Sunday, 25 October 2009


So I haven't posted anything since we put the Flip premier on, it was pretty short notice as Route One were gonna put one on in Orange Rooms, but it got cancelled and was apparently rescheduled and played in Soul Cellar. However I guess a lot of you really wanted to see it again as Goblets was packed with about 50 skaters eager to see what all the fuss was about.

Thanks everyone for coming out, it was a really good night and everyone seemed stoked on the video, it was rad that we got permission for under 18s too, from talking to people afterwards everyone seemed most psyched on Bob, Geoff, Lance and of course Shane Cross.
We have already sold out of the video but will have loads more copies in by Wednesday, we also have a whole bunch of Flip boards in at the moment too.

As well as the Flip stuff we have the new DGK Kalis pro model in two sizes, restock of Harmony decks, the first ever Justin Brock Real board and a Krooked Koston guest board, bangin!

We also have a whole bunch of Innes and Rebel8 clothing, both of which are sick companies, we should have it all online in the next day or two.

The spray paint customers will be pleased to hear we have a whole bunch of cans arriving in the next few days, along with Clothing and footwear from Vans, shoes from Nike SB and clothing from Zoo York! we are gonna be pretty busy getting this lot out so keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter to know as soon as the new stuff comes in, i'm guessing you all know Nike SBs are pretty limited so you need to get in quick!

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