Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Manderson and Tom Asta!

Mark Gonzalez has a habit of having rad skaters on Krooked, slightly twangy styles and a rad bag of tricks pretty much sums up Krooked riders and Mike Anderson is no different, he absolutely kills it in this vid:

Also on the hype ting is Tom asta, his part in the Zero vid was sick, and now it looks like he has been officially welcomed to Mystery, check this clip, biggy back tail like woah!


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cory Kennedy is a badaman! (So is David Baker)

So for the release of the Nike SB Salazar shoe the SB team went around the globe generally killing skateparks and stuff, check this clip for some seriously stupid skating from Cory Kennedy:

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Meanwhile on the mean streets of Southampton some of the Soton Yoot made a little edit of a day out to Merryoak, hopefully some of these nippers will be killing it for SFTW!

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Menace and Fabian Alomar - True gangster!

In the mid nineties LA schoolyards were where it was at, and MNC pretty much ruled that scene, it was pretty short lived but MNC was dope, I had a MNC bag I bought from Off Beat in 1996, you probably weren't born, damn!
Check out this interview with LA gangster Fabian Alomar:

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


By the time you read this we should have a bunch of Stereo decks in stock, including the Obey collabo series decks and some price point boards at £45, We are also getting a new brand (for us) Crayon, the boards are made on Deluxe wood so they are the same as Real/Anti Hero but they are only £40! They have a pretty sick team of UK rippers, including Korahn Gayle, who is pretty jokeshop on a skateboard, check out this video part of his:

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Don't forget we have the Omar Salazar shoe dropping on Saturday too! He got a few of his SB friends together and they ripped some parks up in Sacramento, any footage of Omar and Justin brock is very welcome:

Monday, 15 March 2010

I got scared...

...when Bob Gnarlys youTube account got suspended, he basically uploads parts from a lot of underground scene videos, but I guess occasionally shares stuff that aint quite ready for sharing and his account gets suspended, its cos of Bob Gnarly that Joe Pagets part got seen by 1000's of people, and I get to see a lot of sick skating and then share it with you! anyway hes back! Here is your fill of true street skating :

Thats gives you something to do while your girlfriend is yapping on about Twilight/dresses/rose wine/lady gaga or whatever it is girls like these days.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Happy Days...

... was a pretty sick TV show, apart from the fact Fonzie was a single man who rented a flat above a family, and hung out with a bunch of kids younger than him, and tried to pimp on young girls, maybe he isn't so cool? Anyway, it is happy days in Southampton at the moment, 20 teams have now signed up for SFTW, and this years is gonna be the best yet! We have prizes from a bunch of rad companies and i'm seriously pleased with the amount of people that have entered! also repping our scene is the most recent Sidewalk, which if you haven't already you should definitely pick up, there is a 6:57 Silverscreen with four pages of south coast shredding, including two photos of steez master Jak Tonge and Pagets first two photos in a magazine, Bangin! Congratulations chaps!
I couldn't be more pleased for Rob, 6:57 has been really well received and people are starting to notice our scene, Rob is currently over in Australia, where he has managed to catch a few demos of Girl/Chocolate skaters, and was at a park when Grant Taylor and Lance Mountain turned up!

I'm pretty sure this is in Oz, all I do know is every single trick that Sean Malto and Cory Kennedy do would be 99.9% of skaters best trick ever, and they casually cruise through them at demos!
If this type of skateboarding is a bit tech for you here is some of the Vans team skating a mini ramp in Croatia:

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Omar Salazar is dope and the Sun... a skateboarders best friend, now that we have finally seen off February things are looking good for spring, I have been slacking on the blog as usual but FACEBOOK fans know whats up! Something For The Weekend is looking good, we have 13 teams so far and 5Boro have just said they are gonna hook us up with some prizes too!

We have a mega sale on this weekend, a bunch of stuff is gonna be up to half price, but this weekend ONLY! So get on it!

The next weekend after that (Sat 20th) sees the release of the much anticipated Nike SB Omar Salazar shoe! He has a mini site up explaining the shoes technology and there is a vid of him ripping as always. I have been a fan of Omar Salazar for years, since his first video part with a Slayer song on Nervous Breakdown, anyone? The pro shoe is well deserved and they look sick so head down a week on Saturday if you want a pair!
Here are a few clips to get you pumped:
I always liked the timing of the music to the two backlips in Omars bit (it doesn't start til 2 minutes in)

Youtube are Nazis and took the audio of his First Love part but here it is:
kish kish whoah, kish kish woah!

One half of the Omar part from AWS Mindfield:

Omar kills it, straight up!

Monday, 1 March 2010


I have been slacking on the blog again, but you need to get with the times and become a fan of our FACEBOOK! It gets updated everyday so you can get your fill of news from Reskue.

It was on Facebook in fact that I discovered the news that Guru, one half of the legendary rap group Gangstarr, has unfortunately had a heart attack and is currently in a coma.

Guru was always one of my favourite rappers, despite the groups name they often focussed on more pressing issues than just trying to be gangster, and a lot of his rhymes are really well thought out and flow through DJ premiers beats with a relaxed but meaningful conviction meaning you pretty much know the lyrics after one listen.
Guru along with Premier can also be credited with the idea of mixing Hip Hop with Jazz and bringing the music to a much wider audience.
I'm obviously not the only skater who is a fan as a whole bunch of video parts have featured Gangstarr tracks, here are a few of them:

This is from way back in 98, Kenny Hughes suits the music perfectly, and has one of the smoothest switch crooks on a handrail ever.

Here is another video from around the same era, Steve Olson, the quickly forgotten hippy of the OG Shortys era:

Here is Ryan Gee in Chomp On This, if you have no idea about Chomp it was basically a video that had sections from all the well known photographers and videographers of the time, as well as a bunch of appearences by top pros, hence why you might think this section sucks! Chomp was really really popular at the time and a bunch of people had the Pac Man drawn on their grip!

Here is probably my favourite use of a Gangstarr tune, Josh Kalis in the DC video, sick skater, sick song, bangin!

Here are some pretty underated guys from an IPath promo:

Here is a trailer for Static 3, the eagle eared among you will notice that this isn't Guru rapping but is Jeru, this was on a Gangstarr track which had a whole bunch of other rappers on, which obviously wouldn't have happened without Guru, he is really well respected by basically everyone in the Hip Hop industry, and the skateboard industry too, lets just hope he gets well soon.


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