Tuesday, 9 December 2008

It's Cold!

OK so it is getting pretty cold now, and ramps and parks are getting frosty, so now even if it hasn't rained it can be wet with dew and frost, pretty whack! But come on, there are loads of car parks in town that are dry, and a couple of extra layers will keep you warm! We have been taking a block down to a car park in the evening, trying to get a few lines for the video.
It is taking longer than I anticipated to finish off, everyone just needed a last few tricks but the weather has been rubbish, and paggers swanned off to New York when we need to film his enders, hopefully it will be worth the wait though!
In the mean time I thought you guys might want to see this vid:

Pretty raw stuff, static style.
Oh and I heard today that Document is finishing after the next issue, it really is a sad state of affairs at the moment, Slaps last ever issue is this month too, and Slap was definately one of my favourite mags! With this recession all these independent mags/videos/companies really do need your support, it is you that keeps them going! And keeps Reskue going!

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