Friday, 22 August 2008

80'S Bro!!!

Quiksilver put on an 80's comp recently, and this little edit is made to look like it is actually from the 80's, its pretty fun stuff.

As well as this we have had LOADS of new stuff in, Boards from Flip, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Black Label, Krooked, Real, Anti Hero and the first board from Dave Bachinsky which comes with the "what the f'#k is a Bachinsky DVD, all of which will be online tomorrow, We also have wheels from Hubba and Spitfire, Bearings and trucks are all well restocked too, including the new Haslam Indy stage 10s and they are online now!
We also have a load of new Jart boards still at just £35 in a whole range of sizes and some Jart wheels which are only 20 squid and pro models from Bastien and Danny Gonzalez.

AND we have a load of new Habitat and Workshop clothing which will be online tomorrow and some EXTREMELY ltd Krooked jackets and tees which are online now but have already been going before I managed to post a blog so be quick if they take your fancy!
If you are thinking of getting anything new this weekend is definately the time, we also have a load of the latest Strange Notes DVDs too, which you get free with a deck or wheels.
So to recap we have over 70 decks in stock, loads of new wheels and trucks and some ltd edition clothing, all with free dvd's why would you go anywhere else?

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