Saturday, 28 March 2009

Goofy vs Regular

I have just been reminded of this footage so thought i'd post it up, there is some stupidly good stuff in there, the 180 switch krook revert is bangin!

The next bit is pretty geeky so back out now if you are not a geek!

I came up with a theory once about regular skaters being inherently more gnarly than goofy ones and this is why:

Your right hand is the natural hand for holding stuff because years ago, when all people seemed to do was fight and just wanted to conquer the world, you would hold a shield over your heart with your left hand and hold a sword in your right, generation after generation did the same thing all over the world until it became natural that your right hand was your "main" hand.
So in holding a sword and shield the stance adopted would be your left foot forward, so that your shield is the first point of contact, you would then engage your opponent with your right hand - this is why in anything where you stand sideways left foot forward is regular - including skateboarding
The only reason people would become left handed, or goofy footed, (goofy footed is named so because of the Disney character riding in this stance on a skateboard on an early disney cartoon) is if they descended from peaceful people that wouldn't fight, THEREFORE it could be assumed goofy skaters are more inclined to do more tech stuff that requires less guts, and regular people are more gnarly, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, Geoff Rowley, Danny way - All regular, I really thought I was on to something, then I remembered John Cardiel.

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