Monday, 30 November 2009

Big Push 09

If you haven't already picked up this months Sidewalk with this years Big Push, then you should! There are some bangin edits from Nike SB, Adidas, Etnies, Vans, DC and Shiner, and the skating is all of a really high standard.
If you were interested to know how things are going with the voting then maybe check out theses videos:

Friday, 27 November 2009

New Stuff and a bunch of DVD news.

There hasn't been any updates in a while again, but I would hope I wouldn't need to post up about the final of Battle At The Berrics, six million other people managed to find it! But in case you live under a rock click HERE.

We have had a whole bunch of stuff from Famous and Innes, both rad brands with solid skate teams so check that out in the clothing section.

Biggest news in the skate world is the release of the Zero vid, due in next week its snuck up a bit since the release of the Flip video but is bound to be ridiculous, and if the Chris Cole section is half as good as all the other footage he has put out its gonna make him a big contender for Skater Of The Year! Best news is that the Zero vid is only gonna be a tenner too! The $lave vid is also due at the same time, and is gonna show people what I have been saying for ages now, that $lave is sick! Frecks part is gonna surprise a lot of people and Jon Allie is definitely on my favourites list. The $lave vid is only a tenner too, so maybe pick up both!

We'll have a whole bunch of Zero, $lave and Mystery decks in just as the video drops too, as well as some completes for christmas for only £79.99, pretty bangin for a Zero board!

The Creature vid also premiered last night at Goblets and its pretty sick, a lot more focus on the ams with full parts of street skating which was cool, we'll have both versions of the vid in the next week or two.

ANOTHER DVD due is also Beauty and the Beast 2, the Girl and Anti Hero tour, the last one surprised a lot of people with how good it was, but if you take one of the cleanest tech companies and the most raw hesh company and put them on a tour together you can only get good results, that is also due in the next few weeks so there is plenty of rad stuff out in the run up for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas we now have gift vouchers for Reskue, so if you can't rely on your parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog to get you the right stuff then you can always ask for Reskue vouchers!

In Southampton news the ledges at Hoglands are now finished and open to be skated, but if the weather is anything to go by you won't actually get to use them til maybe March! Hopefully we'll have an edit of them soon, if we get to skate them!

Here are a few skate vids to keep you inspired:

Here is what a scene video looks like if you all dress in tight stupid clothes and wear leather jackets:

Here is something pretty ridiculous, Alex Perelson doing some grabs, but without grabbing:

Friday, 20 November 2009

Hythe Part 7

So the Hythe vid is getting back on track, here is the 7th section, the Demos, there is some pretty rad stuff on here from a Vans demo, a Black Label demo and one of the early NASS comps:

We also got all the new Stereo boards in today so we have a whole bunch of decks in at the moment, check them out and be quick if you want one they are bound to go quickly!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Slack again!

So there hasn't been any posts in a while again! I haven't had the chance to upload the rest of the Hythe video but it'll be coming later tonight hopefully!

We have had a whole bunch of awesome undercarriages come in which you can combine with any deck to make a custom set up, get a sale deck and you can have a £150 set up for £90! Bargain! check them out in the set-ups section.

With all the rubbish weather we have been making the most of the trusty british institution of car park skating:

Hopefully there will be more footage from the Levl 3 missions soon.

We have also had a load of Real and Anti Hero decks come in, and should have a bunch of Stereo boards coming in tomorrow too.

It looks like Marc Churchill is putting on the Creature premier at Goblets soon, more news on that tomorrow!

Here is a bit more skateboarding for you in the shape of Globe united by fate:

More Skateboarding >>

Now go check out all the new stuff!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hythe part 6 - Some Chump

So part six from the Hythe video was mine, I really wanted to have all street skating but unfortunately the guys I skated with at the time were more into transitions so I ended up skating parks a lot, not that it made a difference I pretty much just do wallies and wallrides anyway! I seemed to have more footage then Ranny and Tibs but that was because they both basically have no lines, whereas thats all I ever wanted to do, but after an hour of filming someone futily trying a four trick line I never used to come away with much apart from angry mates.
I kinda wish we had someone like Rob Crawford around at the time, who was eager to film an all street video and make it legit, we went back to one spot to get a trick of Pagets six times over five weeks! The 6:57 video is gonna be so good! But the Hythe video was just a bit of fun and hopefully that shows, more tomorrow!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hythe Part 5 - Yankee Doodle

The fifth part on the Hythe video was from a trip to America I went on. We started out the trip going to DLX in SF, the home of Real, Krooked, Anti Hero, Thunder and Spitfire, basically the most legit brands in skateboarding, they were really friendly and drove us out to a skatepark and sold us a whole bunch of Spitfires for cheap which was rad!

We headed down the coast and went to the Vans park where we saw Christian Hosoi, if you don't know who he is Hosoi was probably the biggest vert pro of the eighties, he was getting millions of dollars at one point, but when the focus turned to street Christian quickly found himself yesterdays news and he got into drugs. He ended up being arrested for smuggling, and when we saw him at the Vans park he had only been out of a four year jail sentence for a few weeks, he still had his trademark style though which you'll see coming out in his layback grind!
You normally have to wear full pads at the Vans park and you are not allowed to film, but as they thought we were there with Hosoi they just let us be! Jeff Grosso was there too and you can spot him in the footage but he didn't skate which was a shame. I had a load of Geek Mafia stickers, which one of Hosois friends seemed pretty interested in, we traded a bunch of stickers and it wasn't til we left the park that I realised where I knew the guy from, it was Brian Brannon, the lead singer from legendary skate punk band JFA, we left pretty pleased with ourselves, seeing a bunch of legendary skaters first hand was pretty sick!

We then went down to the YMCA park in Encinitas where PLG and Buster Halterman happened to be, again they were really friendly and I filmed a bunch with them too, the consistency of Vert is ridiculous, that ramp was 15 ft with a ft of vert, and is stlll the biggest ramp I have dropped in on, doing switch 360 heelflip grabs on it is stupid!
Check it out below:

Monday, 9 November 2009

Hythe Part 4 - small man big boards

Part four of the Hythe video is Mark Tidbury, he didn't ever say he wanted to film anything for the video and this is all stuff he pretty much did every go, I just happened to be there to film it, he isn't the sort of guy that works at tricks, he just tries stuff and if it works he'll do it. This shows with the amount of kids that are stoked on Tibs skating when they see him in real life, he is starting to skate more and more transitions and less and less street, but this pretty much goes hand in hand with the amount of good parks that are popping up, if you go down to the Eastleigh bowl regularly you are guaranteed to have seen him shred first hand. The part he is sitting on for the Reskue Remix video is bangin, and features a stupidly good NBD, but you'll have to wait to see it! The amount of times I have had kids come in and say "Is it true Tibs has done..." is stupid, hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of him soon!

A few people have asked about the drunk dude at the end of the parts, and yes it is Rob Castle, if you don't know who he is he is a sponsored BMXer who is getting pretty well known as he is on the Metal Bikes team, he used to live with me for a while and in true Castle style would come in pretty bladdered most nights, so I thought I would get some class quotes for the video one night, in between him puking in the bath.
Here is some of his BMXing:

Source BMX - 'PROBLEMS IN PARIS' Roadtrip from Source bmx on Vimeo.

You'll recognise a lot of the spots from skate videos.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hythe part three!

Here is the third part of the Hythe video, the friends section, there is some pretty good skating on here including a bunch of footage from Reskue rider Greg Nowik with a double flip indy to fakie, I think he was possibly the first person to do that on a mini, and it was during a Vans demo with John Cardiel, Geoff Rowley, Jim Greco and a few others but more people seemed to be watching Greg than the street course, which says something about how impressive Gregs skating is! there is also some footage of Harmony rider Danny Jack who lived in Southampton for a while, but there wasn't a skate shop in town and I guess the scene didn't seem too strong and he moved to Bristol after his first year, Phil Parker also has some footage and he is still skating hard and should be having a part in the 6:57 video. Astro who had some cool stuff too is now strangely enough a professional circus performer, and was recently yo-yoing in a phones for you advert! It also has the legendary Don Brider in doing a noseslide to k grind! Don is now 40+ and still skates regularly as well as printing all the Reskue tees and stickers, basically he is a bit of a legend!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hythe part deux

So here is the next section from the Hythe video, and the first full part, Ranny. He is now the unofficial Reskue photographer, at the time we filmed the video he hadn't been skating too long, when the Dead Babies promo was made he had only been skating about a year and was doing pretty gnarly stuff for the time, but was taking the slams that went with it! I guess he had been skating 3 or 4 years when the Hythe vid was made, he was the youngest guy we skated with so I perhaps bullied him slightly more than I should have, and that shows in the video! But he does some pretty good stuff and a lot of people liked his part:

Here is also the Hoglands montage from the video, Hoglands was a bit of a let down, we all said exactly what we wanted then the designers changed it all, it was meant to all flow so you could do decent lines but they put a bunch of barriers up which broke up the flow, then they put in a pretty crappy little block which you'll see in the montage, then took it out and there was just a driveway, then finally put in the rail that is there now, which no one seems to really skate!

Friday, 6 November 2009


Not The New Hythe Scene Video was a video I made in 2005 way before Reskue was opened, I thought I would rip the DVD and post up a part from it each day for the next week or so as it has full parts from Tibs and Marc and a whole bunch of other stuff, so to start things off here is the oldest footage from 2001 which was one of the extras on the DVD - The Dead Babies Promo. This was the first thing I ever filmed and edited, obviously its pretty dated now, but Tibs had only been skating a couple of years at this point which is pretty rad to see, you'll also see Ranny, the unofficial Reskue photographer, taking A LOT of slams! The backflip to head bounce off the rail required a hospital trip, nowadays he is all about cardigans and slash grinds.

Here is the first part from the actual video, the intro and opening montage, i'll post up the first main part tomorrow, Ranny!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Things you watch with your eyes...

So the Reskue Remix video has sort of become a bit of folklore now, basically it was meant to come out about, hmmm, a year ago! It was only meant to be a bunch of old footage of all the Reskue team remixed together (hence the title!) so you would know who all the guys are, but a lot of people weren't too happy with their parts "i'm way better now" etc, but the idea wasn't to make a whole new video, just to show you what the guys have been up to, Anyway Marc and Gregs parts are bangin, Curtis part is too but he wouldn't ever believe that, Paggers has progressed a hell of a lot since he filmed his part but its still sick so we are still gonna put out the vid, there are a hell of a lot of extras too, all the best vids from the Something For The Weekend comps and a few other bits meant I actually had to start taking stuff out cos it filled a DVD! Anyway i'm aiming to have this out as a stocking filler, fingers crossed!

After trying to film some bits of Paggers last night we kept getting interrupted by rain so went on a YouTube attack instead and found these bad boys:

This guy used to be on Hawk Clothing and had a bit of whack kiddy steez going on, but he is all grown up now and is actually dope, hustle flips and all!

This guy is ridiculously sick too, the control on the switch tre nose manny is stupid:

This guy is slightly more G, the backlip to fakie manny is pretty tight.

This is from the same vid as Ricardo, and its pretty sick, the song is cool too, I actually bought that record before all the record shops in town closed down and we were left with only HMV to go to, its almost like if people don't support independent shops they close down, hmmm.

That should give you something to do while its raining! We have started to get a bunch of clothing in for the colder weather, hoods, jackets, beanies etc and should have some new Reskue hoods soon, Vans should be here this week too along with tees and hoods from Flip, Spitfire, Independent and Creature! If you haven't looked at all the Zoo York clothing maybe take a peek at that too.


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