Sunday, 31 August 2008

Thrasher comp

This is getting stupid, Thrasher held a comp for a very short time at a famous 16 stair spot with huge amounts of money up for grabs THIS is some of what went down. There is more coming soon too! The Backside 360 is so good! Leave us some comments with what you think.

Saturday, 30 August 2008


We used to have quite a few Crimson decks, they were really good quality and at a good price too, but Kris Markovich who was supposed to be part owner of the company left and took most of the team.
we only want to sell brands that support skateboarding so a company without a team is a no no for us, but they have turned up with a whole new roster of guys and they are sick too, we may get more Crimson decks in the future but in the mean time enjoy the new riders!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Factory tour

Here is another look at a skateboard factory, specifically Dwindle, I always try and explain this to kids but not many boards are made as well as these. 5Boro and Jart are individually pressed too. And that is why pro boards are more than the cheaper 30 quiders.

Wainwright and Grove

More Skateboarding Videos >>

A bit of footage of them both in Bristol.

Far East Network video

This clip has been floating around internet land for a few weeks now but if you haven't seen it here you go, apparantly this guy doesn't use grip tape but glues material on his deck instead!

New British stuff

We have had a load of new decksand wheels from Death, Heroin and Landscape including restosck of the Richie Jackson model.
We also got the classic Ricky Oyola deck too.

Epicly Later'd Competition

If you don't know what Epicly Later'd is then you don't read the blog enough, it is basically a kinda TV show with episodes on different skaters, finding out about there lives and such, but not your everyday rockstar skaters so no Bam or Sheckler, actual good skaters like Jerry Hsu, Steve Rodriguez, Andrew Reynolds.
They recently did a whole bunch of episodes on one of my favourite skaters, John Cardiel, and it pretty much turned into a full length documentary. Thanks to Vans we have three copies to give away, and you do want one!

All you have to do to win one is e mail me a good picture of the man himself to

I'll e mail you back if you are one of the three and you can pick it up next time you are in.

Get on it!

Fleet Jam

So there haven't been many posts in a while so here is a link to Alex Nevills edit of the recent jam at Shots in Fleet.
To find out more about what Shots is click HERE.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Manny Mania

Here is this years Red Bull Manny Mania in NYC, hate to big myself up too much but if you are a regular blog reader you'll remember me saying this event would be popular a while ago. here is what people have been saying about it.
Oh and we have been saying how good Willow is and he popped up on the cover of Sidewalk this month.
So knowing that unlike any other shop in town we might actually have our finger on the pulse of what is going on in skateboarding bear in mind that the Flip and Alien Workshop videos ARE going to be amazing, start saving kids, watching it crappy on youtube doesn't give you the same affect and isn't helping the companies who made em.
If you wanna rock boards from those companies we just got these too.

We also have Dave Bachinskys first pro model.

Friday, 22 August 2008


We try and cater to all types of skaters here at Reskue but it could be said my roots are more hesh than fresh so i was stoked to read a review of the new Fallen vid "Ride the Sky" which said this in: "This XX minutes of film will give faith to the hesh-skaters that skateboarding hasnt fallen exclusively to the new-era hat wearing, Xgames aspiring, MTV show having fad the current generation seem happy to let our culture die in. Skatings back - it's dirty, it bleeds, but if the Fallen can get up and Ride the Sky, skating is alive and kicking in 2008."
Read the full review HERE

80'S Bro!!!

Quiksilver put on an 80's comp recently, and this little edit is made to look like it is actually from the 80's, its pretty fun stuff.

As well as this we have had LOADS of new stuff in, Boards from Flip, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Black Label, Krooked, Real, Anti Hero and the first board from Dave Bachinsky which comes with the "what the f'#k is a Bachinsky DVD, all of which will be online tomorrow, We also have wheels from Hubba and Spitfire, Bearings and trucks are all well restocked too, including the new Haslam Indy stage 10s and they are online now!
We also have a load of new Jart boards still at just £35 in a whole range of sizes and some Jart wheels which are only 20 squid and pro models from Bastien and Danny Gonzalez.

AND we have a load of new Habitat and Workshop clothing which will be online tomorrow and some EXTREMELY ltd Krooked jackets and tees which are online now but have already been going before I managed to post a blog so be quick if they take your fancy!
If you are thinking of getting anything new this weekend is definately the time, we also have a load of the latest Strange Notes DVDs too, which you get free with a deck or wheels.
So to recap we have over 70 decks in stock, loads of new wheels and trucks and some ltd edition clothing, all with free dvd's why would you go anywhere else?

Monday, 18 August 2008

Skate and Create

Here is a comp in which teams had nine days to make and film stuff, click to find out more.

Crossfire Meanwhile Jam

Here is a link to the recent jam at the newly redone Meanwhile gap.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Zoo York

Here is some footage of the Zoo York team at Bay66

More Skateboarding Videos >>

Andrew Reynolds

We have been talking a bit about Reynolds recently because of the Deathwish/Baker video, here is a vid with only one trick, but its a damn good trick!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Gnarly Photos!

Here are a couple of ridiculous photos that have been floating around skateboard land recently.

Heath Kirchart with an absolutely ridiculous kickflip over a road!

Geoff Rowley with a frontside Flip over a rather high/large gap.
Heath will have a full part in the Alien Workshop video due out soon, and Geoff will have a full part in the new Flip video which is bound to be amazing.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Skate and Create

Check out THIS video too, some really good stuff on there, new Daewon footage is always rad.

Nose Manny!

Check out THIS guy who is on Cliche flow doing a rather ridiculous nose manny!
Oh and we got a load of new Enjoi, Blind and Almost stuff today too, it'll be online tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Etnies Barca video

Here is a video of the Etnies team in Barcelona and it is pretty much full length, you are pretty lucky these days to get full length videos for free! Skaters used to be really excited when a new video came out and they were always about £20!

Monday, 11 August 2008

3 FOR 2!!

If you hadn't seen already there is now 3 for 2 on all clothing online!!!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

I don't do myself any favours!

I keep posting up links that have nothing to really do with the shop, for companies you can't even get in the country, but its all skateboarding so its all good! Here is the Turf video, Mike Yorks newish company, if they become available we'd probably do em, but in the mean time remember we are Southamptons exclusive stockists of: Deathwish, $lave, Listen! HiFi, Momentum and 5Boro in the hardware dept, as well as Diamond, Rebel8, Altamont, Insight, Nomis, Official, Brixton and NikeSB in the clothing and footwear and if you haven't been in the shop for a while you might not have seen we now stock Enjoi, Almost, Darkstar, Blind and Tensor now too! Look on the Website!

TURF's Up ( from TGC Productions on Vimeo.

Friday, 8 August 2008


I might have posted THIS interview with Steve Rodriguez from 5Boro before, but i guess some kids might still not know how good this company is, here is what he says about their boards:"This is usually an "industry secret" and I've always been told to be vague but our boards are made in the USA (Alabama specifically) of Canadian Hard Rock Maple - our woodshop takes great pride in the manufacture and screening of the boards and we prefer to spend a little more in the process by pressing the boards with the upmost quality and precision. This choice was rough because to spend this much time on each board individually costs much more but we all know the feeling of how bummed we are when you set up a new board only to break it when you know it should not have broke. I'm not saying that 5boro boards don't break but I am saying that the craftsmanship is second to none."

Darren Harper

The link to Brian Tucci skating the ledges in DC reminded me of this part from Darren Harper, look out for the SWITCH tailslide at the end on a waist high ledge! Pretty ridiculous!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Cliche footage

There is a bit of new footage of some of the Cliche team HERE.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Brian Tucci

It is fair to assume you younguns don't know who brian Tucci is, but you should, read this interview and check out the video.

Random french dudes

Trawling the net I found this:

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

X Games!

A lot of people hate on the X Games and this year they tried to scrap Vert for a new "Superpark" vert skaters kicked off and threatened a boycott so they kept both!
Here is Rune Glifberg winning the Superpark padless!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Lord Of The Lines

Here is another vid of the Matix contest, some rad stuff but nobody used the inside out ledge!?

Watch more Matix movies >>

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Place Mag

There is a hefty amount of footage over at this site for a German skate mag.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


The ledges at the library in town are skateable again and some kids went to check them out the other day, and classically came back saying they were kicked out.
Just remember to go to spots after they have closed, be friendly and courteous when you are kicked out of spots, being an idiot just gives skateboarding a bad name and you can always get a bit of a skate.
I'm gonna post up a few classic spots now and again on here because I keep hearing you guys complaining about a lack of spots.
Most security in town is ok really and there are probably a lot more spots than you realise, just be glad you don't live in New York:

Stuff and stuff

We have had some new stuff in, the Deathwish DVD! Its fifteen bucks so kinda pricy but you know Baker/Deathwish DVD's are instant classics, it is only available for a limited time too so pick one up! (or watch it on you tube in crappy quality not knowing what half the tricks are)
We also have the Landscape Joleon Pressey aka Joey Crack wheels in, and if I haven't said it enough already he was originally from New Milton along with Benny Fairfax, so represent the New Forest and pick em up!
Also the X Games was on the other night and you could watch it live on the web, after Jake Browns little mishap last year all eyes were on the mega ramp, and it was Danny Way that nearly killed himself this year, oof!

If you are feeling more raw street than extreme then you should check out the new TRAFFIC PROMO, I personally really like Traffic as a company, all the riders are sick and all the footage makes you want to go skating straight away. So click the link, scroll down two inches, press play and get inspired!
Hopefully we might see some Traffic boards on these shores again soon!


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