Wednesday, 6 May 2009

New Black Box

All the new stuff should be arriving this week, including all the classic decks, Zero skull, Mystery heart, Sandoval bold rasta, and the classic clothing of Zero Army zips, Zero skull tees etc, but in the hiatus from the UK they have some rad new boards too, and as I was getting the graphics ready for the site anyway I thought i'd let you have a preview:

The Mystery decks are rad, who doesn't want Obama, Bruce Lee or Mike Tyson on a deck or wheels? There are new Zero skull boards, the Zombie series and the Industrial Fallout series, and this is just the hardware!
Slave is back too and we have a bunch of boards 8+ as well as some big wheels, so for the gnarlers and bowl shredders out there you have a pretty good choice!

Also the video from Dorchester is in the top ten skate vids on Mpora, which is rad, I was putting the last few tricks in the Reskue Remix last night and the deadline is this weekend no matter what, so you can pick up a copy soon!

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