Friday, 29 May 2009

Goings On!

Sorry there hasn't been a post in a while, I have been pretty busy here at Reskue!
First off the comp at Merryoak is on right now, there should be a demo as well with Reskue riders Greg Nowik, Jed Cullen, Mark Tidbury, Darren Tate and ladies man Joe Paget, all the ingredients are there to make the day pretty sick so hopefully I should have an edit up of the day soon.

There have been a few rumours floating around about a Tattoo studio above Reskue, and these rumours are actually true! Ricky Winchcombe formally of Millenium has started his own shop in the floor above Reskue, so if you are thinking of getting a tattoo then you knew where to come! there is a viewing this saturday (tomorrow) from 4 till 8 so if you want to see what he has done with the place get down here! Alfa from the monorex crew has painted some sick work on the walls, so its worth coming down just to see that!

Along with this, to welcome the summer in we are having a MASSIVE sale! ALL CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR IS HALF PRICE, THIS WEEKEND ONLY! You read that right, ALL half price! So come get involved! I am having a sale on some of the hardware too, with a tenner off the rrp on selected decks and 25% off Bullet wheels! this is all instore only i'm afraid, so get down to Reskue this weekend!

There is the etnies tour at Bay66 tomorrow which I know a lot of people are excited about, here is a bit of footage of the Works demo, Sheckles may be a douche but he kills it on a skateboard!

More Skateboarding >>

Here is some footage of the Malaga stop of the tour, including Sheckles throwing himself of an 8 ft roof!

More Skateboarding >>

Another thing which I should have posted about by now is HTL - Hold Tight London
Bascially they made rad little edits of the London scene every month, using new music from the London music scene, now for their twelth edit they have decided to make a full length DVD concentrating on North vs South, full part from John Tanner is enough to get me stoked, that kids style is buttery!
Here is the trailer, it should only be a fiver and we'll have it soon hopefully!

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And here is Tanner doing some training:

More Skateboarding >>

If you haven't picked up a copy of Kingpin yet you definately should, the Adidas europe dvd comes with it, and it is really really good, chewy and Lem Villemin kill it, Busenitz is Busenitz and the Gonz is the Gonz!
Its only 3.50 in WHSmiths.

Thats it for now kids, remember history is going to be made tomorrow at the Wallenburg comp! Ironically Sheckles can't be there cos of the etnies demos!
I reckon Billy Marks double flip, Cole heel shuv, Sierra Fellers switch heel, and Smithy will be trying a nollie heel, seems ridiculous but if he does it then every british skater should be stoked he is representing our fair isle! T Puds reckons he is trying a nollie flip, but we'll see! I am genuinely really excited about it!
Here is some footy of Eduardo Craig testing out the ramp they have built for the run up, speed doesn't seem to be a problem so hopefully some ridiculous stuff will happen, apparently its 22 ft long, thats massive!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Ride The Sky

It has been a while since Ride The Sky came out and now there are a bunch of offcuts up on the Fallen site, they are all pretty rad too!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Comp Time!

I was so busy posting stuff on Facebook that I didn't realise I hadn't said on here that there is a comp next Friday!
29th May at Merryoak/Veracity skatepark, I have donated prizes, its free to enter and there are under and over 16 categories so everyone gets a chance!
And it now looks like there is going to be some of the Reskue squad there doing a relaxed little demo so you should definately get down there, the more people the better as it will show the council that there are a lot of skateboarders and that we need a decent skatepark!
For some reason a bunch of losers think its a good idea to burn wheely bins on the flat bottom of the mini at Merryoak, its not, and it regularly needs re painting, if we show that the park is well used in a positive way then this is more likely to happen.
So we'll see you down there!
Oh and just a reminder that the Wallenburg comp is on soon, so here is some inspiration:


Friday, 22 May 2009

leo Romero and Eli Reed

I haven't done this in a while, posted something that in no way has anything to do with the shop, we don't sell RVCA or Toy Machine, but I guess it just shows I like skateboarding and i'm not just trying to sell you stuff!
This vid is sick:

Also Eli Reed has a Bangin, and its bangin! The first line is sickness, Mike Netley likes it too so you know its good!
I am down to the last Strange Notes, so if you want a free DVD then get here quick in the morning to get your deck!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nike SB Europe

Sam Watmore liked the guy sliding on his face down the stairs, I personally prefer Wiegers tricks.

Hopefully we'll have some news about getting SB on the go in Reskue again soon.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

BATB 2!! Salisbury! Reskue Remix! Slave vid!

So the skaters that will be in BATB 2 have been announced, stoked Busenitz and Ramondetta are in there, gutted that Gonz isn't, and pretty surprised that Sheckles isn't in there! I reckon Chris Cole or Haslam will probably take it, but I just like seeing the way people do their tricks, remember the stupid amount of pop HERE?
Berrics clothing should be coming soon too! Including the Don Pendleton designs, i'd ordered them before this vid was made, ahead of the game!
Oh and just a reminder that we have a solid stock of Zero decks, and I have put up a little gif to remind you HERE.

If you didn't know Salisbury park has recently been having a bit of a makeover with a bit of crete added to it, Mr Tim Bartelot, long time Soton local helped out with the design and has put on a little opening jam for tonight, so get down there, bring the BBQ and some beers! Hopefully if there is shredding going on (which there will be) then i'll have a little edit up for the place BUT I do all my editing on Matts Mac, and he has taken it away to a producers house for a week to record a new album, this is also the reason that the Reskue Remix isn't out yet! I'll be pimping the vid pretty hard when its done so don't worry about not knowing when its out, you'll know! Once its finished I have to have it sent away and have copies made, then i'll have a premiere for it, so its not turning up on the sly so please stop asking! I guess at this point I can say its maybe 2 weeks away, I need about three seconds of footage and to decide what I want as extras as I actually have too many to fit on a DVD at the minute, so you are getting a heck of a lot of skating for your bucks!

I dunno if I said the other day too, but Slave have a video coming out and it looks like we may be having a premier for that, Jon Allie is one of my favourite skaters (if you watch his arms he is a lot like Jason Dill!) and anything from the Black Box camp is rad so it should be good, Matt Mumford had a sequence in Transworld of a padless loop recently so i'm expecting some shralping from him!

Sorry for the excessive words, but not really.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Big Push is back!

This is awesome news, i'd hope everyone knows what Big Push is but if not let me bring you up to speed:
The now defunct Document magazine put on a yearly comp over about a week where four (It went up to five later) UK board companies would have to visit certain cities and film as much rad stuff as they could, a Document photographer would accompany them and it would appear in the mag as well as each companies edited section appearing on a cover mounted DVD. Following this voting would go on for a week or two and then one team would recieve best overall and best edit, not wanting to rumour monger but the ridiculously obvious beef between Death and Blueprint pretty much made Big Push for me, Death would always be based on fun with a lot of park footage and larking about, whereas Blueprint would always be a bit more serious and street based.
It was a real shame when Document closed it doors and there was speculation for months as to whether Sidewalk were gonna take over, and now its official!
Check out this video of the best of the Big Push, my favourite part will always be Smithys huge boardslide at Livi nearly going straight into a copper, followed by props from Chet Childress!

More Skateboarding >>

Big Push deserves your support, and if when it comes out on Sidewalk I don't sell out of the mag i'm gonna be pretty pissed off!
Document had to close its doors cos not enough people bought the mag, when they relentlessly tried to have good photos and cover skating all over the country, mags deserve your support and even if you can get your info of the internet its always worth getting magazines, toilet time wouldn't be the same without them!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Steve Rodriguez...

...Must be one of the hardest working men in skateboarding, I have probably written "I like 5Boro" more times than i'd care to remember on this blog, but if you still don't understand why then read this article from Time Out NY.
I'll post this again just in case you haven't seen it:

5Boro might not be the biggest company in skateboarding, but everyone knows what the Brooklyn Banks is, and the back to the banks and Red Bull manny mania contests would have nowhere to be if it wasn't for Steve and 5Boro, so show some support fot the true NY underground!
The end is just the guys homies at a park, but you get the picture.

Also I think I posted about putting your entries in for the wild card entry to this years Maloof money cup, well they have been announced HERE, I'm so glad "Nilly" Marks is in there and Mike Vallely is both a winner and an alternate, very professional! this is what happens when things aren't run by skaters, Nilly frickin Marks!
Thats almost as bad as spelling "Photography" wrong on your own business cards!

Friday, 15 May 2009

New Real/Krooked decks

We have a whole bunch of rad new stuff in for the weekend, new decks from Real and Krooked - which are still at £49.99 instead of the new price of £54.99 - so be quick! Restock on the Bullet decks for the budget kids, loads of new Curb Candy which is only £1.50, new Rasta Bolts from Shortys, and the new Raver wheels from Hubba, click HERE to see all the new stuff!
also we have the new Strange Notes, which is FREE when you get anything from the shop!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rock vs G code!

So a few people have said to me things like this "You keep posting gangsters and bigging up DGK and shiz, but then you is all pushing Zero and Black Box stuff, is you down for swizz krizzas or boosting stair sets?" And the answer is I'm down for both, thats what's good about skating, and good about skater owned shops, you can have a bit of everything, and most skaters would agree! I was telling someone the other day that Jamie Thomas has some DGK tees and no one believed me, but check out this interview in a book about skateboard graphics (in fact check the whole book out) and you'll read that JT is down for DGK!

Keelan Dadd

Its no secret that i'm basically straight G, DGK all day, sometimes I school some fools and they put out a video part after some tutorlage from me, here is Keelan Dadd who i showed a few moves too, if you don't know who he is you will do soon, solid style, ridiculous pop, and some good tricks mixed up in there, oh and obviously hes on DGK too, I told Stevie they should hook him up.

If you have seen Sidewalk this month you may have seen Karims first light too, some pretty bangin moves, this video of him is pretty G'd up, Street Warriors! Get a load of that fam!

Also i'm pleased to announce we are gonna be stocking Berrics tees soon, as well as the BATB dvd, if you want one then maybe email me and i'll order one up for you.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Aaron Nannup

I got told today I post too much Black Box stuff, but they consistently put up good little vids! Here is a bit of HD of Australian Zero rider Aaron Nannup, note he does a feeble on a ledge, yet another biter of my steez!
And the front feebd round the corner is buttery!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bored Riders

Posting about Route One yesterday and Bored today! Whats going on! well Bored, like Reskue, sponsor a couple of rad local guys and two of them are gonna have sections in the 6:57 video along with Reskue riders Joe Paget and Curtis Jarman, there is a bit of friendly rivalry between them, and I consistently bully Paget that he needs to get some bangers, so maybe this footy of the Bored guys will inspire!

More Skateboarding >>

I have faith in you Paggers!
If you have seen the new Sidewalk you will have seen Snapshots with Marc, a sick sequence of Greg, and a big up of the reskue vid in the news pages. Hopefully Southampton will get a bit more coverage from now on, they definately know about some of the guys from down here, so we'll see if we can get something done!

Monday, 11 May 2009

New Black Box/Blind Premiere

All the new Zero/Mystery/Slave hardwear is uploading now so have a click over to the website to check that out.

There is the premiere of the new Blind video at the Orange Rooms tonight hosted by Route One and the vid should be pretty rad.

I have had a few kids asking if Reskue is "enemies" with Route One, and thats just stupid! Of course we are not, we are two different shops! Route One calls itself a street store and within that they sell some skate hardwear, it isn't the main thing they concentrate on, but if in selling hardware they get kids into skating then thats cool, we are here as an alternative to them, we are more specifically a skate shop, we don't sell blades, bikes, or park toys but sell other things associated with skate culture, like the spray paint. And while we do offer some similar products we also get smaller brands with a more cult following, like Rebel8, Diamond and Slave, and the brands we sell all have riders that we want to support, If Route One wasn't there then we wouldn't be an alternative!

Route One putting on the Blind premiere is a positive thing, I don't think they are charging an entry fee, and it'll be cool to see the vid so I didn't have any problem having flyers for the event and a poster up, its promoting skateboarding!

Hope thats cleared up any questions!

We'll have the premiere for the Flip video whenever that finally arrives anyway! And hopefully one for the Reskue Remix too!

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Hope you have all been enjoying the weather! I have and thats why there hasn't been any posts in a few days, as soon as the shops closed i've been out skating, trying to get the last few bits for the Reskue Remix, I said that this weekend was the deadline otherwise its just gonna keep getting pushed back, but people just keep doing new stuff! I have just watched the whole thing and I have got to say I'm pretty pleased, a bunch of different styles of skateboarding, and I think it represents our scene pretty well, now I just have to get the copies made then it'll be for sale, it takes about 7 days so the beginning of next week should be good!
I really hope people are gonna get copies, I think just being from Southampton means you should! it directly helps the shop, there are no companies in between, its just us, so i hope all my friends get a copy, and I hope you and all your friends get a copy too!
Too highlight the slowing of sales in DVD's i'll tell you that Not The New Hythe Scene video, a scene video I made a few years ago, I sold almost 300 copies of, and it wasn't even very good, but there were less than 300 copies of the new Alien Workshop video in the country on its release! They have sold a lot more than that now, but it just shows people don't really buy skate dvd's anymore, which i think is really sad, we all know you can watch stuff online but actually buying a skate DVD means you are helping the company, its not cheap flying pros around everywhere! Anyway rant over, here is a little vid of Jamal Smith enjoying the summer, you should too!

Also there is a rad little interview with Ben Raybourn over on the Thrasher site, padless 540 nosegrabs anyone? Ridic you larse!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Funny Stuff!

I'm not too sure about posting this, its really funny but has some naughty words in, I guess all I can do is say if you are young then don't click this!
I think its bordering on racism too, but Patrick O'Dell gets owned so its pretty funny.
I think you need to be pretty up on skate culture to find it good, and understand all the references, but i trust the blog readers are all hardcore skaters!
Oh and for some reason they don't have links to each video so if you are clicking this after today it might not be the right video, check it says pwbc1 - thats the Palace Waywards Boys Club which is Jensen and some homies.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

War of the thistles... a comp held up in Scotland in what look to be really good parks! I dunno what it is in Scotland that means they can all slay tranny so well, but there appear to be a bunch of little Stu Grahams running around and having awesome skateparks has hardly hindered them! As well as this the Welsh contingent do some ridiculously tech stuff on the first day, but the highlight for me - Watch how fast Stu hosses about in day two, its ridiculous!

More Skateboarding >>

More Skateboarding >>

New Black Box

All the new stuff should be arriving this week, including all the classic decks, Zero skull, Mystery heart, Sandoval bold rasta, and the classic clothing of Zero Army zips, Zero skull tees etc, but in the hiatus from the UK they have some rad new boards too, and as I was getting the graphics ready for the site anyway I thought i'd let you have a preview:

The Mystery decks are rad, who doesn't want Obama, Bruce Lee or Mike Tyson on a deck or wheels? There are new Zero skull boards, the Zombie series and the Industrial Fallout series, and this is just the hardware!
Slave is back too and we have a bunch of boards 8+ as well as some big wheels, so for the gnarlers and bowl shredders out there you have a pretty good choice!

Also the video from Dorchester is in the top ten skate vids on Mpora, which is rad, I was putting the last few tricks in the Reskue Remix last night and the deadline is this weekend no matter what, so you can pick up a copy soon!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ryan Gallant!

Is sick, I knew he was on Circa for a while now, but I guess this is his official welcome video, and its bangin!

He knows the ledge!

Reskue @ Dorchester

A few car loads went to the new Dorchester park yesterday, Paggers and Tibs were killing it, Darren tate got fubar with some nbd's over the wall and snapped his board so ended up filming for the last half of the day, Tibs got an ender ender for the video, here are the offcuts from the day:

More Skateboarding >>

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Barnstaple Edit

Here is the edit by Andy evans of the opening of the Churchill designed Rock Park - as promised! The place looks rad and its this type of park with tranny and street plaza style stuff that we will be petitioning to get in Southampton.

Friday, 1 May 2009


Paul Shier has a bangin Bangin! Everyone is doing feebles on blocks these days though, biting my shiz!

We also have a bunch of new decks from Harmony and Black Label online now, and the restock of Karma and Motive, look at the front page to see em, we also have the Hubba bolts that kids are loving!

Also here is Spencer Hamiltons part from the Canadian DVD I posted about yesterday, Rob Crawford pointed out some errors I made in the post, the video is already out, and the PJ Ladd video was a shop video and not a scene video, but shops and scenes should be the same thing really, and i'm sure you knew what I meant!

And for the youth who didn't know who Killa Mo was, it is Moses Itkonen, one time DC pro who did frontside noseslides all the time and always got in fights for some reason, plus he had an extreme chin beard like Bam! Awesome!
If you want to know how to do stinking noseslides then watch this:


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