Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Some Stuff

Here is a pretty rad video of Jake Johnson:
I also did a new tee design recently, based on the classic hardcore x first brought to you (arguably) by Suicidal Tendencies, probably the most famous skate punk band ever! Suicidal have been on a whole bunch of skate vids, not least this section:

We are hopefully gonna have it on a pocket tee too!

Patrick O'Dell, the maker of the Epicly Later'd series has made a music video of a band covering the song from Matt Hensleys Hokus Pokus part, and its rad! A bunch of awesome skaters dressed up like Matt doing some of his classic tricks, anyone over 25 will love it!

Here is the original version:

Hensleys part starts a few minutes in.
If you don't know who Matt Hensley is he rode for H Street and Plan B in the eighties and nineties and basically revolutionised street skating with a more working class eveyman approach just skating the streets, more recently Matt has been the Accordian player in Flogging Molly and basically he is a bit of a legend! He also started Innes clothing, which happens to be one of my favourite clothing companies (We should have some soon!).

Also a video went up recently of the bowl jam down at Eastliegh, nice one Geordie for putting it on, it looked like a rad day, and its especially good to see Jed back on board again! It is entirely possible that some of you guys don't even know who Jed is, he was sponsored by Globe and on a Real skateboards flow but has been injured for ages now, it looks like he is gonna be on the mend now tho and with blunt flip out on the cradle while he is still injured I can't wait to see what he is doing when he is back up to speed again!

More santa cruz Skateboarding >>

I also made ANOTHER Reskue tee design, which i'm pretty stoked on, we are gonna be getting them in Green as it was put to a vote and this has come out as the most popular colour, here is the design:

I need to post more often so there isn't so much stuff! But enjoy it all anyway!
We got some new Science boards yesterday, and we should have a bunch of Alien Workshop, Baker, Black Label, Creature, Real, and Anti Hero boards in the next few days!
Good times!

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