Wednesday, 20 May 2009

BATB 2!! Salisbury! Reskue Remix! Slave vid!

So the skaters that will be in BATB 2 have been announced, stoked Busenitz and Ramondetta are in there, gutted that Gonz isn't, and pretty surprised that Sheckles isn't in there! I reckon Chris Cole or Haslam will probably take it, but I just like seeing the way people do their tricks, remember the stupid amount of pop HERE?
Berrics clothing should be coming soon too! Including the Don Pendleton designs, i'd ordered them before this vid was made, ahead of the game!
Oh and just a reminder that we have a solid stock of Zero decks, and I have put up a little gif to remind you HERE.

If you didn't know Salisbury park has recently been having a bit of a makeover with a bit of crete added to it, Mr Tim Bartelot, long time Soton local helped out with the design and has put on a little opening jam for tonight, so get down there, bring the BBQ and some beers! Hopefully if there is shredding going on (which there will be) then i'll have a little edit up for the place BUT I do all my editing on Matts Mac, and he has taken it away to a producers house for a week to record a new album, this is also the reason that the Reskue Remix isn't out yet! I'll be pimping the vid pretty hard when its done so don't worry about not knowing when its out, you'll know! Once its finished I have to have it sent away and have copies made, then i'll have a premiere for it, so its not turning up on the sly so please stop asking! I guess at this point I can say its maybe 2 weeks away, I need about three seconds of footage and to decide what I want as extras as I actually have too many to fit on a DVD at the minute, so you are getting a heck of a lot of skating for your bucks!

I dunno if I said the other day too, but Slave have a video coming out and it looks like we may be having a premier for that, Jon Allie is one of my favourite skaters (if you watch his arms he is a lot like Jason Dill!) and anything from the Black Box camp is rad so it should be good, Matt Mumford had a sequence in Transworld of a padless loop recently so i'm expecting some shralping from him!

Sorry for the excessive words, but not really.

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