Thursday, 14 May 2009

Keelan Dadd

Its no secret that i'm basically straight G, DGK all day, sometimes I school some fools and they put out a video part after some tutorlage from me, here is Keelan Dadd who i showed a few moves too, if you don't know who he is you will do soon, solid style, ridiculous pop, and some good tricks mixed up in there, oh and obviously hes on DGK too, I told Stevie they should hook him up.

If you have seen Sidewalk this month you may have seen Karims first light too, some pretty bangin moves, this video of him is pretty G'd up, Street Warriors! Get a load of that fam!

Also i'm pleased to announce we are gonna be stocking Berrics tees soon, as well as the BATB dvd, if you want one then maybe email me and i'll order one up for you.

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