Monday, 28 December 2009

Mike Mo

Fuel TV is a channel in America which has a bunch of "Extreme" sports on, these normally suck but they seem to actually do a pretty good job with some of the skate stuff, here is a show they did recently focussing on Mike Mo.
Its pretty much impossible not to like Mike Mo, the guy seems really humble and genuinely loves skateboarding, and his part in Fully Flared was ridiculous! Skatelab the park he skates in this video is out in the valley near LA, I went there a few years ago and a couple of dudes were just matching tricks for ages over the hip, they were two of the best skaters I had ever seen, but I had no idea who they were, looking back it was probably Mike Mo! I just sat down and watched them, which considering I was there to skate was a pretty big deal.
Its pretty scary seeing his brother in recovery from cancer, but rad that he is still about, he is pretty much Mikes personal filmer and like he says he pretty much owes everything to him, so thanks Vince!

The third part seems to be a bit sketchy on playing so you may have to click the link, its a hard life innit!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

A year in review....

When it is raining every day it is easy to forget how much good stuff has happened recently, and this year has been awesome for skating in Southampton so I thought I’d have a little review for you guys!

First of all the amount of videos that came out this year was amazing and they were all generally really really good too!
Here are a few little re-reviews.
If you aren’t too fussed about videos then skip down a bit!

The Alien Workshop video was one of my favourite videos of the year, the whole team are some of the most clean, original and stylish skaters in the world. This video introduced us to Jake Johnson, one of my favourite new ams, the combo moves of Tyler Bledsoe, and a resurgence in the popularity of AVE who absolutely kills it, and skateboarding from Dylan Reider that can only be described as beautiful. This video is bound to go down as one of the all time classic skate videos. AWS also tried something a bit new in having a book with the DVD and cool looking packaging to try and get people to actually buy the video, and it seemed to work a bit too. I was also stoked on how well Workshop decks sold after the vid came out

Zoo York – State of Mind
I have to admit this took me by surprise, I think this turned out to be one of the most underated videos of the year, I love east coast skating but thought since Zoo got bought by Ecko it might be a bit generic, but they have a team of rad skaters, Eli Reed, Ron Deilly and Matt Miller all held it down, and the older dudes like Donny Barley and Aaron Suski still kill it and there was still an east coast feel to the vid, even though it’ll never feel like the OG mix tape days!

God Save The Label
Pretty under the rader on this one, I love the label, Jason Adams is one of my all time favourite skaters, and Shannon and Chris Troys parts were bangin, including the fakie bigspin to feebs down a rail, pure sickness, but unfortunately with the AWS vid I think this got a bit overshadowed, the filming was all good and the editing and songs were rad, pretty underated again I think.

Again this took everyone by surprise, Powell is far from most peoples favourite company but they seem to know what they are doing when building up a team! Loads of power moves came out in this vid, fakie Ollie switch front feebs down a rail, nine kink handrails and THAT smith from Ben Hatchell, its no surprise that Jamie Thomas has poached Hatchell and he is now part of the Zero team!

Hold Tight London
I was stoked on this video, a great price that you couldn’t refuse and an independent video to boot, Henry clearly makes these vids because he loves skateboarding and it shows, loads of the filming and editing was better than some professional filming and the british soundtrack to all the HTL edits can’t help but make you proud of skateboarding in the UK, Tanner smashes it in theis vid, definitely one of my favourite UK skaters, and Karims mega pop makes an appearance, even after Paget stole his Sugar Puffs!

Extremely Sorry
I was really surprised by the mixed opinions on this, the video gave me goose bumps at the premier, Bob Burnquist was absolutely amazing, Rowley still smashed it, Luan confirmed what I had been saying all year and Gonzalez was straight gnar. Buteven with this a lot of people went on about how they didn’t like the music, I personally think if you can get Lemmy to record a new song specifically for your video part then you are on to a winner! A lot of peoples minds seemed to change when they realised that a lot of the songs had well known and respected artists in too. This video is also gonna go down as an instant classic, and I’m looking forward to kids in the future saying this was the first video they used to watch all the time.

Slave and Zero vids
I can’t really say much about these as we don’t have them in yet, but I have seen them both and they are both rad , Slave, like Stereo, are one of the companies we have always been behind, so hopefully like The Berrics has done for Stereo this video will show you all just how rad Slave are! Frecks is a beast! Both the vids should be here between Christmas and New Year.

Hesh Law
Does what it says on the tin, a bunch of straight gnar from the Creature dudes with a lot of focus on the street ams who kill it, Taylor Bingaman is sick and a lot of new skaters love Gravette!
The surge in park and tranny skating is definitely helping the popularity of these guys, I think the only thing people didn’t like about this vid is where the hell was Stu!

As well as this we have supported or put on a lot of stuff locally:

One thing that really increased this year was the amount of premiers we put on, and we plan to continue to do so! The Black Label vid, Heel Toe Magic, Extremely Sorry and 6:57 all had an airing and each premier was busier than the last so if you continue to support them then they will only get better!

We also supported a bunch of comps this year, about 7 I think, two at Hoglands, Two at Merryoak, Shirley Warren, Netley View and the yearly Something For The Weekend comp.

I have had a lot of people asking if we are gonna be doing a SFTW next year, I’m not sure what part of annual comp you guys don’t get but yeah, we will be doing it EVERY YEAR! Always around March to kick off the spring, its gonna be cool to see how much some of you guys have progressed that have entered for the last two years! We should have a lot more prizes for the next one too. This years seems like ages ago now but it was rad, the 6:57 and Winch edits were both amazing, and it even had the editor of Sidewalk taking notice of our scene!
I did mention at the time that we were going to trying to get a Southampton article happening, that is still going to happen at some point!

This year was definitely the year for the Berrics! A few people didn’t enjoy BATB as much as the last one but a few of the matches were amazing!

Busenitz is amazing!

The quality of some of the Bangins and Recruits have been outstanding, the only qualm I have the Berrics is that at the end of the day it is just a skate park, and filming in skateparks is pretty damn boring, street skating and finding spots and adapting to your environment are some of the best parts of skating, and I bet there are gonna be more kids just filming stuff in parks which is a real shame. The resurence in flatground is kinda cool though, if only for some originality with clips like this:

At the same time we fell victim to the weather and had a nice little block that we would skate when it rained or in the dark, unfortunately for me this meant all the time! A few people asked about getting invited to Level 3, you don’t need an invite, its just skateboarding, if anyone wanted to turn up and skate that was cool! Having said that the block has now disappeared but hopefully we’ll have an even better one soon and the Reskue training facility will be back on!
Level 3 RIP!

By far the highlight of the year has been 6:57, which you should have bought and seen by now!
The premier was rammed which was awesome, I was so pleased that so many people came out to support the project.
Rob Crawford has been filming Skateboarding in Southampton for years, and finally put together a full video, and its awesome! Everyones sections are amazing, i’m stoked people can finally see how sick Curtis style is, and see best nollie tres you’ll ever witness, but I’m mostly proud of Paget, I hooked him up with shop sponsorship pretty early on, and a few people doubted my decision, but he is progressing really fast and his video part is sick, to see how much better he has got in the last year is helping me know that Reskue is doing exactly what I started it to do, support our scene!

It’s looking like Paget might be on a bit of a flow deal from some companies after they have seen his part, which companies they are will probably be officially announced in the new year but I’d hope its like a Zoo in here with Thunderous applause when his first package arrives, he deserves it!

More Skateboarding >>

Unfotunately injury cut down the filming time for Curtis, but he’ll be back on it soon and I have no doubt he’ll be hooked up next year.
Curtis is straight G

6:57 was also the catalyst of getting Rannys first photos published in sidewalk with Jaks First Light, he should be getting some flicks of Paget for a First Light in the new year, and it is rad we have a photographer that can get published photos in Southampton.

You may have also noticed a change in the amount of events we are sponsoring, and the fact that we now sell tickets to events, basically Reskue are now partners with Raygun Youth, a company that puts on Hip hop and Drum and Bass shows, this has meant we are able to get a lot more stock in (hence all the new SBs!) and support a bunch of local DJs and MCs as well as skaters, this will also mean that I might get a few days off next year and will be able to put on a lot more skate events! It will never mean that we are coming detached from skating in any way, in fact the more events Raygun put on and the more Paint and tickets for events we sell will mean we can get more stock in and support skateboarding even more, and it also means that you can get tickets for all the Raygun Youth shows without paying a booking fee.
We are even hoping to combine this with the shows and have some music/skate crossover events, imagine a skate comp with some top UK hip Hop artists there, it would be sick!

So next year you can look forward to:
A LOT more comps, including the SFTW! With a lot more prizes!
More events at skateparks with some live music.
A Southampton article for a magazine.
First lights from some of our riders.
Demos from the team.
Hopefully some more sponsorship for local skaters!
Some big names in Hip hop and DnB coming to local venues in conjunction with Reskue.
Some free skate schools and introductory lessons in conjunction with Rubicon.
Some Graffiti workshops.
And a hell of a lot of skateboarding!

All of this is only happening because of you guys too, so thank you, the people that support Reskue! We'll keep doing what we are doing and supporting the scene, as long as you guys keep supporting us! This year has been amazing, and next year is going to be even better!

I hope you all have an awesome Christmas, and are looking forward to the new year as much as we are!

Monday, 21 December 2009

No news is good news vol 3?

So I noticed today that the daily updated blog hasn't been updated for ages! As usual that is simply because of how busy I have been! And if you still aren't friends with us on Facebook or Twitter then get on it! You will get updates as soon as they happen!
Here is whats been happening at Reskue:

First of all the premier for 6:57! It was bangin! Thanks so much to everyone that came down, I was so proud of our skateboard scene afterwards!

We got a whole bunch of new bearings from Spitfire and Bones, the two best bearing manufacturers no matter what anyone else tells you! We have also got in some Spitfire cheapshots, which are exactly the same as regular Spitfires but without a pro and with a basic one colour graphic meaning they are a fiver cheaper, seeing as most people skate their wheels inside out anyway these bad boys have been pretty popular!

We also got our first load of Fallen footwear, including the stupidly comfortable and skateable Forte in two different colours, the Chris Cole pro shoe and the ever popular Chief, including kids sizes from a UK1!

We got some rad Zero and Mystery completes which are going out at just £80! A bargain considering Zero decks are normally £55 and Zero Wheels are £30!

The 6:57 DVD came in on Friday and we have already sold loads of them! If you have any interest in skateboarding in Southampton at all then you should definitely got yourself a copy!

We got some sick new clothing from Deluxe including Spitfire, Anti Hero and Krooked tees, the Spitfire glow in the dark tee is rad! They will be online tomorrow, because I have just been getting all our new Vans stuff online! New Jlay flannels and an AVE jacket, and the Geo stitch hood in Cement, the last ones sold out real quick so if you like the look of them get on it!

Oh and we also have the new Creature Hesh Law DVD too! there are two versions of it, but the two disk one comes with all the old Creature vids too so is probably worth the few extra quid.

If you are wondering about Christmas posting times then tomorrow is the last safe day, anything sent Wednesday may arrive but is not Guaranteed!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Buckys Bowl!

When I think of backyard ramps I think of 3ft minis, not something like this:

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


So we should hopefully have a bunch of Zero, Slave and Mystery stuff tomorrow or Friday, including the new Strange World DVD!
Zero are touring the states in January and there is a new name on their team list, flow rider Dusty Yauilla, he moved to work at Black Box and has been getting flow for Zero, and he rips!
Here is an old video part of his from 2005 when you were 10:

and some footage from the Black Box TF

Tampa AM Finals

As promised here is some footage:

Check Luan on this one, I don't know why they cut up his run, he landed everything!

If you haven't heard Luis Tolentino and the Famous crew were down there and Luis managed to tie Danny Wainwrights high ollie record of 44.5 inches, look just how high it is when the commentater is stood next to it!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Tampa AM and Tate Mode

So yesterday I worked the shop all dasy, then watched Tampa AM live stream for four hours, then skated for a few hours too. Tampa AM is so inspiring, Luan, Ben Hatchell and a bunch of other dudes were absolutely killing it, one guy was doing 5.0 tre flip out in his run! Stupid stuff! Anyway there doesn't seem to be any videos of it up yet but here is a video of some of the qualifiers:

I'll post up the finals for you tomorrow.
Then here is some footage of the Tate Mode after getting psyched on Tampa AM

Bangin! Hopefully we'll have some more footage of the Hoglands ledges, if it ever stops raining!

We also got a bunch of new Nike SBs today too, have new stuff from Zero, Mystery ans Slave coming this week, and our first ever batch of Fallen shoes arriving too! Exciting times!

Friday, 4 December 2009

6:57 Southampton premiere

Facebook event HERE

Also Andrew Langi, an all terrain ripper is now on Flip, welcome clip here:

Thursday, 3 December 2009

6:57 is coming!

Rob Crawfords highly anticipated DVD is now finished and copies are being made right now! I believe there is going to be a premier at Little Johnny Russels in Southsea Thursday 10th Dec, I'll post up a link to the facebook event when its up.
In the run up to the release the DVD is now available to pre order, so if you want to ensure the DVD gets sent out as soon as its in then get on it! We will also have the Zero and Slave DVDs around the same time too!
Here are the two trailers:

I have had a sneak preview of some of the footage and to say its bangin is an understatement! A whole bunch of spots get rinsed. Independent videos don't come along every day, and I can count the amount of professional quality videos to come out of Southampton on less than one hand, so support 6:57! I think you'll be surprised just how good everyones sections are!

Monday, 30 November 2009

Big Push 09

If you haven't already picked up this months Sidewalk with this years Big Push, then you should! There are some bangin edits from Nike SB, Adidas, Etnies, Vans, DC and Shiner, and the skating is all of a really high standard.
If you were interested to know how things are going with the voting then maybe check out theses videos:

Friday, 27 November 2009

New Stuff and a bunch of DVD news.

There hasn't been any updates in a while again, but I would hope I wouldn't need to post up about the final of Battle At The Berrics, six million other people managed to find it! But in case you live under a rock click HERE.

We have had a whole bunch of stuff from Famous and Innes, both rad brands with solid skate teams so check that out in the clothing section.

Biggest news in the skate world is the release of the Zero vid, due in next week its snuck up a bit since the release of the Flip video but is bound to be ridiculous, and if the Chris Cole section is half as good as all the other footage he has put out its gonna make him a big contender for Skater Of The Year! Best news is that the Zero vid is only gonna be a tenner too! The $lave vid is also due at the same time, and is gonna show people what I have been saying for ages now, that $lave is sick! Frecks part is gonna surprise a lot of people and Jon Allie is definitely on my favourites list. The $lave vid is only a tenner too, so maybe pick up both!

We'll have a whole bunch of Zero, $lave and Mystery decks in just as the video drops too, as well as some completes for christmas for only £79.99, pretty bangin for a Zero board!

The Creature vid also premiered last night at Goblets and its pretty sick, a lot more focus on the ams with full parts of street skating which was cool, we'll have both versions of the vid in the next week or two.

ANOTHER DVD due is also Beauty and the Beast 2, the Girl and Anti Hero tour, the last one surprised a lot of people with how good it was, but if you take one of the cleanest tech companies and the most raw hesh company and put them on a tour together you can only get good results, that is also due in the next few weeks so there is plenty of rad stuff out in the run up for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas we now have gift vouchers for Reskue, so if you can't rely on your parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog to get you the right stuff then you can always ask for Reskue vouchers!

In Southampton news the ledges at Hoglands are now finished and open to be skated, but if the weather is anything to go by you won't actually get to use them til maybe March! Hopefully we'll have an edit of them soon, if we get to skate them!

Here are a few skate vids to keep you inspired:

Here is what a scene video looks like if you all dress in tight stupid clothes and wear leather jackets:

Here is something pretty ridiculous, Alex Perelson doing some grabs, but without grabbing:

Friday, 20 November 2009

Hythe Part 7

So the Hythe vid is getting back on track, here is the 7th section, the Demos, there is some pretty rad stuff on here from a Vans demo, a Black Label demo and one of the early NASS comps:

We also got all the new Stereo boards in today so we have a whole bunch of decks in at the moment, check them out and be quick if you want one they are bound to go quickly!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Slack again!

So there hasn't been any posts in a while again! I haven't had the chance to upload the rest of the Hythe video but it'll be coming later tonight hopefully!

We have had a whole bunch of awesome undercarriages come in which you can combine with any deck to make a custom set up, get a sale deck and you can have a £150 set up for £90! Bargain! check them out in the set-ups section.

With all the rubbish weather we have been making the most of the trusty british institution of car park skating:

Hopefully there will be more footage from the Levl 3 missions soon.

We have also had a load of Real and Anti Hero decks come in, and should have a bunch of Stereo boards coming in tomorrow too.

It looks like Marc Churchill is putting on the Creature premier at Goblets soon, more news on that tomorrow!

Here is a bit more skateboarding for you in the shape of Globe united by fate:

More Skateboarding >>

Now go check out all the new stuff!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hythe part 6 - Some Chump

So part six from the Hythe video was mine, I really wanted to have all street skating but unfortunately the guys I skated with at the time were more into transitions so I ended up skating parks a lot, not that it made a difference I pretty much just do wallies and wallrides anyway! I seemed to have more footage then Ranny and Tibs but that was because they both basically have no lines, whereas thats all I ever wanted to do, but after an hour of filming someone futily trying a four trick line I never used to come away with much apart from angry mates.
I kinda wish we had someone like Rob Crawford around at the time, who was eager to film an all street video and make it legit, we went back to one spot to get a trick of Pagets six times over five weeks! The 6:57 video is gonna be so good! But the Hythe video was just a bit of fun and hopefully that shows, more tomorrow!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hythe Part 5 - Yankee Doodle

The fifth part on the Hythe video was from a trip to America I went on. We started out the trip going to DLX in SF, the home of Real, Krooked, Anti Hero, Thunder and Spitfire, basically the most legit brands in skateboarding, they were really friendly and drove us out to a skatepark and sold us a whole bunch of Spitfires for cheap which was rad!

We headed down the coast and went to the Vans park where we saw Christian Hosoi, if you don't know who he is Hosoi was probably the biggest vert pro of the eighties, he was getting millions of dollars at one point, but when the focus turned to street Christian quickly found himself yesterdays news and he got into drugs. He ended up being arrested for smuggling, and when we saw him at the Vans park he had only been out of a four year jail sentence for a few weeks, he still had his trademark style though which you'll see coming out in his layback grind!
You normally have to wear full pads at the Vans park and you are not allowed to film, but as they thought we were there with Hosoi they just let us be! Jeff Grosso was there too and you can spot him in the footage but he didn't skate which was a shame. I had a load of Geek Mafia stickers, which one of Hosois friends seemed pretty interested in, we traded a bunch of stickers and it wasn't til we left the park that I realised where I knew the guy from, it was Brian Brannon, the lead singer from legendary skate punk band JFA, we left pretty pleased with ourselves, seeing a bunch of legendary skaters first hand was pretty sick!

We then went down to the YMCA park in Encinitas where PLG and Buster Halterman happened to be, again they were really friendly and I filmed a bunch with them too, the consistency of Vert is ridiculous, that ramp was 15 ft with a ft of vert, and is stlll the biggest ramp I have dropped in on, doing switch 360 heelflip grabs on it is stupid!
Check it out below:

Monday, 9 November 2009

Hythe Part 4 - small man big boards

Part four of the Hythe video is Mark Tidbury, he didn't ever say he wanted to film anything for the video and this is all stuff he pretty much did every go, I just happened to be there to film it, he isn't the sort of guy that works at tricks, he just tries stuff and if it works he'll do it. This shows with the amount of kids that are stoked on Tibs skating when they see him in real life, he is starting to skate more and more transitions and less and less street, but this pretty much goes hand in hand with the amount of good parks that are popping up, if you go down to the Eastleigh bowl regularly you are guaranteed to have seen him shred first hand. The part he is sitting on for the Reskue Remix video is bangin, and features a stupidly good NBD, but you'll have to wait to see it! The amount of times I have had kids come in and say "Is it true Tibs has done..." is stupid, hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of him soon!

A few people have asked about the drunk dude at the end of the parts, and yes it is Rob Castle, if you don't know who he is he is a sponsored BMXer who is getting pretty well known as he is on the Metal Bikes team, he used to live with me for a while and in true Castle style would come in pretty bladdered most nights, so I thought I would get some class quotes for the video one night, in between him puking in the bath.
Here is some of his BMXing:

Source BMX - 'PROBLEMS IN PARIS' Roadtrip from Source bmx on Vimeo.

You'll recognise a lot of the spots from skate videos.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hythe part three!

Here is the third part of the Hythe video, the friends section, there is some pretty good skating on here including a bunch of footage from Reskue rider Greg Nowik with a double flip indy to fakie, I think he was possibly the first person to do that on a mini, and it was during a Vans demo with John Cardiel, Geoff Rowley, Jim Greco and a few others but more people seemed to be watching Greg than the street course, which says something about how impressive Gregs skating is! there is also some footage of Harmony rider Danny Jack who lived in Southampton for a while, but there wasn't a skate shop in town and I guess the scene didn't seem too strong and he moved to Bristol after his first year, Phil Parker also has some footage and he is still skating hard and should be having a part in the 6:57 video. Astro who had some cool stuff too is now strangely enough a professional circus performer, and was recently yo-yoing in a phones for you advert! It also has the legendary Don Brider in doing a noseslide to k grind! Don is now 40+ and still skates regularly as well as printing all the Reskue tees and stickers, basically he is a bit of a legend!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hythe part deux

So here is the next section from the Hythe video, and the first full part, Ranny. He is now the unofficial Reskue photographer, at the time we filmed the video he hadn't been skating too long, when the Dead Babies promo was made he had only been skating about a year and was doing pretty gnarly stuff for the time, but was taking the slams that went with it! I guess he had been skating 3 or 4 years when the Hythe vid was made, he was the youngest guy we skated with so I perhaps bullied him slightly more than I should have, and that shows in the video! But he does some pretty good stuff and a lot of people liked his part:

Here is also the Hoglands montage from the video, Hoglands was a bit of a let down, we all said exactly what we wanted then the designers changed it all, it was meant to all flow so you could do decent lines but they put a bunch of barriers up which broke up the flow, then they put in a pretty crappy little block which you'll see in the montage, then took it out and there was just a driveway, then finally put in the rail that is there now, which no one seems to really skate!

Friday, 6 November 2009


Not The New Hythe Scene Video was a video I made in 2005 way before Reskue was opened, I thought I would rip the DVD and post up a part from it each day for the next week or so as it has full parts from Tibs and Marc and a whole bunch of other stuff, so to start things off here is the oldest footage from 2001 which was one of the extras on the DVD - The Dead Babies Promo. This was the first thing I ever filmed and edited, obviously its pretty dated now, but Tibs had only been skating a couple of years at this point which is pretty rad to see, you'll also see Ranny, the unofficial Reskue photographer, taking A LOT of slams! The backflip to head bounce off the rail required a hospital trip, nowadays he is all about cardigans and slash grinds.

Here is the first part from the actual video, the intro and opening montage, i'll post up the first main part tomorrow, Ranny!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Things you watch with your eyes...

So the Reskue Remix video has sort of become a bit of folklore now, basically it was meant to come out about, hmmm, a year ago! It was only meant to be a bunch of old footage of all the Reskue team remixed together (hence the title!) so you would know who all the guys are, but a lot of people weren't too happy with their parts "i'm way better now" etc, but the idea wasn't to make a whole new video, just to show you what the guys have been up to, Anyway Marc and Gregs parts are bangin, Curtis part is too but he wouldn't ever believe that, Paggers has progressed a hell of a lot since he filmed his part but its still sick so we are still gonna put out the vid, there are a hell of a lot of extras too, all the best vids from the Something For The Weekend comps and a few other bits meant I actually had to start taking stuff out cos it filled a DVD! Anyway i'm aiming to have this out as a stocking filler, fingers crossed!

After trying to film some bits of Paggers last night we kept getting interrupted by rain so went on a YouTube attack instead and found these bad boys:

This guy used to be on Hawk Clothing and had a bit of whack kiddy steez going on, but he is all grown up now and is actually dope, hustle flips and all!

This guy is ridiculously sick too, the control on the switch tre nose manny is stupid:

This guy is slightly more G, the backlip to fakie manny is pretty tight.

This is from the same vid as Ricardo, and its pretty sick, the song is cool too, I actually bought that record before all the record shops in town closed down and we were left with only HMV to go to, its almost like if people don't support independent shops they close down, hmmm.

That should give you something to do while its raining! We have started to get a bunch of clothing in for the colder weather, hoods, jackets, beanies etc and should have some new Reskue hoods soon, Vans should be here this week too along with tees and hoods from Flip, Spitfire, Independent and Creature! If you haven't looked at all the Zoo York clothing maybe take a peek at that too.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

You have Beastie Boys on player, they are phat!

Again the idea of daily updates seems to have gone bi weekly, but again its only because we are busy! This time with our Zoo York clothing, we haven't done Zoo before but have introduced it for winter with some sick tees, hoods, sweats, shirts and jackets, after the State Of Mind video showed us Zoo are still pretty on it we are stoked to have Zoo in Reskue, check them out from the front page of the site.

We have also been getting the tickets up and running, we have tickets for a whole bunch of shows but the fastest selling are tickets for Jehst on the 12th November @ Soul Cellar, so if you think you are gonna be coming down i'd get on it and get yourself a ticket!

The world of skateboarding is still pretty much blown away by the Flip video, there are pretty mixed reactions to a lot of it as more and more people are getting the vid but one thing that everyone agrees on is that the skating is AMAZING! Get informed over HERE

Another thing that people have been talking about is this padless drop in:

Alex Perelson at the Berrics, it is really hard to explain to people that don't skate or you guys that haven't been skating that long how gnarly this is "its only a drop in" a few kids have said, basically the commitment needed is like de-weighting yourself down a sheer vertical face, where if you messed it up you would basically pile into the floor, it is really hard to stay on your board because you are basically falling down the face of the ramp, that is why a lot of peoples feet fall off on vert drop ins, so if the idea of potentially throwing yourself onto the floor from the height of a bungalow is something you think is "easy" then I guess there is no helping you! If you are an avid Berrics fan then you will have seen on a recent text yoself that someone requested a drop in on the vert wall, and they said "no one is ever gonna do that!" the size of the transition is the hardest part its only a small tight ramp, that and the ten ft of vert!
Alex Perelson is stupidly good, anyone who does a 900 first ever try is sick in my book! But not only that, he isn't into the jock side of vert skating where you get sponsored by soup companies and whack stuff like that, he is a skaters skater and it shows because he is sponsored by real, probably the most legit skate company out there!
Here is some footage, his 540s are the floatiest things ever, apologies for the song, it is possibly the worst thing I have ever heard, i'm sure his Real part will have a slightly better tune!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Eco Warriors! Crawf on the come up!

Some pretty rad stuff has been happening lately, firstly we got some THTC clothing in today, THTC clothing is all made from Hemp, Organic cotton, or Bamboo, all the labels are printed on recycled paper and they use water based inks for the designs, so for those of you that are both style and eco conscious THTC is pretty sick!
They also hook up a whole bunch of good recording artists like: Rodney P, Phi Life Cypher, Foriegn Beggars, Jehst and Beardyman to name a few, basically most of the good UK Hip Hop and DnB artists are down for them so we thought we'd bring some to Southampton!

Then 6:57 maestro Rob Crawford, who has been cheekily taking some raw footage from DVDs and re-editing it into new sections, got noticed by the chaps over at Transworld and one of his vids got posted HERE, pretty bangin! Congratulations Rob! A few of you have been asking when the 6:57 vid is gonna be done, when I can't tell you! Its up to the Crawf! However I believe it is aiming for a December release.

Then thanks to Joe Paget we caught a glimpse of Cory Kennedys new Girl ad, this is pretty ridiculous!:

We had a little discussion about how long its gonna be until people start doing flip in to a grind/slide, flip mid trick back to grind/slide, then flip out, its coming! Tony Hawks combo style tricks in the flesh! I reckon Cory Kennedy could cause a few upsets in the Berrics game of skate!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Nike SB and Spray Paint!

I would hope you noticed the change on the front page and the bunch of Nikes that are in the "New Products" section, but if not then yeah we have some Nike SB!
However we also have some spray paint! We don't currently sell it online as you have to use a courier service as its an aerosol, but hopefully we will soon, in the mean time we have 36 colours of MTN 94 for £3.85 a can instore, pretty bangin!

Sunday, 25 October 2009


So I haven't posted anything since we put the Flip premier on, it was pretty short notice as Route One were gonna put one on in Orange Rooms, but it got cancelled and was apparently rescheduled and played in Soul Cellar. However I guess a lot of you really wanted to see it again as Goblets was packed with about 50 skaters eager to see what all the fuss was about.

Thanks everyone for coming out, it was a really good night and everyone seemed stoked on the video, it was rad that we got permission for under 18s too, from talking to people afterwards everyone seemed most psyched on Bob, Geoff, Lance and of course Shane Cross.
We have already sold out of the video but will have loads more copies in by Wednesday, we also have a whole bunch of Flip boards in at the moment too.

As well as the Flip stuff we have the new DGK Kalis pro model in two sizes, restock of Harmony decks, the first ever Justin Brock Real board and a Krooked Koston guest board, bangin!

We also have a whole bunch of Innes and Rebel8 clothing, both of which are sick companies, we should have it all online in the next day or two.

The spray paint customers will be pleased to hear we have a whole bunch of cans arriving in the next few days, along with Clothing and footwear from Vans, shoes from Nike SB and clothing from Zoo York! we are gonna be pretty busy getting this lot out so keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter to know as soon as the new stuff comes in, i'm guessing you all know Nike SBs are pretty limited so you need to get in quick!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


We are probably getting the DVDs tomorrow so if you are desperate for one then come in during the day! Can't wait to see peoples face when they see Bob Burnquists part!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sweet threads! Flip video!

We have been really busy at Reskue recently getting things just how we want them for you guys, after getting a load of bangin decks/wheels and trucks in we have been working on getting all the Reskue tees done, they look bangin and we have even switched things up a bit by getting the white tees printed with glow in the dark ink! So they look rad up in the clubs!
So to recap we got these awesome hippy tees:

Then we got the new Arch design on white (with glow in the dark!) and on black, then we got our classic star logo on green and black tees.
Tibs Jars design will be coming any day now on Purple and Green too!
The colourways were decided by our friends on Facebook, so if you want to have some say on what we have here in Reskue then search for us on Facebook and become a fan!

As well as getting all these Reskue tees we have been ordering in a bunch of stuff from Rebel8, Zoo york, Innes and Nike SB which should all be arriving in the next week!

And finally the Flip DVD which has been eagerly awaited for what feels like ages now is due in the next two days! If you definately want a copy then let us know and we can put one by for you, it is seriously one of the best DVDs you will ever see!
I know we kept saying we were gonna have a premier, but it looked like another shop beat us to it, however they were charging an entry fee and it was only for over eighteens, and it ended up getting cancelled! so it looks like ours is gonna be back on, it'll be free and you younguns will be able to go too! more news on that later today.

If you are feeling Flip then don't forget to have a look at all our Flip decks, as well as the new P2 decks which have a carbon fibre insert for extra strength we also have a load of Flip decks on sale for just £45, take a look HERE.

I guess you could do with some skateboarding to look at too, here you go, a bit of NY steez for ya'll:

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sale decks and Flip pre order.

(click to zoom in!)
We got a whole bunch of decks on sale at the moment, all were £54.99 and are now £30 - £45! Get in quick! They are all online now! We also got restock on Krooked, Creature and the Real Gamer Series decks which are bangin! The Flip video is also up for preorder now too so if you want to guarantee your copy then get an order in!

For a fix of skateboarding here is a bit of Josiah Gatlyn:

We will have a few Stereo decks in soon too! And Nike SBs, and Vans, and Lakais, and Zoo York clothing, and Harmony decks!

Monday, 12 October 2009

4 Star Tour

This video went up about half an hour ago, but we wanted to watch it and had to rewatch Rick Howards fakie feeble (NBD?).
Its pretty bangin though, and the good news is we should have some stuff from the Girl/ Chocolate/Lakai camp in the next week after a pretty long hiatus from Reskue!

Hope you guys have been ok with figuring out the blog has moved!

Sunday, 11 October 2009


A D.C. video (The place not the shoes)

Pretty sick!

6:57 hype time!

The video seems to be coming on really well, with almost all of them filling a part, Ranny has been getting some photos of the 6:57 crew on their travels and its looking dope! People are starting to take notice of just how good these guys are, and i'm stoked that Paggers, Curtis and Phil are all repping Southampton!
Here is the second trailer for the vid which is due to drop in December:

Saturday, 10 October 2009

New Stuff!

All the new stuff is now online, including a bunch of decks, trucks and wheels from Flip, Real, Krooked, Black Label, Spitfire and Hubba!
Have a ganders at this Elwood vid too, pretty sick!

Friday, 9 October 2009


Stock attack today! We got a whole bunch of new boards from the likes of Real, Anti Hero, Creature, Baker, Krooked and Bullet, and also the new Moonpop decks from Alien Workshop and the Flip P2 which both have a carbon fibre insert. We also got loads of new wheels from Spitfire and Hubba, a bunch of trucks, and the Black Label and Zoo York videos too! Phew! Also we have the new Strange Notes which you get free with any purchase and it has the David Gonzalez Flip ad on it!! Reskue is Bangin for this weekend!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Some Stuff

Here is a pretty rad video of Jake Johnson:
I also did a new tee design recently, based on the classic hardcore x first brought to you (arguably) by Suicidal Tendencies, probably the most famous skate punk band ever! Suicidal have been on a whole bunch of skate vids, not least this section:

We are hopefully gonna have it on a pocket tee too!

Patrick O'Dell, the maker of the Epicly Later'd series has made a music video of a band covering the song from Matt Hensleys Hokus Pokus part, and its rad! A bunch of awesome skaters dressed up like Matt doing some of his classic tricks, anyone over 25 will love it!

Here is the original version:

Hensleys part starts a few minutes in.
If you don't know who Matt Hensley is he rode for H Street and Plan B in the eighties and nineties and basically revolutionised street skating with a more working class eveyman approach just skating the streets, more recently Matt has been the Accordian player in Flogging Molly and basically he is a bit of a legend! He also started Innes clothing, which happens to be one of my favourite clothing companies (We should have some soon!).

Also a video went up recently of the bowl jam down at Eastliegh, nice one Geordie for putting it on, it looked like a rad day, and its especially good to see Jed back on board again! It is entirely possible that some of you guys don't even know who Jed is, he was sponsored by Globe and on a Real skateboards flow but has been injured for ages now, it looks like he is gonna be on the mend now tho and with blunt flip out on the cradle while he is still injured I can't wait to see what he is doing when he is back up to speed again!

More santa cruz Skateboarding >>

I also made ANOTHER Reskue tee design, which i'm pretty stoked on, we are gonna be getting them in Green as it was put to a vote and this has come out as the most popular colour, here is the design:

I need to post more often so there isn't so much stuff! But enjoy it all anyway!
We got some new Science boards yesterday, and we should have a bunch of Alien Workshop, Baker, Black Label, Creature, Real, and Anti Hero boards in the next few days!
Good times!

Saturday, 3 October 2009


I keep getting lazy and just posting stuff on the Reskue Facebook page instead of the blog, so here is a recap again!

Here is a rad little vid of Dan Plunkett skating a tiny mini, the triple blunt thing is rad! We were talking about how rad he was and it turns out he has just got on Skate Mental!
It was this Atlanta video that prompted the Dan Plunkett searching:

The scene there looks pretty sick!
Then I posted THIS video of Justin Brock, he is one of my favourite skaters at the moment and has just turned pro! We'll have his board very soon!
I have also been working on a few new reskue tee designs, the DMC tees have proved to be our most popular tees yet, and while they were gonna be limited to one run so many of you are still asking for them we are going to get another batch.

This tee was inspired by Suicidal Tendencies, the most popular of the eighties hardcore skatepunk bands, Suicidal songs have been used on a bunch of skate vids, most recently Emmanuel Guzmans part in the transworld vid. They had a style all of there own and its a presence that is still felt today, Vans recently did a collab with them. Maybe instead of listening to the crappy Electro bands that are popular now you should check these guys out and get some roots!

Here is a vid of Gilbert Crockett too, who has just found himself on Alien Workshop:

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


The internet was down at the shop for a few days so there hasn't been a post in a while, apologies for that.
The biggest thing that has happened recently has to be the Flip premier, it was only on friday but it feels like ages ago already, here is a little report on what happened, if you don't want to spoil the video then don't read anymore, the DVD will be available around the 15th of October.

The first Flip premier I went to was for the original Sorry at the Prince Charles Theatre in London, its a proper full size cinema and seeing it on a huge screen was rad so I understood when a few people were dubious when they heard extremely sorry was being held in a nightclub no one had heard of, and they weren't playing the video til half ten!
We scooted up to get there for about half nine and after getting past the five doormen and metal detector to get in we were faced with a whose who of british skateboarding all waiting for the video, Nick Death, Steak, Ben Nordberg, Neil Smith, Vaughan Baker and Paul Shier were all milling about but it wasn't til we left we heard Lance Mountain had been there too!
After Darren bought a warm Stella can for £4.50 we waited around for a bit before finally being let in to another room with a projector set up, the room filled up pretty quickly with excited skaters and the doors were closed, then we had a pretty stern speech saying if anyone at all was caught filming any of the screen, even on a phone, the whole video would be stopped! Some moron didn't take this seriously and was wrestled out of the premier by one of the owners of Flip, who had been travelling around to every premier with a single copy of the video in an attempt to stop piracy.
It has cost flip over £1,000,000 to make this video, if you consider all the hotel rooms, paying the pros, paying the filmer and editor, paying Baron to produce an entirely original soundtrack, it all adds up! It is estimated that they will need to sell 100,000 copies in order to recoup their expenses!
It is pretty much guaranteed that one of the Flip riders is up in your favourite skaters list, they have a team of some of the best skaters in the world, so if you want to show them some respect for the inspiration they provide you with videos like this, then you should definitely buy a copy! You really need to see this on a proper screen at a proper resolution, watching a bootleg version is just gonna ruin it for you.
Anyway, the video starts off with a Shane Cross section of bangers including the nose grind down El Toro which was rumored to only be a photo, I thought that was gonna be it but then it breaks into a full section from Shane, they had really been keeping it under wraps and the skating is really good, Shane would definitely be one of the best skaters out there at the moment if he was still with us.
Geoff Rowley has a pretty bangin section with some rad road gap to hangups that you need to see to appreciate, and all the footage of the ridiculous ads he has had for the past few years, one criticism I would have had is that you sort of knew what was coming because a lot of its been ads, but the skateboarding was ridiculous never the less.
Little man Louie Lopez has a pretty rad part and does some man sized stuff for such a small fella and has a good choice in tricks. It seemed like Rodrigo TX surprised a lot of people with a really strong section, he seems a bit underrated in the U.K. and he kills a bunch of Barcelona spots with some seriously huge switch pop.
Ali Boulala has a section with a few bangers in but obviously people weren't expecting too much due to him being in jail, ollieing the Macba four in clogs seemed to be a crowd favourite! Rune has a pretty sick section which seemed a little short compared to his Sorry part, but the quality of what there was was ridiculous, I would say you may have seen a lot of it in Thrasher but it doesn't seem like kids read the mags these days! The oververt tailslide is one the sickest things in his part. Luan, who I have been hyping up for ages, has a really solid part, not many NBD's but everything he does is super stylish and clean, and the switch crook fakie bigspin flip out ender is buttery beyond belief, definitely one of the best sections.
Appleyard seemed to be a crowd favourite as his part started, and he does do some amazing stuff, nollie biggerspins over bins and nollie big heel down Macba, but again a few people seemed to think his part could have been longer and stronger.
Tom Penny is a U.K. legend but i'm not sure if people were expecting much from him, he has been really low key for years while skateboarding has been progressing really really fast and while the current trend of bigger boards and smaller shoes seems to be making everyones tricks look really clean Penny still has huge shoes and smallish boards meaning there are a few tricks that look a bit sloppy as he has a few toe bars, some of the tricks are really clean though and its rad to have a new Penny section. Curran Caples has a pretty rad section but I think a lot of people still see him as a little kid, having said that his section was far from kiddy, massive street gaps which surprised a lot of people, and some really floaty transition stuff.

I have had to start a new paragraph in respect of Bob Burnquist, he comes through with the most progressive mega ramp part ever, I seriously thought Danny Way was ridiculous but Bob take things to a whole new level, the amount of people that skate vert is ridiculously small, but the amount of cheering and respect Bob had was amazing, I would like to point out some highlights but everything he does is ridiculous, switch flip fifty the rainbow rail, tre flip fifty, straight frontside flip (no grab) over the mega ramp gap! Just imagine doing a forty foot plus frontside flip! He frontside full cabs into the mega ramp quarter, which is insane, back 3 to manny over the gap, the list goes on and on, it is literally worth buying the video just for Bobs section, all the stuff at the X Games he was clearly just toying with while he was keeping all this ridiculous stuff under wraps. Did I mention the no grab 540 over the gap? or 15 ft straight switch frontside ollie with no grab out the mega quarter? Bob Burnquist we salute you sir!

David Gonzalez closes out the video and his part is amazing, he clearly has no regard for his personal safety as he flings himself down 25 stair rails, but he has the skill to pull it off too! By the time his part was on I was still buzzing from Bobs part and trying to take in all the ridiculous stuff he was doing, my favourite thing he does involves a line with two huge rails that you really need to see, he literally cemented himself into skateboarding as one of the gnarliest dudes out there with this part and I think any mention of kiddy steez or him being too young will go straight out the window once anyone sees this part.

Overall the video definitely lives up to the hype, after the mega slo mo fest of Fully flared it is rad to have a video which has a really small amount of slo mo and arty stuff and just has straight bangers one after another, no 9 minute three song parts here just straight gnar! Having said that all the filming is really good, the edits are really good and there is a claymation animation to introduce each rider which is pretty sick. Also in Shane Crosses part there is some rad animation that doesn't detract away from the skating and is actually really cool, I want a monket wrapping around my neck in a video part! I was really stoked on the video and it has definitely made me want to go and learn some tricks, which is exactly what a video should do, a whole new step of proggression in skateboarding and if it doesn't cement Flip as one of the greatest skateboard companies out there in kids minds then you all need your heads read!

Check our background props out in this vid:

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Remember a few weeks back I was saying that the Black Box tradeshow was rad and ASR was kinda crappy, well I guess Volcom disagree and had a massive mini ramp at ASR this year, the skating is rad, watch out for some of 5Boros Dan Pensyl, Louie Lopez crooks, Justin Brock being alive and general floaty skateboarding!
Some of the Reskue squad are off to the Flip premier this friday in London, as I have always said we WILL do a local premier, but I assume in an attempt to stop piracy Flip are not giving out any copies for premiers until they are available to buy. So we should have a premier around the 15th of October and you will be able to buy the DVD that night too. More information on this will be up soon, i'll make sure you all know thats for sure!

There has already been the Flip premier in the U.S. and reports are that Bob absolutely kills the mega ramp and David Gonzalez part is ridiculous.
I'm still looking forward to Rowley, Glifberg and Luans part the most, Luans steez is ridiculous.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Pfanner and Schuster.

Euros on the come up! Nick who works in the Tattoo shop above Reskue was asking who Pfanner was the other day, Chris Pfanner is an am on Anti Hero and he absolutely kills it on a skateboard, hes the chap who full Cabbed the Santa Monica triple set.
Schuster is on Blind and had a pretty good part in the Euro montage of the Blind video.

More philipp-schuster Skateboarding >>

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Jamal Smith!

Anything with Jamal Smith in is bangin!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Face Melter!

There has been this little Lakai ad floating around skateboard land for a while now:

Its pretty rad, and Mike Mo seems to be the Lakai stunt pilot, after blowing him up on Fully Flared they get him to do this:

We'll have new Lakais in the next few weeks, the plan is to get a bunch of Manchesters, those kicks are rad.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Good Times! and S.O.T.Y.

This weekend was pretty good for skateboarding in Southampton, first of all Ricardo and Dean Jones put on a little jam at Romsey which seemed to be pretty well received, word on the streets is that Greg blunt fakied the Wallride, Churchills brother Paul was rock and roll sliding it, Ricardo was doing inverted 360's over the jump box, Taters was bigspin flipping the driveway, and Tim Bartelot was close to a mayday on the Wallride! Some pretty sick skating considering it was definitely more based on fun than competition! Ollie Allen who designed the T shirt with my handsome face on took some photos and they are up on Facebook.

Then last night saw the premier of Andy Evans latest venture Heel Toe Magic, there was only a few days notice and it was a Sunday but there was still a few heads there and everyone seemed to enjoy the video, Raemers section is rad and Greg has a full section. The video will be for sale in a couple of weeks.

There has been a lot of talk recently on Skater Of The Year, maybe its just me but people seem to pay a lot more attention to it these days, the Fact Silas won last year took a few people by surprise, but it is Thrasher SOTY so a lot of sway goes into what the skater has done for the magazine (Interviews, Photos, etc) so although everyone is saying Busenitz should get it its looking slightly doubtful, unless he shoots a bunch of photos for Thrasher in the very near future!

Malto is a definite candidate, he has been slaying it all year! He deserves something just for the Noseblunt then back Noseblunt line, but that was in a Transworld vid!

A pretty likely candidate is Grant Taylor, he is only a rookie but his part in Mindfield was amazing, and he quickly followed it up with an amazing part in Debacle too:

He has also had a load of stuff in Thrasher so its looking pretty good for him.
There is also talk of David Gravette, but personally I don't think doing 100's of fifty fifties makes you one of the best skaters in the world, i'm not saying he isn't rad, because he is! But he is definitely lacking on the tech side of things, maybe he'll come through with an amazing part for the Thrasher video and i'll eat my words but I don't think his trick bag is deep enough to be a SOTY.
Taylor FTW!

Friday, 11 September 2009


The slackness in updates has been appalling lately, apologies!
I have been updating our Facebook on the regular, as well as our Twitter.
Here are all the updates I have posted, plus a few more for good measure!

First of all Kurt Winter has a ten tricks:

More kurt-winter Skateboarding >>

Here is an extra one with Shaun Currie too:

More 10-tricks Skateboarding >>

Then Jimmy Carlin had a sick flatground section over at Black Box, Curt can bust a few of these tricks but you'll have to wait for 6:57.

More jimmy-carlin Skateboarding >>

Then Geoff Rowley had a sick First Try Fridays over at the Berrics.

Then there was a really, really, good skate and create. Basically a few different teams have the chance to create whatever they like in a warehouse over a certain time period and make an edit, Etnies won, basically just with Malto alone! That kid is killing it, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if a Skater Of The Year trophy finds its way into his hands soon!
A lot of people were saying they liked the D.C. one but I think the DVS and Etnies ones were the bangers, Circa was pretty rad too tho.

Then I put up a vid of the almosts from the Wallenberg comp, the straight nollie would have been sick!

Then to go with this vid I posted one of Kevin Romar, who was close to blowing minds with this ridiculous back 3 nollie down Wallenberg. I still have heard kids saying they would give the stairs a go so let me re-iterate: they are 22ft long! That is huge!

Then I posted this old vid of one of my favourite personalities in skating, Butteryass Donovan! The reason for the post was we were selling Grape soda, but I sold a crate in 48hrs! More coming soon!

Then Nick Mclouth got recruited into the Berrics, the level of skating is sick, and Nick is another person on the ever growing Stereo team!

Then I posted this vid of the Flip team skating some parks, I don't really need to say they kill it, if you don't know how good the Flip team is there really is no hope for you!

Then we got the new Jak Pietryga pro model in, so here is a few vids of him:

More jak-pietryga Skateboarding >>

Here is Jaks 360 flip record:

More hold Skateboarding >>

Then more recently there was a comp at the Crossroads retail show at Black Box, if you are retarded then I will need to tell you that a retail show basically consists of a bunch of stands from different companies, showing future products to shop owners to pre order. There used to be a huge show called ASR but it was basically run by idiots and they charged a whole bunch of money for stands, so Jamie Thomas has opened up the Black Box warehouse for his own trade show. This means that Jamie is allowing other companies to get sales, at his own warehouse! Jamie is really supporting skateboarding by doing this, and on the last day they all come together and have a big jam and best trick comp, here is the footage of the comp:

And thats pretty much it! I hope you haven't given up on the blog! We'll have a bunch of important announcements soon so stay tuned to Reskue!

Here is an extra bonus video for you:

Brad Cromer is sick, awesome style and good choice in tricks.

In fact while we are thinking of Krooked, here is the latest catalogue from Deluxe, it has a whole bunch of stuff, including vids, photos, and games! We'll have a bunch of Real, Anti Hero, Krooked and Spitfire stuff soon. Looking at the Real team has got me anticipating the Real vid even more! They have some of the best ams in skateboarding, and a sick pro team too, Torgy, Brock, Chima, James Hardy, all absolutely slay stuff on a skateboard! And they are all as core and down to earth as you can get, most of the Real team would much rather do a demo for some kids inspiring them to keep skating, than enter big corporate comps for jocks to watch on MTV.

Some video announcements are coming tomorrow!


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