Tuesday, 29 September 2009


The internet was down at the shop for a few days so there hasn't been a post in a while, apologies for that.
The biggest thing that has happened recently has to be the Flip premier, it was only on friday but it feels like ages ago already, here is a little report on what happened, if you don't want to spoil the video then don't read anymore, the DVD will be available around the 15th of October.

The first Flip premier I went to was for the original Sorry at the Prince Charles Theatre in London, its a proper full size cinema and seeing it on a huge screen was rad so I understood when a few people were dubious when they heard extremely sorry was being held in a nightclub no one had heard of, and they weren't playing the video til half ten!
We scooted up to get there for about half nine and after getting past the five doormen and metal detector to get in we were faced with a whose who of british skateboarding all waiting for the video, Nick Death, Steak, Ben Nordberg, Neil Smith, Vaughan Baker and Paul Shier were all milling about but it wasn't til we left we heard Lance Mountain had been there too!
After Darren bought a warm Stella can for £4.50 we waited around for a bit before finally being let in to another room with a projector set up, the room filled up pretty quickly with excited skaters and the doors were closed, then we had a pretty stern speech saying if anyone at all was caught filming any of the screen, even on a phone, the whole video would be stopped! Some moron didn't take this seriously and was wrestled out of the premier by one of the owners of Flip, who had been travelling around to every premier with a single copy of the video in an attempt to stop piracy.
It has cost flip over £1,000,000 to make this video, if you consider all the hotel rooms, paying the pros, paying the filmer and editor, paying Baron to produce an entirely original soundtrack, it all adds up! It is estimated that they will need to sell 100,000 copies in order to recoup their expenses!
It is pretty much guaranteed that one of the Flip riders is up in your favourite skaters list, they have a team of some of the best skaters in the world, so if you want to show them some respect for the inspiration they provide you with videos like this, then you should definitely buy a copy! You really need to see this on a proper screen at a proper resolution, watching a bootleg version is just gonna ruin it for you.
Anyway, the video starts off with a Shane Cross section of bangers including the nose grind down El Toro which was rumored to only be a photo, I thought that was gonna be it but then it breaks into a full section from Shane, they had really been keeping it under wraps and the skating is really good, Shane would definitely be one of the best skaters out there at the moment if he was still with us.
Geoff Rowley has a pretty bangin section with some rad road gap to hangups that you need to see to appreciate, and all the footage of the ridiculous ads he has had for the past few years, one criticism I would have had is that you sort of knew what was coming because a lot of its been ads, but the skateboarding was ridiculous never the less.
Little man Louie Lopez has a pretty rad part and does some man sized stuff for such a small fella and has a good choice in tricks. It seemed like Rodrigo TX surprised a lot of people with a really strong section, he seems a bit underrated in the U.K. and he kills a bunch of Barcelona spots with some seriously huge switch pop.
Ali Boulala has a section with a few bangers in but obviously people weren't expecting too much due to him being in jail, ollieing the Macba four in clogs seemed to be a crowd favourite! Rune has a pretty sick section which seemed a little short compared to his Sorry part, but the quality of what there was was ridiculous, I would say you may have seen a lot of it in Thrasher but it doesn't seem like kids read the mags these days! The oververt tailslide is one the sickest things in his part. Luan, who I have been hyping up for ages, has a really solid part, not many NBD's but everything he does is super stylish and clean, and the switch crook fakie bigspin flip out ender is buttery beyond belief, definitely one of the best sections.
Appleyard seemed to be a crowd favourite as his part started, and he does do some amazing stuff, nollie biggerspins over bins and nollie big heel down Macba, but again a few people seemed to think his part could have been longer and stronger.
Tom Penny is a U.K. legend but i'm not sure if people were expecting much from him, he has been really low key for years while skateboarding has been progressing really really fast and while the current trend of bigger boards and smaller shoes seems to be making everyones tricks look really clean Penny still has huge shoes and smallish boards meaning there are a few tricks that look a bit sloppy as he has a few toe bars, some of the tricks are really clean though and its rad to have a new Penny section. Curran Caples has a pretty rad section but I think a lot of people still see him as a little kid, having said that his section was far from kiddy, massive street gaps which surprised a lot of people, and some really floaty transition stuff.

I have had to start a new paragraph in respect of Bob Burnquist, he comes through with the most progressive mega ramp part ever, I seriously thought Danny Way was ridiculous but Bob take things to a whole new level, the amount of people that skate vert is ridiculously small, but the amount of cheering and respect Bob had was amazing, I would like to point out some highlights but everything he does is ridiculous, switch flip fifty the rainbow rail, tre flip fifty, straight frontside flip (no grab) over the mega ramp gap! Just imagine doing a forty foot plus frontside flip! He frontside full cabs into the mega ramp quarter, which is insane, back 3 to manny over the gap, the list goes on and on, it is literally worth buying the video just for Bobs section, all the stuff at the X Games he was clearly just toying with while he was keeping all this ridiculous stuff under wraps. Did I mention the no grab 540 over the gap? or 15 ft straight switch frontside ollie with no grab out the mega quarter? Bob Burnquist we salute you sir!

David Gonzalez closes out the video and his part is amazing, he clearly has no regard for his personal safety as he flings himself down 25 stair rails, but he has the skill to pull it off too! By the time his part was on I was still buzzing from Bobs part and trying to take in all the ridiculous stuff he was doing, my favourite thing he does involves a line with two huge rails that you really need to see, he literally cemented himself into skateboarding as one of the gnarliest dudes out there with this part and I think any mention of kiddy steez or him being too young will go straight out the window once anyone sees this part.

Overall the video definitely lives up to the hype, after the mega slo mo fest of Fully flared it is rad to have a video which has a really small amount of slo mo and arty stuff and just has straight bangers one after another, no 9 minute three song parts here just straight gnar! Having said that all the filming is really good, the edits are really good and there is a claymation animation to introduce each rider which is pretty sick. Also in Shane Crosses part there is some rad animation that doesn't detract away from the skating and is actually really cool, I want a monket wrapping around my neck in a video part! I was really stoked on the video and it has definitely made me want to go and learn some tricks, which is exactly what a video should do, a whole new step of proggression in skateboarding and if it doesn't cement Flip as one of the greatest skateboard companies out there in kids minds then you all need your heads read!

Check our background props out in this vid:

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Remember a few weeks back I was saying that the Black Box tradeshow was rad and ASR was kinda crappy, well I guess Volcom disagree and had a massive mini ramp at ASR this year, the skating is rad, watch out for some of 5Boros Dan Pensyl, Louie Lopez crooks, Justin Brock being alive and general floaty skateboarding!
Some of the Reskue squad are off to the Flip premier this friday in London, as I have always said we WILL do a local premier, but I assume in an attempt to stop piracy Flip are not giving out any copies for premiers until they are available to buy. So we should have a premier around the 15th of October and you will be able to buy the DVD that night too. More information on this will be up soon, i'll make sure you all know thats for sure!

There has already been the Flip premier in the U.S. and reports are that Bob absolutely kills the mega ramp and David Gonzalez part is ridiculous.
I'm still looking forward to Rowley, Glifberg and Luans part the most, Luans steez is ridiculous.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Pfanner and Schuster.

Euros on the come up! Nick who works in the Tattoo shop above Reskue was asking who Pfanner was the other day, Chris Pfanner is an am on Anti Hero and he absolutely kills it on a skateboard, hes the chap who full Cabbed the Santa Monica triple set.
Schuster is on Blind and had a pretty good part in the Euro montage of the Blind video.

More philipp-schuster Skateboarding >>

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Jamal Smith!

Anything with Jamal Smith in is bangin!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Face Melter!

There has been this little Lakai ad floating around skateboard land for a while now:

Its pretty rad, and Mike Mo seems to be the Lakai stunt pilot, after blowing him up on Fully Flared they get him to do this:

We'll have new Lakais in the next few weeks, the plan is to get a bunch of Manchesters, those kicks are rad.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Good Times! and S.O.T.Y.

This weekend was pretty good for skateboarding in Southampton, first of all Ricardo and Dean Jones put on a little jam at Romsey which seemed to be pretty well received, word on the streets is that Greg blunt fakied the Wallride, Churchills brother Paul was rock and roll sliding it, Ricardo was doing inverted 360's over the jump box, Taters was bigspin flipping the driveway, and Tim Bartelot was close to a mayday on the Wallride! Some pretty sick skating considering it was definitely more based on fun than competition! Ollie Allen who designed the T shirt with my handsome face on took some photos and they are up on Facebook.

Then last night saw the premier of Andy Evans latest venture Heel Toe Magic, there was only a few days notice and it was a Sunday but there was still a few heads there and everyone seemed to enjoy the video, Raemers section is rad and Greg has a full section. The video will be for sale in a couple of weeks.

There has been a lot of talk recently on Skater Of The Year, maybe its just me but people seem to pay a lot more attention to it these days, the Fact Silas won last year took a few people by surprise, but it is Thrasher SOTY so a lot of sway goes into what the skater has done for the magazine (Interviews, Photos, etc) so although everyone is saying Busenitz should get it its looking slightly doubtful, unless he shoots a bunch of photos for Thrasher in the very near future!

Malto is a definite candidate, he has been slaying it all year! He deserves something just for the Noseblunt then back Noseblunt line, but that was in a Transworld vid!

A pretty likely candidate is Grant Taylor, he is only a rookie but his part in Mindfield was amazing, and he quickly followed it up with an amazing part in Debacle too:

He has also had a load of stuff in Thrasher so its looking pretty good for him.
There is also talk of David Gravette, but personally I don't think doing 100's of fifty fifties makes you one of the best skaters in the world, i'm not saying he isn't rad, because he is! But he is definitely lacking on the tech side of things, maybe he'll come through with an amazing part for the Thrasher video and i'll eat my words but I don't think his trick bag is deep enough to be a SOTY.
Taylor FTW!

Friday, 11 September 2009


The slackness in updates has been appalling lately, apologies!
I have been updating our Facebook on the regular, as well as our Twitter.
Here are all the updates I have posted, plus a few more for good measure!

First of all Kurt Winter has a ten tricks:

More kurt-winter Skateboarding >>

Here is an extra one with Shaun Currie too:

More 10-tricks Skateboarding >>

Then Jimmy Carlin had a sick flatground section over at Black Box, Curt can bust a few of these tricks but you'll have to wait for 6:57.

More jimmy-carlin Skateboarding >>

Then Geoff Rowley had a sick First Try Fridays over at the Berrics.

Then there was a really, really, good skate and create. Basically a few different teams have the chance to create whatever they like in a warehouse over a certain time period and make an edit, Etnies won, basically just with Malto alone! That kid is killing it, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if a Skater Of The Year trophy finds its way into his hands soon!
A lot of people were saying they liked the D.C. one but I think the DVS and Etnies ones were the bangers, Circa was pretty rad too tho.

Then I put up a vid of the almosts from the Wallenberg comp, the straight nollie would have been sick!

Then to go with this vid I posted one of Kevin Romar, who was close to blowing minds with this ridiculous back 3 nollie down Wallenberg. I still have heard kids saying they would give the stairs a go so let me re-iterate: they are 22ft long! That is huge!

Then I posted this old vid of one of my favourite personalities in skating, Butteryass Donovan! The reason for the post was we were selling Grape soda, but I sold a crate in 48hrs! More coming soon!

Then Nick Mclouth got recruited into the Berrics, the level of skating is sick, and Nick is another person on the ever growing Stereo team!

Then I posted this vid of the Flip team skating some parks, I don't really need to say they kill it, if you don't know how good the Flip team is there really is no hope for you!

Then we got the new Jak Pietryga pro model in, so here is a few vids of him:

More jak-pietryga Skateboarding >>

Here is Jaks 360 flip record:

More hold Skateboarding >>

Then more recently there was a comp at the Crossroads retail show at Black Box, if you are retarded then I will need to tell you that a retail show basically consists of a bunch of stands from different companies, showing future products to shop owners to pre order. There used to be a huge show called ASR but it was basically run by idiots and they charged a whole bunch of money for stands, so Jamie Thomas has opened up the Black Box warehouse for his own trade show. This means that Jamie is allowing other companies to get sales, at his own warehouse! Jamie is really supporting skateboarding by doing this, and on the last day they all come together and have a big jam and best trick comp, here is the footage of the comp:

And thats pretty much it! I hope you haven't given up on the blog! We'll have a bunch of important announcements soon so stay tuned to Reskue!

Here is an extra bonus video for you:

Brad Cromer is sick, awesome style and good choice in tricks.

In fact while we are thinking of Krooked, here is the latest catalogue from Deluxe, it has a whole bunch of stuff, including vids, photos, and games! We'll have a bunch of Real, Anti Hero, Krooked and Spitfire stuff soon. Looking at the Real team has got me anticipating the Real vid even more! They have some of the best ams in skateboarding, and a sick pro team too, Torgy, Brock, Chima, James Hardy, all absolutely slay stuff on a skateboard! And they are all as core and down to earth as you can get, most of the Real team would much rather do a demo for some kids inspiring them to keep skating, than enter big corporate comps for jocks to watch on MTV.

Some video announcements are coming tomorrow!


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