Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sweet threads! Flip video!

We have been really busy at Reskue recently getting things just how we want them for you guys, after getting a load of bangin decks/wheels and trucks in we have been working on getting all the Reskue tees done, they look bangin and we have even switched things up a bit by getting the white tees printed with glow in the dark ink! So they look rad up in the clubs!
So to recap we got these awesome hippy tees:

Then we got the new Arch design on white (with glow in the dark!) and on black, then we got our classic star logo on green and black tees.
Tibs Jars design will be coming any day now on Purple and Green too!
The colourways were decided by our friends on Facebook, so if you want to have some say on what we have here in Reskue then search for us on Facebook and become a fan!

As well as getting all these Reskue tees we have been ordering in a bunch of stuff from Rebel8, Zoo york, Innes and Nike SB which should all be arriving in the next week!

And finally the Flip DVD which has been eagerly awaited for what feels like ages now is due in the next two days! If you definately want a copy then let us know and we can put one by for you, it is seriously one of the best DVDs you will ever see!
I know we kept saying we were gonna have a premier, but it looked like another shop beat us to it, however they were charging an entry fee and it was only for over eighteens, and it ended up getting cancelled! so it looks like ours is gonna be back on, it'll be free and you younguns will be able to go too! more news on that later today.

If you are feeling Flip then don't forget to have a look at all our Flip decks, as well as the new P2 decks which have a carbon fibre insert for extra strength we also have a load of Flip decks on sale for just £45, take a look HERE.

I guess you could do with some skateboarding to look at too, here you go, a bit of NY steez for ya'll:

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