Sunday, 28 December 2008


The site didn't update with the new prices on some of the shoes, but its sorted now, so check out a bunch of es and Emericas from £35!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sale Time (part 2)

Yep all the sale stuff is now online too, so if you are after a bargain get looking, but BE QUICK! Seriously, even today on the second day of the sale people have come back for something and it has gone, if there is something you are after then i'd get it while you can, we are probably the cheapest place in the country for Altamont right now!

I have been really busy getting all the sale up so haven't had much time to find any vids, then I went on the shop Myspace and Force had posted us a little vid of some of the team, and they are sick too!
Check some of these guys out, the padless stuff on vert is silly!

Friday, 26 December 2008

Sale Time!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and got loads of cool presents!
Our mega sale began today instore, and is starting to go online, all sale Hats, Decks and Shoes are now up, with the Clothing bargains going up tomorrow, if you don't want to miss the bargains then come instore!

New eras for a £10
Loads of shoes on sale, from £16
US pro decks from £35!
ALL our Altamont, Diamond, Indy tees are heavily reduced (25% or more!)
ALL Reskue brand clothing is HALF PRICE!
ALL the clothing is reduced between 10-70%
All our jeans are reduced too!

A few people have asked about the video too, saying they are looking forward to it, its kinda hard to tell if something is good when you have been working on it for ages, but i'm stoked on the skating from all the guys, and it is on its way!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Jimmy Carlin

Rob Welsh said "have your flatground on lock and everything else falls into place"
Jimmy Carlin must have listened.

A wee bit o Scotland!

Here is a rad little edit of some scottish chaps hossing aboot!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Mag Minute

Chris Pfanner has the latest Mag Minute - and its really good!

Also Drew Dezort has one, with a questionable noseslide down El Toro.

To let you know we are open every day up to Christmas, closed Christmas day then opening again on Boxing day.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

2008 in photographs

THIS has absolutely nothing to do with skateboarding, but if you can't appreciate it as pretty amazing then you are a jerk.

A few people have asked about the Reskue video recently, most sections are finished and it is looking pretty rad,but unfortunately the computer I was using to edit is on hiatus until monday, and then getting copies made will take a while too during the festive period, so realistically it might not be officially out until the new year, if I get a copy done i'll probably play it a bit in the shop, but you should buy it you cheapskates!
I'm gonna try and work out a deal where you get a package of deck, tee and DVD at a bargain price, but you'll have to wait and see.


This video is gonna be rad, Jimmy Mcdonald section and an awesome line up of underdog skateboarders, oh and the first of this weekends Battle at the Berrics is up too.
Speaking of rad videos, the chief has put all the old Zero videos up on the Black Box site to download for $3.99 which is probably £3 or something, definately worth it!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

New Dwindle stuff

All our new Enjoi, Almost, Blind and Darkstar stuff came today.
So we are now really well stocked for christmas, we have over 100 decks, 20 set-ups and 50 sets of wheels, making us the best place for skate hardware in Southampton, and beyond!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

New bits and bobs!

We have had new Plan B decks from Sheckler, Prod and Danny Way and some wheels to match. Also some new Sheckler bearings and restock of the always popular Harmony decks.
Oh and if you are a fan of the Skate video game then maybe you will want to check this out too!
All the Christmas Enjoi, Blind, Darkstar and Almost stuff will be here on thurs/fri too!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Crossfire Christmas Jam!

If you didn't get to go then take a look at this vid, the standard was really high!

Crossfire Xmas Jam 2008 >>

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Bits!

The first of the christmas bits for the weekend have arrived, including Independent lows at a new cheaper price (£45 a pair) and Bones Reds now a quid cheaper at £16.99!
We also have some Fox trucks which are a mid priced truck (£25 a set!) but have USA made rubbers and actually turn! They are definately good value for money and we are going to be getting a lot more in the future, if you are thinking of geting your first board or are on a budget they are great!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Summer Bailout!

Here is a little video from the DVS chaps, including an NBD from Torey!

I have had a lot of mums coming in asking for decks which you guys may have seen which have since been sold! If you are asking for something in particular for Christmas make sure your rents put it by, or come in as soon as they can, or find out if we can order it for you. I'd hate for you guys to have asked for a deck and not got it cos its been sold, or your parents came in too late!

To keep you up to date with board brands - we have new Plan B and Harmony decks arriving all the time, including the new Plan B acid trip decks and wheels from tomorrow, all Enjoi, Blind, Almost, Speed Demons and Darkstar decks and completes are coming next thurs which are hot for christmas, new decks from Death, Heroin, Landscape are coming next week too. We have a whole bunch of Zero, Mystery and $lave decks in stock now, and new Real and DGK decks too So reskue is definately the best place to come for your skateboard hardware this christmas! And with our set-up deals its easy for us to make a set-up for you!

If you are giving your folks a list make sure you put sizes and brands that you would prefer! "Deck from Reskue" might get you something you don't want!

And don't forget that all Reskue brand clothing is HALF PRICE when you spend over £15 and the Harmony DVD is half price too, so maybe ask for a Reskue hood from Nan when she comes in with your mum!

We are open late nights from next week too!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Fourstar Tour

Here is a little vid of the offcuts from a recent Fourstar tour, its cool when the supposed offcuts are banging on their own! Maltos line is pretty sick, the Tre flip is super nice!

Fourstar 2008 Mapquest Tour >>

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

It's Cold!

OK so it is getting pretty cold now, and ramps and parks are getting frosty, so now even if it hasn't rained it can be wet with dew and frost, pretty whack! But come on, there are loads of car parks in town that are dry, and a couple of extra layers will keep you warm! We have been taking a block down to a car park in the evening, trying to get a few lines for the video.
It is taking longer than I anticipated to finish off, everyone just needed a last few tricks but the weather has been rubbish, and paggers swanned off to New York when we need to film his enders, hopefully it will be worth the wait though!
In the mean time I thought you guys might want to see this vid:

Pretty raw stuff, static style.
Oh and I heard today that Document is finishing after the next issue, it really is a sad state of affairs at the moment, Slaps last ever issue is this month too, and Slap was definately one of my favourite mags! With this recession all these independent mags/videos/companies really do need your support, it is you that keeps them going! And keeps Reskue going!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Emerica Cheer Up Tour!

Here is some footage from the recent tour:

Emerica 'Cheer Up' UK Tour >>

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Tampa Am!

Tampa Am is live again today, so click HERE to have a look! it is on at 12pm EST so 5pm here! It is cool seeing people skating regularly, as you only normally see slams and makes, sponsored people do bail too!

Saturday, 6 December 2008


In the Reskue blog tradition here is a link that in no way encourages you to buy anything in store! Kewday is an Australian company and their new promo is well worth a look, I had seen some footage of Joe Pease before on a tour vid, everyone was skating stairs and he seemed a bit weak in comparison to be honest as he didn't have much footage, but its clear that stairs and gaps aren't his natural terrain and twangy rails and ledges are, as he kills it on this vid! Andrew Currie is awesome, his boneless is sick! Take a look HERE.
Chad Bartie rides for Globe and we sell those!
Oh and we do have some Chrstmas offers actually! The Harmony DVD is only £3 with any purchase over £10, and any Reskue brand clothing is HALF PRICE with any purchase over £15!
and you can combine the two, so you could for example get a Harmony Deck, DVD and Reskue zip for just £59.23! The deals are currently instore only.
If you are reading this after looking at the ad in Sidewalk then hi, check back everyday for new links and vids! Bookmark us!

UK Mini Ramp Champs

Here is a vid of the UK Mini Ramp champs, presented by Mr Churchill himself!

More from UK Mini Ramp Champs on Mpora TV >>

Also check out Sidewalk this month, there is a Reskue ad whicgh we'll be running every month from now on, Marc has a photo at the Crossfire ramp jam, and Dean Jones video gets a review too!

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Tampa Am is coming up and there is going to be a live webcast of it this Sunday, i'll post a link in the next day or two, in the mean time you can look at this. parties definately happen during the Tampa contests and with 100's of skaters in party mode a brush with the law is pretty much inevitable, so enter your favourite skater in the search engine and see if they have been arrested at Tampa! The wonders of the internet!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Reskue vid

When i said yesterday we were finishing off the video, i should have said TRYING to finish off the video:

Curt, Marc, Paget and Tibs sections are pretty much done, so look out for offcuts soon.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


We are still finishing off the Reskue video, paget is getting new moves all the time, but you'll have to wait to see em, in the mean time you can laugh at this:


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