Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ispo Mini Ramp Comp

Greg and Marc have just come back from the Volcom Comp and as usual the skating is rad, check out Andy Scotts rather impressive fs ollie to sit down!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


For this springs Crossroads Jamie Thomas took it to San Diego and put on a rad contest as well, here is the skating that went down:
Darren Tate wants me to point out the irony of Jaws skating a shark.

Simpel Sessions finals day mega blog!

Sorry it has taken till today to get this up, we were all pretty much beyond tired yesterday! The finals day at Simpel was ridiculous and its all pretty blurred but i'll try and give you a good run down:
All the euros really came up at this comp, Nike SBs Tim Zom was killing it, Maxim Habenec who is on Adidas had the nicest tres of the contest and Eniz Fazliov who is on Alien Workshop cruised like only a Workshop rider could, like a euro Dylan Rieder nosegrinding copingless quarters! Biggest come up was definitely Adrien Bulard however, who hardly practised at all and pretty much lands everything! He qualified in the top three so didn't have to enter the semi finals and went straight to the finals. Kris Vile strolled onto the course holding a danish pastry twenty minutes after he was meant to skate, they let him take his run at the end and he just cruised through all his tricks landing everything, Vile is seriously good at skateboarding!
Here is Hold Tight Henrys footage from the Semis:

The finals were kinda strange, the runs were really short and basically if you messed up a trick it seemed there wasn't much time to recover, and most people seemed to mess up a trick or two, it turned out that each person had two runs however and Adrien Bulards second run was nothing short of amazing, he landed everything, including a tre down the stairs, the most hustled 360 shove over the driveway, a nollie heel over the driveway and a nollie front foot flip over the hip, all in one run! Americans seem to be hating on his Hustled foot on tres and shoves but they used to hate on Tom Pennys steez before he showed them all whats up, Adrien Bulard is amazing plain and simple! Tony Panici was some dude I hadn't heard of but he was pretty sick, doing clearance to nosegrind down the apex rail, Maxim could have done really well but unfortunately messed up a few tricks including 270 over the hip which i'm sure he landed evey time in practise, anyway here is the footage of the finals:

After the finals it went pretty much straight into a best trick contest, Johnny Layton came on and tried to switch tre the stairs, while Bulard tried a few times for nollie late flips as Tim Zom flip front boarded the rail, feeble to back smithed the rail and flip back lipped it! Some dude was getting really close to nollie back heel and Grove made the signature shirt off backside flip which kept slipping away on the ice like floor.
Overall the contest was amazing and i'm really glad we all went even if none of us did very well, Joe and Darren were definitely inspired by some of the skating they saw and hopefully we'll get a bunch of rad footage as I know they are both pretty amped to get some stuff done.

Here is some other footage from freecaster:

3rd place Sami Mietinen, he had to skate AFTER Adriens flawless run, so was pretty pressured, still ripped though!

2nd place Tim Zom, This guy killed it too, seemed a bit moody but was happy enough after his runs!

1st place Adrien Bulard, the second run is an absolute pisstake!

Final and Best Trick highlights:

EDIT: Here is another video from Hold Tight Henry of some extra footage and the best trick, this is probably the best footage of the comp, Eniz Fazliov absolutely kills it, the clearance backnoseblunt is ridiculous!

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Here are a bunch of photos from my blog cam:

Just before we left.

We had to wait for 6 hrs for the plane.

Sleep deprived Tate mode

Tallin is Nice!

The contest seemed like a pretty big deal out there.
Paget liked the snow!
So did Tate mode
Snowball fights were pretty inevitable!
And Paget gets inevitably owned!
But so did Tate Mode!
Here is when we first arrived at the stadium.
the course wasn't properly finished yet!
Paget looking excited to get a skate in.
we all had to stand on this green screen thing for a video intro.
A view from the riders area.
I didn't really want this extra elbow
Or to burn loads of skin off on the floor
Darren Tate is metal before breakfast
Here is the camera section
Some dude, sick frontside 270 kickflip.
Hugo Liard, Ben Grove and Chris Astrom
Fabien Verhague checking out Tate Modes ass
A Tailslide on the ledge, look at the dude stood nearby and you'll notice its thigh high!
Tate mode decided to learn bs 270 flips!
Some dude front board on the rail.
Ben Grove backside flip.
Pfanner warming up
Our little crew.
Sheckler chilling, he doesn't like gherkins in his Mcdonalds.
Adrien Bulard.
You would think this photo was pretty whack, until I tell you this is a catch of a nollie front foot flip.
The Stadium.
The Crew.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Simpel Sessions day 2, or 1 or something.

So at the end of the blog yesterday we were heading back to have a session with the Vans Europe team, it was rad seeing Pfanner, Wainwright and Vile skating, along with Madders Apse who is sick and Phil Zwijsen who did nollie nosebluntslides so so fast it looked awesome, I didn't even realise it but Hold Tight Henry was there and filmed a special Kingpin ten tricks:

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Pfanners Half Cab the wrong way over the rail was amazing!

When we got there today we were all pretty tired and Joe seemed pretty nervous about his run, being first he didn't know what level everyone would be, I don't know if thats good or bad, he landed a few tricks though, including a smith on the rainbow rail and a frontside 360 shuv over the hip.
I was up next, unfortunately about five minutes before the comp started I fell pretty hard doing a boardslide of all things! I had a big swellbow and managed to burn a load of skin off on the floor, I had to pick some skin off the inside of my tee shirt, and when Hugo liard started his run off doing a big mosher tail drop into the quarter I wasn't really feeling it, and after I failed at my first trick which I had been landing a few minutes before I was a bit gutted and I couldn't really be bothered.
Darren was the next person up and we had been joking for weeks that he should start his run off with a boneless, I think due to nerves the board managed to slip out of his hand and he bailed it, but I think this just relaxed him more and he ended up cruising a few tricks, the old back board down the big rail and a couple of fifty fifties.
After seeing the results for the skating the judging seemed a little sketchy, Joe only got 5 points more than me and I didn't land anything! Other people didn't land anything at all and managed to get 160+ points too, obviously based on their sponsors, and an Estonian kid landed one 5.0 and got 190 points! But its all just meant to be a bit of fun and none of us expected to qualify anyway.
The general standard was pretty low at this point and I think it boosted Adams confidence, he started his run with a solid hardflip over the hip, stomping a 360 flip tailgrab over the driveway and sticking in a few tranny tricks too.
That was it for our crew, all the rad skaters seemed to come after us, Kris Vile had a pretty sick run including a switch bigspin down the big euro gap, a bs 360 kickflip over the hip and a bluntslide down the hubba. One of my favourite new skaters Chris Pfanner landed everything for the first two minutes of his run, including a smith down the rail a backside ollie down the stairs and a flip melon over the driveway, other notables included Adrien Bulard who did a ridiculously steezy tre flip down the stairs first try, and Eero Antilla who landed a whole bunch of stuff and Fabian Verhaugue who cruised through back smiths, back lips and clearence feebles on the big driveway. Also props to Ben Grove who puked up halfway through his run and still carried on skating and frontboarded the big rail, it kinda sucked that Tom Penny and Sheckler both didn't skate even though they were there, maybe they will skate tomorrow, J lay kept saying he was hungover but still managed to switch tre up the euro easy as pie.
Hold Tight Henry also already has an edit out of the first day:

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There was a hell of a lot of bailing in the qualifiers, but looking at this edit there was a hell of a lot of rad skating happening too, and i'm looking forward to tomorrow now, thats if I can still stand up properly for a whole day! I have just come back from watching all the BMX too which was all ridiculous, it was really obvious that the course was just made for them really.
Ranny got a whole bunch of sick photos today and hopefully there should be a whole bunch more tomorrow, I have load of photos for the blog too, which I might try and upload tomorrow, but to be honest I hate laptops, everything takes forever!
Thats it for now.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Simpel Sessions day one!

We left for Tallin on Wednesday at 10pm, meaning we had to hang around in the airport for ages waiting for our flight which left at 7.45am, we arrived in Tallin at 12.30 local time and with no skating on the thursday and having all been awake for 24 hrs+ we were pretty tired, seeing Tom Penny picking up his luggage is pretty surreal! We tried to go swimming but weren't allowed with shorts, we had to have speedos! So we went bowling, seeing Joe Paget bowl is pretty much the best thing ever!
With the time difference we got up pretty early today for the first practice day, when we arrived they were still sweeping all the wood dust off the course, as the ramps had only been finished hours earlier! This meant the whole course was really really slidy! You can't even get a solid push without slipping and everyone was really struggling, not to land things but to rise away! The whole course is pretty huge, way bigger than it looks! Adam Keys who was in the second practise session had to watch us skate until his sesion and mentioned it looked pretty small, but after he skated it he agreed it was all huge! So bear this in mind when you are watching the comp! Jart pro Eero Antila was in our practise and was killing it, kickflipping the double flight with ease (which is huge!) Johnny Layton did the best frontside bluntslide I have ever seen clearing about six foot on the pop out, some euro on Adidas was ridiculous, nollie nosesliding the waist high ledge and back smithing it every go, Darren managed to learn backside 360 flips turning with it over the hip and me and Paget were just roling about finding our feet with our tramline tricks, heel shoves and k grinds then Paget tried a Frontside Bluntslide on the ledge, he fell off backwards which on a regular block would have meant him falling on his ass, but its almost waist high so he fell back on his head, I think this freaked him out a bit but we are going to go for another practise session in a minute and hopefully he'll be back on it, he still did a lazer flip over the hip and smithed the rail. When we finished our practise we watched Adam cruise for a bit doing tre flip talgrabs over the driveway and hardflip reverts up the euro gap which he would land every go if it wasn't so damn slippy!

The draw for our skating was up and there are 27 groups of 3, and only one person from the three qualifies, Joe is in the first group which is gonna be pretty nerve wracking but we didn't recognise any of the other people in his group so he could do ok, i'm in the forth group, and with Hugo Liard, who is pro on Antiz so qualifying is pretty unlikely! Darren is in a group with some unknowns and Adam Keys is in a group with Famous pro Kurtis Colomonico, you can watch it all live in the morning, I have a whole bunch of photos and Ranny is with us getting photos for Sidewalk so you'll see a load when we get back, we are going for a practise session with the Vans europe team now, Wainwright, Chris Pfanner, Kris Vile and Flo Marfaing who didn't make it in time for the morning practise, hopefully we'll get some rad photos and i'm excited just to see some of my favourite skaters shredding up close, the handrail is pretty much a full size handrail so anything down it is good, not many people really skated it today and it does show that it is more of a BMX course but hopefully we'll get some stuff!

Thats it for now!


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