Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Aiight so yo...

Donovan is back with season two of Buttery Ass Mondays! I personally really like em, not enough skating for some though.
Also Baker Boys have some new jiggery pokery up on their website, which is cool as we are gonna be getting a whole bunch of new Deathwish decks tomorrow, 10 of em in fact!
We tried to go to Romsey yesterday with the intention of filming a little spring welcoming clip, but instead I wrecked my wrist on the second line I tried to film, stoked! Thats me out for a few weeks, but i'll try and get some clips of some of the rest of the crew up soon.
Hopefully we'll have some new footage of Marc and Greg up the bowl soon too!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring is here!

So the clocks have gone forward and I actually get to skate in daylight! We'll have a little "spring is here" montage up in the next few days, even if its just to prove I do actually ride a skateboard, and Reskue is a skater owned shop! But in the meantime, may I present to you, The Reyno, annihilating the big two at Kings park!


Saturday, 28 March 2009

Goofy vs Regular

I have just been reminded of this footage so thought i'd post it up, there is some stupidly good stuff in there, the 180 switch krook revert is bangin!

The next bit is pretty geeky so back out now if you are not a geek!

I came up with a theory once about regular skaters being inherently more gnarly than goofy ones and this is why:

Your right hand is the natural hand for holding stuff because years ago, when all people seemed to do was fight and just wanted to conquer the world, you would hold a shield over your heart with your left hand and hold a sword in your right, generation after generation did the same thing all over the world until it became natural that your right hand was your "main" hand.
So in holding a sword and shield the stance adopted would be your left foot forward, so that your shield is the first point of contact, you would then engage your opponent with your right hand - this is why in anything where you stand sideways left foot forward is regular - including skateboarding
The only reason people would become left handed, or goofy footed, (goofy footed is named so because of the Disney character riding in this stance on a skateboard on an early disney cartoon) is if they descended from peaceful people that wouldn't fight, THEREFORE it could be assumed goofy skaters are more inclined to do more tech stuff that requires less guts, and regular people are more gnarly, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, Geoff Rowley, Danny way - All regular, I really thought I was on to something, then I remembered John Cardiel.

Friday, 27 March 2009

New Stuff

We have just got a whole bunch of Bullet decks which are only £30 (they are meant to be £35 but we're nice!) and some bullet wheels, which are cored and only £19.99. We also got a few Flip decks, they'll be online tomorrow.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Enjoi!

The first of our new spring stuff has arrived, new tees and hoods from Enjoi, as well as a couple of cool blind tees too, they are uploading onto the site right now, go and have a click on the Enjoi logo on the front page to see all we have from the Enjoi camp.

The half price sale is ending very soon this will be the last weekend, and we are getting pretty low on a lot of sizes (thats the idea!) all the new season stuff will be in soon so pick up one of the bargains while you still can! we should have new Duffs tomorrow including the highly anticipated Louie shoe!

Matt and Ranny who are regular Reskue lurkers are playing a gig at Hamptons tonight with their band DRAWINGS, so if you're about come check them out! Then Secret Wars is back at Soul Cellar - so not only do I sell you skateboards but I can plan your evening out too! Its all part of the service at Reskue.

Guy Mariano Epicly Later'd part 3


Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Here is what I think is the last footage from the mini ramp comp, more footage of Greg absolutely killing it!

More Skateboarding >>

If you want to enter the Something for the Weekend comp GET YOUR GROUPS IN!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Last years became pretty legendary quite quick and I have people asking if we are going to do another one every week, so here it is!
All the info is on our MYSPACE - now get your groups in!
Basically if you skate, or have retired and are thinking about staging a come back, then do it! The more people that enter the comp the better, as we can then show the council that there is a need for decent skate facilities in Southampton.

Wangl Tangl warm ups part 2

Here is the second load of footage with a heavy Greg presence as well as mr Marc Churchill with a stupidly casual ollie up to smith.

More Skateboarding >>

Don't forget the Reskue vid will be out soon with full sections from both Marc and Greg.
Check back later today for an announcement about this years Something For The Weekend.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Fruity Euros don't like the UK!

Thats the only reason I can think that they weren't on the vid I posted yesterday, they were clearly killing it! Look out for Andy Scott literally bouncing off his hip!

More Skateboarding >>

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Marty Murawski

This kid has been coming up for ages now, and this video has some sick skating and is pretty funny too, bonus!

Wangl Tangl

I said i'd link some of the footage from the Mini Ramp comp in Austria that Marc and Greg have gone to, so here you go, unfortunately they aren't in it! i'm sure there will be a Sidewalk edit with the chaps in soon though.
There is some snowboardy stuff at the beginning too, if you don't know what snowboarding is its like skateboarding but for rich white mummies boys who don't want to go to uni.

More from Wangl Tangl on Mpora TV >>

The Berrics

Clearly after BATB The Berrics are trying to keep traffic up at the site, and THIS BATTLE between Koston and Donovan Strain is something we clearly all wanted to see, and it is amazing, but I dunno about the ending, some of the tricks would be ridiculous to see anyway, but first go in a game of skate is just stupid. I was rooting for Donovan by the way.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Gregs Favourites

Reskue rider Greg Nowik has a mini interview over on the Sidewalk site, it includes a little video of him tramming it up at a Globe contest too.
Greg has been over in Austria with Marc and they will have some footage up the site soon, after Greg oks his video part for the Reskue vid that'll be out as well!
there is meant to be a match of Donovan vs Koston going up on the Berrics too, could be epic, could suck.

Friday, 20 March 2009

New Decks

We have had a bunch of new decks today, including a couple of brand spanking new Plan B boards and restock of all the Harmony Harmonious series. All online now.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Workshop and Santa Cruz decks

We have had a few new Alien Workshop decks to coincide with the success of Mindfield.
As well as some sale Bullet decks that are going out at £30.

We also have the Santa Cruz sale decks online now too. check the site for them.

Big in the game!

The first tour of the summer has been announced and boy is it a banger! Check out this poster and get excited! If there is loads of interest in this we may try and organise a mini bus or something, Etnies have built up a really strong team in the past few years, and Sheckles will bring out the crowds, it should be sick and its on my birthday too, so I might take my thirteenth day off in two years to go!
Click the pic to go bigger dumbass.
If you are to retarded to read then Bay 66 demo is on May 30th - thats the closest one to us and i'm pretty sure the rail will be annihilated!

New Brands!

With spring coming we are looking forward to getting new clothing from Cliche, Elwood, Diamond, Rebel8, Independent and Insight.

But looking forward to fall (or "Autumn" as its called in England!)we will be having a few new brands here at Reskue it will come round quickly so thought we'd give you a heads up now, first of all Fallen, everyone knows about Fallen after the recent video and i'm sure they will be popular as they are one of the only skater owned companies left and all the shoes are actually designed for skateboarding! Jamie Thomas is a legend and i'm definately gonna be rocking some Fallens when they arrive, which will be around August.

Also around that time we are gonna be stocking Famous some die hard skaters haven't been that into Famous as they always had good designs, clearly inspired by skate culture but didn't have a skate team, but in the last 3 years Felix Arguelles has been in charge of the skate team and they have picked up Jereme Rogers, Luis Tolentino and Darren Harper and ams Manny Santiago and Aquil Braithwait. I saw Felix at a petrol station in New York once and gave him a nod which makes us bezzy mates so i'm happy to be stocking Famous.

As well as this we are picking up two smaller brands: The Wild Ones and Expensive Taste, Wild Ones have a lot of designs by Maxx242 who is fast becoming one of my favourite artists, his style is clearly recognisable and he has done work for Osiris and Real on a few occasions already, he updates the blog over at Wild Ones almost daily but also has his own blog. He collects Star Wars figures so that might sway it slightly for me.
Expensive Taste is pretty focussed on Hip Hop and street art and from the same camp as Famous/The Wild Ones and Rogue Status.

We also had a new delivery of Belton Paint yesterday so there is currently a choice of 24 colours, at £4.50 a can, so you can get creative on your board, walls (legally of course) or stencil something up.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Internet is scaring me.

I had no idea how many people were reading this blog, I know how many people look at the actual site but I wasn't too fussed about the blog as it was just kinda for local skaters to get them a bit more psyched on the shop and the Southampton scene.
HOWEVER I put a stat counter in the other day and its kinda scary, I now know that someone at the Starbucks in Seattle looked at the blog for a half hour the other evening, that someone in Missouri has been checking it out (hello to you), and basically people all over the world are checking up on Reskue! - Someone from Portland has even been checking on the story I posted about the skaters getting beat up.
I feel like I have a little more responsibility to make it good now!

I can tell you that I started editing together Greg Nowiks section for the Reskue vid, and knowing he had a whole bunch of footage chose a 7 minute song, I started editing and turned around after what felt like a little while, pretty pleased with his section, and it was four in the morning! the song is completely full, and he still has enough footage for another section! So you can expect a whole extra section from Greg, making one main section and two bonus sections! I don't even want to call them offcuts because the standard of some of the stuff he's doing is ridiculous, all the stuff we used to see on mini ramps taken to massive bowls and pools in America and Australia, I might even be able to muster a whole section of street stuff!

A few people have asked me about the Adventures of Joe Paget too, there will be more, I have two ready to go which I will hopefully have up in the next few days, with summer approaching hopefully they will be slightly more regular, as there is only so much you can film in a car park! Here is the first one as a little reminder.

I guess i should give you a link to something interesting too: Guy Mariano Epicly Later'd?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Davis Torgerson

I dunno if I posted anything about this before, me and Paget (and Rob Crawford but he is rooted firmly in Winch) seem to be the only ones that notice ridiculously good ams coming up, Davis is actually ridiculous, his ender on this video part is an NBD of the highest calibre, and it is just confirming what I have been saying, the Real vid will be amazing. Check out DLXSF for the Manifest from Real, which is interviews and photos from the entire team and gives a bit of insight to the skaters themselves, because they are actually people, and not video game characters!

And if you have seen a video on the web of someone you think me or Joe Paget haven't seen then e mail the link to Andy@Reskue.co.uk - no freestyle or fat dudes hurting themselves though please!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Real-ly good!

Another cheesy title to introduce you to the Real team at the Berrics, I don't know whether its worth posting Berrics stuff as they are the most popular skate site in the world, and you probably check it anyway, but enjoy!

This sucks!

A couple of things have happened recently that have really sucked, first of all the eS team were shot at down in South America and got a bunch of camera equipment stolen, read about that HERE.

Then recently a couple of skaters from the Burnside area got beat up pretty bad the other day, Taylor Appelo, whos brother Devin rides for Creature, had his jaw broken in three places by four guys, and as there isn't free medical in the states and he didn't have insurance he has been left with a bunch of medical bills. Getting money out of skaters isn't the easiest thing ever, but a fund has been set up to help pay, i'll post a link up when I know more and maybe by donating some cash some good karma will come your way. Read more about it HERE and watch the news report HERE.

Unfortunately as skaters we spend a lot more time out on the streets than most people, so the likelihood of something bad happening once in a while is upped a bit, keep your wits about you and look out for each other, and try and ignore facts like this which I stole from Wikipedia

"According to government figures Southampton has a higher crime rate than the national average. In the violence against the person category, the national average is 16.7 per 1000 population while Southampton is 39.4 per 1000 population and in the theft from a vehicle category, the national average is 7.6 per 1000 compared to Southampton's 26.4 per 1000. Overall, for every 1,000 people in the city, 182 crimes are recorded. In August 2008, a Home Office crime report showed that Southampton is the 3rd most dangerous city in the UK. The city has a growing knife and gun culture, Gang activity is also becoming more significant in Southampton; Narcotics in Southampton are a big problem with higher marijuana, heroin and ecstacy consumers then anywhere else in the South East and South Coast of England according to Home office statistics."

Fun Times!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dekline Site...

...Is now live CHECK IT. We should have the spring Deklines very soon.

Spare a thought for Reskue friend Ranny, who sprained his ankle pretty bad last night doing a fakie bigspin flip down the big two at Kings, stick to the trannys Dave!

I'm pretty stoked it seems like spring is finally arriving, and a lot of people are coming out of winter retirement and getting back into skating, including OG Reskue rider Ben Moss, who is skating again after a year long hiatus, skating is definately better than World Of Warcraft!

Hampshire gets a mention!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Luis Tolentino

He definately has some pop, and his trick bag surprises me sometimes, but i'm not entirely convinced by his style, what do you think?

Daewon and Workshop.

This is another level really, tricks that are stupidly good anyway, done in socks!

Also we should have some sale City and Santa Cruz decks in today, restock on the ever popular Harmony, Karma and Motive decks AND the Alien Workshop video Mindfield.

You may have noticed I haven't said much about the Workshop vid, mainly because the post I would normally make saying "buy this vid its amazing" didn't even get a chance to go up, we sold out of our first load in 3 hours!

The video is amazing though, Jason Dill has some sick stuff, Jake Johnson is definately a new favourite of mine, Heaths bangers are ridiculous, AVE absolutely kills hit with his switch/gnar crossover steez - basically you need to buy it!
The DVD costs £20, but this isn't shops cashing in, we don't make much money on it at all and you get a 60 page book included in the price.
Less and less people are buying skate DVDs as you can watch them on youtube or whatever, but this doesn't support the companies and will just keep pushing the prices up as less and less copies get made it will be more and more expensive, so show some support for the companies that are pushing the boundaries of skating.
2 of the Reskue team riders, who would normally get a rider discount, paid full price for the vid because they know how good it is and want to support both the shop and Alien Workshop, and I was pretty stoked with how many people got the Fallen vid, it showed me there was some honest skaters out there, so do skateboarding a favour and buy yourself a legitimate copy!

Oh and one other thing for the people that keep asking abouth the Reskue vid, I am half way through finishing Gregs footage, he ended up giving me 15hrs of tapes, and there is some seriously good stuff on there so editing it down is no easy task! The Reskue vid will only be £6 so you have no excuse not to get it!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Stepping it up

Just a couple of days after I say that the games of SKATE are getting a bit stale here come Louie Lopez and Kevin Romar with a game down a set of stairs, Louies pop shuv and Kevins switch 360 were the sickest tricks I think. Maybe they have read the blog and decided to step it up a bit, or maybe not. Either way Louie is sick and i'll say it again if you haven't read this by now: THE FLIP VIDEO IS GONNA BE AMAZING!

If you need more proof of how amazing the FLIP team are check out Luans winning run from Tampa am, some of those tricks i have never seen anyone do, and he does them in a run, at a contest, ridiculous! So imagine what he can do with a bit of time!

I can imagine when he messed up the Hardflip, thinking "Darn, I might as well do a switch bigspin heel revert, oh I did it, might as well do a nollie bigspin heel revert too, this ledge is on the way back to it tho, so might as well do a nollie nosegrind." Obviously he didn't but the ability is just stupid.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


If you can handle the adverts then check out this vid of offcuts from the recent Harmony video, which we have for just £5.99.
There is some rad stuff in there.

More Skateboarding >>


Games of skate seem to be the hot topic around these days, and one guy had taken the stats from BATB and achieved ultra geek status.
To be honest if I had an office job its the kinda thing I would do when I was bored, its pretty interesting to see just how good Mike Mo was, and just how bad Rob Dyrdek is, if only all the Rogue Status heads had seen their leader!
Interestingly here is a quote from Rudy Johnson "History repeats itself. We're at a freestyle contest...and loving it." and its pretty true, remember there is more to skating than flatground! I have loads of kids saying their mates only want to skate flat now, which is pretty sad, lets not make it into the eighties again!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Van Wastell

If you know about Van then you know, its not worth saying anything else, he was rad.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Junior Spesh

I think i might have posted this before, but I just watched it again and its amazing.


I'm guessing a lot of people have seen this already, people always complain about skateboarding being used by mainstream companies, but they got Ty Evans (he made Fully Flared) to make this, and if a kid sees it and thinks "I might try skateboarding, it looks sweet!" then I think thats a good thing!

Oh and at the moment ALL clothing is HALF PRICE! - EVERYTHING! So come in and get a bargain while you can!
There is another Secret Wars event at Orange Rooms tonight too, so if you fancy heading to that i'll see you there!

Monday, 2 March 2009


I always say I don't need to tell you to look at the Berrics, but go and look at it NOW! The two semi finals of BATB are ridiculous! I don't wanna ruin it for anyone that hasn't seen it but the final is going to be amazing.


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