Monday, 27 July 2009

Short and Sweet

Every Monday Kingpin are gonna have a new feature, ten tricks at one spot, the first one is this, Jeremie Daclin on a mini, pretty inventive moves too!
We had a plan to do this sort of thing starting with a five on five feature, but Joe "Tumnus" Paget snapped his board and it got put on hold, but taters is back soon and then you'll have a lot more regular footage from the Reskue squad.
Oh and the Reskue DVD will be out soon too!

In pretty cool news I have sold out of the HTL DVD, I guess thats not good for the people who want one but it shows that you guys are actually still up for supporting independent video projects and buying the DVD! I have ordered another batch and they'll be here soon, so show some support and come and pick up a copy if you haven't already, its seriously bangin!

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