Friday, 31 July 2009

Josiah Gatlyn

Has been recruited over at the Berrics! The whole section is sick, but some people have been hating on his style on the forums, I think his Tres look sick personally, and must feel good when you do them!
Also there is a new Rat Signal from the guys at Slam City up, including DGK soldier Karim with a mega pop shuv over a bench!
As well as this we have some sick new merch coming soon, including these bad boys:

Obviously all the colours are gonna be different, but there are a bunch of different colours and some will be pretty dark and some will be pure hippy!
A whole new design will be with us next week as well, and the DMC tees are being printed and should be here next week too! Reskue tees are bad ass!

Bowl Shralp!

Hope you guys are getting excited about the comps!
Here is a vid of some ridiculous bowl riding, including Christian Hosoi rockin it!

If you guys didn't know Grant Taylor is now pro too! The first boards from him are coming soon!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

"I didn't know anything about it!"

Is a sentance I have been hearing a lot recently! I try and let everyone know about stuff, I tell all the skaters that come in store, post stuff on here, and on Facebook, and on Myspace, but I guess I need some help in letting people know about stuff! So tell as many people as you can about all these events! Put it on your facebook status, your Twitter, Your Myspace! Or use that whole in your face to produce sound and tell other people!:


I was wondering why they had actually painted the park for once! There are two categories, under and over 16's I believe. We are hooking them up with prizes and have people judging so it should be OK.


After the last comp, which was pretty much run by the Reskue Squad and Matt Reynolds (Thanks Matt) there is gonna be another one, instead of trying to fit in BMX and Inline too it is just a skate comp so it should be pretty rad.

Both these comps aren't put on by Reskue, we are just hooking up prizes and providing Judges.
Some people might say that these aren't true skate comps as they aren't fully run by skaters, but if we didn't help out they would go ahead anyway, with judges that don't skate and whack prizes!
Also these are the events that show the council and general public how popular skating is, if hundreds of kids turn up then it will only help the idea of having a new skate park that is actually good, so show some support!

I appreciate that some people might not want to enter this kind of thing, and that comps should be based on fun rather than set runs and who is "Better" etc.

That is why even before these comps were announced I was chatting to Chris Pulman, who is the rep for Fallen, about putting on a junk jam down in Mayflower.
We have a pretty sick block and will make a little kicker and some other junk to skate, take that down there with a PA and have a fun day with some Fallen prizes, maybe a game of skate, bring a BBQ along, best trick on the block kinda deal, just a lot more loosely organised and less serious, expect a lot more abuse, drinking, songs with naughty words, Bullying, and damn good skateboarding! Most of the Reskue Squad should be there too, so you can see Curtis annihilate the block for real! This isn't an official comp, so don't expect to bring your family down for a day out, its just a bunch of skaters getting together to have some fun! (Remember that stuff)

Dates for this haven't been decided yet but it'll be mid/late August!

Stay Safe kids!

Also we got a bunch of Science decks in today, they are really nice shapes and graphics and Science are definately legit, so maybe have a look next time your in.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Short and Sweet

Every Monday Kingpin are gonna have a new feature, ten tricks at one spot, the first one is this, Jeremie Daclin on a mini, pretty inventive moves too!
We had a plan to do this sort of thing starting with a five on five feature, but Joe "Tumnus" Paget snapped his board and it got put on hold, but taters is back soon and then you'll have a lot more regular footage from the Reskue squad.
Oh and the Reskue DVD will be out soon too!

In pretty cool news I have sold out of the HTL DVD, I guess thats not good for the people who want one but it shows that you guys are actually still up for supporting independent video projects and buying the DVD! I have ordered another batch and they'll be here soon, so show some support and come and pick up a copy if you haven't already, its seriously bangin!

Thursday, 23 July 2009


My young friend Mike Netley is starting a BMX mag called Case, check it out HERE. Mike has also started skating recently and seems pretty psyched on a lot of the stuff i've put up on the blog, but he sent me a link recently to this vid of Dan Murphy over at Transworld:

In the vid Dan talks about a vid coming through from Cacka, and it looks pretty sick, sections from Dan, Bobby Worrest and Gilbert Crockett to name a few! they have a trailer and site up HERE. take a look!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hold Tight!

The Hold Tight London DVD arrived yesterday and has already been going pretty well, if you have a fiver kicking about I suggest you come in and get one!
All the filming is bangin, and it is when you have independent releases like this that are filmed and edited really well, that things like the Blind video can be a bit underwhelming. Hold Tight Henry definately deserves to be a full time skate filmer/editor, here is a bit more of his work from the recent King Of Wood Comp, Adrien Bulard (The curly haired dude who does the ridiculous 360 shuv) is clearly amazing.

In shop news I have moved a bunch of stuff around and the shop is looking bangin, we are gonna be getting a bunch of new stuff soon, I know I keep saying that but its true!

We should have the Berrics tees in the next day or two along with a whole bunch of Deathwish boards (4 Antwuan decks!) SB's in a few weeks, Famous and Wild Ones clothing, new IPath shoes, which are looking rad and finally the Fallen footwear!

Things are looking pretty sweet for Reskue at the moment, the Tattoo Studio upstairs is going well, the 6:57 vid is gonna show just how sick some of Southamptons skaters are, and we have a whole bunch of comps and jams coming up too! I'll announce all of that tomorrow though because I know skaters have short attentions spa

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hold Tight London

The HTL DVD is coming in on Tuesday!
Independent skate videos are few and far between these days as you basically make no money at all from them, so its cool that the HTL crew have put out a DVD thats only a fiver, and was made simply for the love of skateboarding.
I have already seen the DVD as Paget and Crawford went to the premier and got a copy, and it definately lives up to the hype, Tanner and Witherup definately skate on a pro level, and do some seriously bangin tricks with steez.
The vid is available to pre order from the Reskue site now and we'll send it out as soon as we get it, so show some support! Also after you have watched the DVD have a look over at the HTL site, and vote on who should win North or South!
Karim is repping South, but Joe Paget ate his Sugar Puffs last time he was in the big smoke so Karim couldn't muster the energy to front shuv up the South Bank 7, otherwise they would definately have taken it! Nice one Paggers!
Talking of bangin tricks with steez we had a sesh over at the NCP last night and Curtis got a few moves.
His part in the 6:57 vid is shaping up to be ridiculously sick.
Paget was too busy going to the cinema to get any bangers, probably stuffing his face with Karims Sugar Puffs all the while.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


The chesty they just add on so you use more and have to get more and more Axe/Lynx, I have got them beat though, I just do double pits! Screw you Lynx!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New Black Box!

We now have the full collection of the popular Zombie tees, and restock of the decks, as well as new Cole Bold tees and restock of slave decks, also the Zero backpacks are back in too.

Also here are the last few vids from NASS:
Street finals

More nass Skateboarding >>

Street best trick

More nass Skateboarding >>

Monday, 13 July 2009

Ben Gore

Ben Gore is rad, he was in a BATB game against Apples yesterday.
You should have seen it by now so it doesn't matter if Isay he lost, but even so he has a dope style, and when I got this Stereo catalogue through the cover photo was so rad I thought I would share it with you. The colours are rad and a simple ollie is a timeless trick, they will always look good, A lot of kids focus on learning tricks straight away, but having a banging ollie, and therefore big snaps, can get you eveywhere, just ask Andrew Brophy!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Even more slacking!

Ah i'm letting you guys down again! But again I have been pretty busy, the Black Label premier was pretty sick, thanks to everyone who came down, including a bunch of guys from Surrey which was cool, one of them won the deck in the raffle too so it made it even more worthwhile for them. We will have the Label vid available to buy next week, and for those of you that weren't at the premier it is pretty rad, Chris Troy has a whole bunch of handrail NBD's and Shurikens section doesn't dissapoint, some of the new guys came out of nowhere as well, Peter raffins part is pretty bangin, and i'm always gonna be bias where Jason Adams is involved, loads of wallies and wallrides is always good!
Instore we have had a whole bunch of new decks from Plan B, DGK and The Harmony, including the 8 inchers that is definately the most poular size out there at the moment!
I know a lot of you are at NASS, and the good fellas at Sidewalk have footage up from there already! Here is some of the practise, Raemers is killing it and really deserves a podium place, we'll see if its all Vans riders soon enough I guess!

More Skateboarding >>

More Skateboarding >>

There have also been some pretty sick games over at the Berrics, Gilbert Crocketts steez is sick! But if I need to direct you over there then there really is no hope for you! Having said that I have had a couple of kids ask me lately "Have you ever looked at the Berrics?" you guys must have been under a rock! You guys need to tell your friends to check the reskue blog on the regular for a whole bunch of info on the world of skateboarding, spread the word!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Slacking again!

Sorry kids I have been a bit slack on the updates again! but like I keep saying that only happens when I have been busy! We nearly got a banging photo and ender ender of Joe Paget the other night, and I have been working on actually finishing the DVD, just a couple of weeks now and it will actually be here!
As well as this we have one of my friends bands, Sonic Boom Six, playing an exclusive instore acoustic performance this wednesday at 5.00pm
Then it is the Black Label premier on Friday night, details below.

For a sneak preview of the opening montage of the video click HERE!
I reckon its gonna be bangin! lots of you guys i know are big fans of Shuriken, and this is his first ever board sponsor section!
The Berrics has been really good lately the Volcom United Nations was sick.
As were both of this weekends BATB games! 1 and 2

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Black Label Premier!

Its all sorted now, Black Label premier is coming! Click the picture below!
And join the Facebook event and confirm your attendance!
I'm really looking foward to it, Jason Adams section in Label Kills is one of my favourite sections ever, here is a rehash of some of his old footage:

Also Lizard King made a bit of history by being the first street skater (apart from Sheckler) to jump the mega ramp, I have heard a lot of kids saying they would try this, you guys need to get a grip, you go off the ramp at around 40mph! There are a lot of mixed opinions on Lizard King, but there is no denying this is pure gnar! Look how far he clears when he is bouncing off the top!


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