Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Brands!

With spring coming we are looking forward to getting new clothing from Cliche, Elwood, Diamond, Rebel8, Independent and Insight.

But looking forward to fall (or "Autumn" as its called in England!)we will be having a few new brands here at Reskue it will come round quickly so thought we'd give you a heads up now, first of all Fallen, everyone knows about Fallen after the recent video and i'm sure they will be popular as they are one of the only skater owned companies left and all the shoes are actually designed for skateboarding! Jamie Thomas is a legend and i'm definately gonna be rocking some Fallens when they arrive, which will be around August.

Also around that time we are gonna be stocking Famous some die hard skaters haven't been that into Famous as they always had good designs, clearly inspired by skate culture but didn't have a skate team, but in the last 3 years Felix Arguelles has been in charge of the skate team and they have picked up Jereme Rogers, Luis Tolentino and Darren Harper and ams Manny Santiago and Aquil Braithwait. I saw Felix at a petrol station in New York once and gave him a nod which makes us bezzy mates so i'm happy to be stocking Famous.

As well as this we are picking up two smaller brands: The Wild Ones and Expensive Taste, Wild Ones have a lot of designs by Maxx242 who is fast becoming one of my favourite artists, his style is clearly recognisable and he has done work for Osiris and Real on a few occasions already, he updates the blog over at Wild Ones almost daily but also has his own blog. He collects Star Wars figures so that might sway it slightly for me.
Expensive Taste is pretty focussed on Hip Hop and street art and from the same camp as Famous/The Wild Ones and Rogue Status.

We also had a new delivery of Belton Paint yesterday so there is currently a choice of 24 colours, at £4.50 a can, so you can get creative on your board, walls (legally of course) or stencil something up.

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