Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Internet is scaring me.

I had no idea how many people were reading this blog, I know how many people look at the actual site but I wasn't too fussed about the blog as it was just kinda for local skaters to get them a bit more psyched on the shop and the Southampton scene.
HOWEVER I put a stat counter in the other day and its kinda scary, I now know that someone at the Starbucks in Seattle looked at the blog for a half hour the other evening, that someone in Missouri has been checking it out (hello to you), and basically people all over the world are checking up on Reskue! - Someone from Portland has even been checking on the story I posted about the skaters getting beat up.
I feel like I have a little more responsibility to make it good now!

I can tell you that I started editing together Greg Nowiks section for the Reskue vid, and knowing he had a whole bunch of footage chose a 7 minute song, I started editing and turned around after what felt like a little while, pretty pleased with his section, and it was four in the morning! the song is completely full, and he still has enough footage for another section! So you can expect a whole extra section from Greg, making one main section and two bonus sections! I don't even want to call them offcuts because the standard of some of the stuff he's doing is ridiculous, all the stuff we used to see on mini ramps taken to massive bowls and pools in America and Australia, I might even be able to muster a whole section of street stuff!

A few people have asked me about the Adventures of Joe Paget too, there will be more, I have two ready to go which I will hopefully have up in the next few days, with summer approaching hopefully they will be slightly more regular, as there is only so much you can film in a car park! Here is the first one as a little reminder.

I guess i should give you a link to something interesting too: Guy Mariano Epicly Later'd?

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