Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Big Push is back!

This is awesome news, i'd hope everyone knows what Big Push is but if not let me bring you up to speed:
The now defunct Document magazine put on a yearly comp over about a week where four (It went up to five later) UK board companies would have to visit certain cities and film as much rad stuff as they could, a Document photographer would accompany them and it would appear in the mag as well as each companies edited section appearing on a cover mounted DVD. Following this voting would go on for a week or two and then one team would recieve best overall and best edit, not wanting to rumour monger but the ridiculously obvious beef between Death and Blueprint pretty much made Big Push for me, Death would always be based on fun with a lot of park footage and larking about, whereas Blueprint would always be a bit more serious and street based.
It was a real shame when Document closed it doors and there was speculation for months as to whether Sidewalk were gonna take over, and now its official!
Check out this video of the best of the Big Push, my favourite part will always be Smithys huge boardslide at Livi nearly going straight into a copper, followed by props from Chet Childress!

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Big Push deserves your support, and if when it comes out on Sidewalk I don't sell out of the mag i'm gonna be pretty pissed off!
Document had to close its doors cos not enough people bought the mag, when they relentlessly tried to have good photos and cover skating all over the country, mags deserve your support and even if you can get your info of the internet its always worth getting magazines, toilet time wouldn't be the same without them!

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