Monday, 11 May 2009

New Black Box/Blind Premiere

All the new Zero/Mystery/Slave hardwear is uploading now so have a click over to the website to check that out.

There is the premiere of the new Blind video at the Orange Rooms tonight hosted by Route One and the vid should be pretty rad.

I have had a few kids asking if Reskue is "enemies" with Route One, and thats just stupid! Of course we are not, we are two different shops! Route One calls itself a street store and within that they sell some skate hardwear, it isn't the main thing they concentrate on, but if in selling hardware they get kids into skating then thats cool, we are here as an alternative to them, we are more specifically a skate shop, we don't sell blades, bikes, or park toys but sell other things associated with skate culture, like the spray paint. And while we do offer some similar products we also get smaller brands with a more cult following, like Rebel8, Diamond and Slave, and the brands we sell all have riders that we want to support, If Route One wasn't there then we wouldn't be an alternative!

Route One putting on the Blind premiere is a positive thing, I don't think they are charging an entry fee, and it'll be cool to see the vid so I didn't have any problem having flyers for the event and a poster up, its promoting skateboarding!

Hope thats cleared up any questions!

We'll have the premiere for the Flip video whenever that finally arrives anyway! And hopefully one for the Reskue Remix too!

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