Saturday, 31 October 2009

You have Beastie Boys on player, they are phat!

Again the idea of daily updates seems to have gone bi weekly, but again its only because we are busy! This time with our Zoo York clothing, we haven't done Zoo before but have introduced it for winter with some sick tees, hoods, sweats, shirts and jackets, after the State Of Mind video showed us Zoo are still pretty on it we are stoked to have Zoo in Reskue, check them out from the front page of the site.

We have also been getting the tickets up and running, we have tickets for a whole bunch of shows but the fastest selling are tickets for Jehst on the 12th November @ Soul Cellar, so if you think you are gonna be coming down i'd get on it and get yourself a ticket!

The world of skateboarding is still pretty much blown away by the Flip video, there are pretty mixed reactions to a lot of it as more and more people are getting the vid but one thing that everyone agrees on is that the skating is AMAZING! Get informed over HERE

Another thing that people have been talking about is this padless drop in:

Alex Perelson at the Berrics, it is really hard to explain to people that don't skate or you guys that haven't been skating that long how gnarly this is "its only a drop in" a few kids have said, basically the commitment needed is like de-weighting yourself down a sheer vertical face, where if you messed it up you would basically pile into the floor, it is really hard to stay on your board because you are basically falling down the face of the ramp, that is why a lot of peoples feet fall off on vert drop ins, so if the idea of potentially throwing yourself onto the floor from the height of a bungalow is something you think is "easy" then I guess there is no helping you! If you are an avid Berrics fan then you will have seen on a recent text yoself that someone requested a drop in on the vert wall, and they said "no one is ever gonna do that!" the size of the transition is the hardest part its only a small tight ramp, that and the ten ft of vert!
Alex Perelson is stupidly good, anyone who does a 900 first ever try is sick in my book! But not only that, he isn't into the jock side of vert skating where you get sponsored by soup companies and whack stuff like that, he is a skaters skater and it shows because he is sponsored by real, probably the most legit skate company out there!
Here is some footage, his 540s are the floatiest things ever, apologies for the song, it is possibly the worst thing I have ever heard, i'm sure his Real part will have a slightly better tune!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Eco Warriors! Crawf on the come up!

Some pretty rad stuff has been happening lately, firstly we got some THTC clothing in today, THTC clothing is all made from Hemp, Organic cotton, or Bamboo, all the labels are printed on recycled paper and they use water based inks for the designs, so for those of you that are both style and eco conscious THTC is pretty sick!
They also hook up a whole bunch of good recording artists like: Rodney P, Phi Life Cypher, Foriegn Beggars, Jehst and Beardyman to name a few, basically most of the good UK Hip Hop and DnB artists are down for them so we thought we'd bring some to Southampton!

Then 6:57 maestro Rob Crawford, who has been cheekily taking some raw footage from DVDs and re-editing it into new sections, got noticed by the chaps over at Transworld and one of his vids got posted HERE, pretty bangin! Congratulations Rob! A few of you have been asking when the 6:57 vid is gonna be done, when I can't tell you! Its up to the Crawf! However I believe it is aiming for a December release.

Then thanks to Joe Paget we caught a glimpse of Cory Kennedys new Girl ad, this is pretty ridiculous!:

We had a little discussion about how long its gonna be until people start doing flip in to a grind/slide, flip mid trick back to grind/slide, then flip out, its coming! Tony Hawks combo style tricks in the flesh! I reckon Cory Kennedy could cause a few upsets in the Berrics game of skate!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Nike SB and Spray Paint!

I would hope you noticed the change on the front page and the bunch of Nikes that are in the "New Products" section, but if not then yeah we have some Nike SB!
However we also have some spray paint! We don't currently sell it online as you have to use a courier service as its an aerosol, but hopefully we will soon, in the mean time we have 36 colours of MTN 94 for £3.85 a can instore, pretty bangin!

Sunday, 25 October 2009


So I haven't posted anything since we put the Flip premier on, it was pretty short notice as Route One were gonna put one on in Orange Rooms, but it got cancelled and was apparently rescheduled and played in Soul Cellar. However I guess a lot of you really wanted to see it again as Goblets was packed with about 50 skaters eager to see what all the fuss was about.

Thanks everyone for coming out, it was a really good night and everyone seemed stoked on the video, it was rad that we got permission for under 18s too, from talking to people afterwards everyone seemed most psyched on Bob, Geoff, Lance and of course Shane Cross.
We have already sold out of the video but will have loads more copies in by Wednesday, we also have a whole bunch of Flip boards in at the moment too.

As well as the Flip stuff we have the new DGK Kalis pro model in two sizes, restock of Harmony decks, the first ever Justin Brock Real board and a Krooked Koston guest board, bangin!

We also have a whole bunch of Innes and Rebel8 clothing, both of which are sick companies, we should have it all online in the next day or two.

The spray paint customers will be pleased to hear we have a whole bunch of cans arriving in the next few days, along with Clothing and footwear from Vans, shoes from Nike SB and clothing from Zoo York! we are gonna be pretty busy getting this lot out so keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter to know as soon as the new stuff comes in, i'm guessing you all know Nike SBs are pretty limited so you need to get in quick!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


We are probably getting the DVDs tomorrow so if you are desperate for one then come in during the day! Can't wait to see peoples face when they see Bob Burnquists part!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sweet threads! Flip video!

We have been really busy at Reskue recently getting things just how we want them for you guys, after getting a load of bangin decks/wheels and trucks in we have been working on getting all the Reskue tees done, they look bangin and we have even switched things up a bit by getting the white tees printed with glow in the dark ink! So they look rad up in the clubs!
So to recap we got these awesome hippy tees:

Then we got the new Arch design on white (with glow in the dark!) and on black, then we got our classic star logo on green and black tees.
Tibs Jars design will be coming any day now on Purple and Green too!
The colourways were decided by our friends on Facebook, so if you want to have some say on what we have here in Reskue then search for us on Facebook and become a fan!

As well as getting all these Reskue tees we have been ordering in a bunch of stuff from Rebel8, Zoo york, Innes and Nike SB which should all be arriving in the next week!

And finally the Flip DVD which has been eagerly awaited for what feels like ages now is due in the next two days! If you definately want a copy then let us know and we can put one by for you, it is seriously one of the best DVDs you will ever see!
I know we kept saying we were gonna have a premier, but it looked like another shop beat us to it, however they were charging an entry fee and it was only for over eighteens, and it ended up getting cancelled! so it looks like ours is gonna be back on, it'll be free and you younguns will be able to go too! more news on that later today.

If you are feeling Flip then don't forget to have a look at all our Flip decks, as well as the new P2 decks which have a carbon fibre insert for extra strength we also have a load of Flip decks on sale for just £45, take a look HERE.

I guess you could do with some skateboarding to look at too, here you go, a bit of NY steez for ya'll:

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sale decks and Flip pre order.

(click to zoom in!)
We got a whole bunch of decks on sale at the moment, all were £54.99 and are now £30 - £45! Get in quick! They are all online now! We also got restock on Krooked, Creature and the Real Gamer Series decks which are bangin! The Flip video is also up for preorder now too so if you want to guarantee your copy then get an order in!

For a fix of skateboarding here is a bit of Josiah Gatlyn:

We will have a few Stereo decks in soon too! And Nike SBs, and Vans, and Lakais, and Zoo York clothing, and Harmony decks!

Monday, 12 October 2009

4 Star Tour

This video went up about half an hour ago, but we wanted to watch it and had to rewatch Rick Howards fakie feeble (NBD?).
Its pretty bangin though, and the good news is we should have some stuff from the Girl/ Chocolate/Lakai camp in the next week after a pretty long hiatus from Reskue!

Hope you guys have been ok with figuring out the blog has moved!

Sunday, 11 October 2009


A D.C. video (The place not the shoes)

Pretty sick!

6:57 hype time!

The video seems to be coming on really well, with almost all of them filling a part, Ranny has been getting some photos of the 6:57 crew on their travels and its looking dope! People are starting to take notice of just how good these guys are, and i'm stoked that Paggers, Curtis and Phil are all repping Southampton!
Here is the second trailer for the vid which is due to drop in December:

Saturday, 10 October 2009

New Stuff!

All the new stuff is now online, including a bunch of decks, trucks and wheels from Flip, Real, Krooked, Black Label, Spitfire and Hubba!
Have a ganders at this Elwood vid too, pretty sick!

Friday, 9 October 2009


Stock attack today! We got a whole bunch of new boards from the likes of Real, Anti Hero, Creature, Baker, Krooked and Bullet, and also the new Moonpop decks from Alien Workshop and the Flip P2 which both have a carbon fibre insert. We also got loads of new wheels from Spitfire and Hubba, a bunch of trucks, and the Black Label and Zoo York videos too! Phew! Also we have the new Strange Notes which you get free with any purchase and it has the David Gonzalez Flip ad on it!! Reskue is Bangin for this weekend!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Some Stuff

Here is a pretty rad video of Jake Johnson:
I also did a new tee design recently, based on the classic hardcore x first brought to you (arguably) by Suicidal Tendencies, probably the most famous skate punk band ever! Suicidal have been on a whole bunch of skate vids, not least this section:

We are hopefully gonna have it on a pocket tee too!

Patrick O'Dell, the maker of the Epicly Later'd series has made a music video of a band covering the song from Matt Hensleys Hokus Pokus part, and its rad! A bunch of awesome skaters dressed up like Matt doing some of his classic tricks, anyone over 25 will love it!

Here is the original version:

Hensleys part starts a few minutes in.
If you don't know who Matt Hensley is he rode for H Street and Plan B in the eighties and nineties and basically revolutionised street skating with a more working class eveyman approach just skating the streets, more recently Matt has been the Accordian player in Flogging Molly and basically he is a bit of a legend! He also started Innes clothing, which happens to be one of my favourite clothing companies (We should have some soon!).

Also a video went up recently of the bowl jam down at Eastliegh, nice one Geordie for putting it on, it looked like a rad day, and its especially good to see Jed back on board again! It is entirely possible that some of you guys don't even know who Jed is, he was sponsored by Globe and on a Real skateboards flow but has been injured for ages now, it looks like he is gonna be on the mend now tho and with blunt flip out on the cradle while he is still injured I can't wait to see what he is doing when he is back up to speed again!

More santa cruz Skateboarding >>

I also made ANOTHER Reskue tee design, which i'm pretty stoked on, we are gonna be getting them in Green as it was put to a vote and this has come out as the most popular colour, here is the design:

I need to post more often so there isn't so much stuff! But enjoy it all anyway!
We got some new Science boards yesterday, and we should have a bunch of Alien Workshop, Baker, Black Label, Creature, Real, and Anti Hero boards in the next few days!
Good times!

Saturday, 3 October 2009


I keep getting lazy and just posting stuff on the Reskue Facebook page instead of the blog, so here is a recap again!

Here is a rad little vid of Dan Plunkett skating a tiny mini, the triple blunt thing is rad! We were talking about how rad he was and it turns out he has just got on Skate Mental!
It was this Atlanta video that prompted the Dan Plunkett searching:

The scene there looks pretty sick!
Then I posted THIS video of Justin Brock, he is one of my favourite skaters at the moment and has just turned pro! We'll have his board very soon!
I have also been working on a few new reskue tee designs, the DMC tees have proved to be our most popular tees yet, and while they were gonna be limited to one run so many of you are still asking for them we are going to get another batch.

This tee was inspired by Suicidal Tendencies, the most popular of the eighties hardcore skatepunk bands, Suicidal songs have been used on a bunch of skate vids, most recently Emmanuel Guzmans part in the transworld vid. They had a style all of there own and its a presence that is still felt today, Vans recently did a collab with them. Maybe instead of listening to the crappy Electro bands that are popular now you should check these guys out and get some roots!

Here is a vid of Gilbert Crockett too, who has just found himself on Alien Workshop:


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