Saturday, 23 May 2009

Comp Time!

I was so busy posting stuff on Facebook that I didn't realise I hadn't said on here that there is a comp next Friday!
29th May at Merryoak/Veracity skatepark, I have donated prizes, its free to enter and there are under and over 16 categories so everyone gets a chance!
And it now looks like there is going to be some of the Reskue squad there doing a relaxed little demo so you should definately get down there, the more people the better as it will show the council that there are a lot of skateboarders and that we need a decent skatepark!
For some reason a bunch of losers think its a good idea to burn wheely bins on the flat bottom of the mini at Merryoak, its not, and it regularly needs re painting, if we show that the park is well used in a positive way then this is more likely to happen.
So we'll see you down there!
Oh and just a reminder that the Wallenburg comp is on soon, so here is some inspiration:


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