Sunday, 12 July 2009

Even more slacking!

Ah i'm letting you guys down again! But again I have been pretty busy, the Black Label premier was pretty sick, thanks to everyone who came down, including a bunch of guys from Surrey which was cool, one of them won the deck in the raffle too so it made it even more worthwhile for them. We will have the Label vid available to buy next week, and for those of you that weren't at the premier it is pretty rad, Chris Troy has a whole bunch of handrail NBD's and Shurikens section doesn't dissapoint, some of the new guys came out of nowhere as well, Peter raffins part is pretty bangin, and i'm always gonna be bias where Jason Adams is involved, loads of wallies and wallrides is always good!
Instore we have had a whole bunch of new decks from Plan B, DGK and The Harmony, including the 8 inchers that is definately the most poular size out there at the moment!
I know a lot of you are at NASS, and the good fellas at Sidewalk have footage up from there already! Here is some of the practise, Raemers is killing it and really deserves a podium place, we'll see if its all Vans riders soon enough I guess!

More Skateboarding >>

More Skateboarding >>

There have also been some pretty sick games over at the Berrics, Gilbert Crocketts steez is sick! But if I need to direct you over there then there really is no hope for you! Having said that I have had a couple of kids ask me lately "Have you ever looked at the Berrics?" you guys must have been under a rock! You guys need to tell your friends to check the reskue blog on the regular for a whole bunch of info on the world of skateboarding, spread the word!

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