro, having apparently only turned up for one day, breezed throught this ridiculous run at Busenitz speed and won the contest, if you aren't hyped for the Real video you are an idiot, plain and simple!
The whole of the Real team shred and Dennis is a true skaters skater, no one dislikes Dennis Busenitz.

Dennis Busenitz Tampa Pro 2011 Winning Run from Rob Meronek on Vimeo.

He does tricks off the cuff that would be the best trick most off us have ever done!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Love Park Documentary - DGK

This was a really well made film about the history of LOVE park, and it only used to be on VHS, thankfully the lovely people at Quartersnacks have now put the whole thing online, if you wanna know about real skateboarding here is a good place to start!
I have posted this before in Youtube parts, but vimeo is way better quality and its in its entireity too!

ON Video: Love Park Documentary (2004) from Quartersnacks on Vimeo.

If you need to know how good Stevie Williams is here is a little reminder:

Easily one of my favourite skaters, i'm really hoping now that Kalis is on DGK they skate together more and put out sick parts on the DGK video.



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