Friday, 1 May 2009


Paul Shier has a bangin Bangin! Everyone is doing feebles on blocks these days though, biting my shiz!

We also have a bunch of new decks from Harmony and Black Label online now, and the restock of Karma and Motive, look at the front page to see em, we also have the Hubba bolts that kids are loving!

Also here is Spencer Hamiltons part from the Canadian DVD I posted about yesterday, Rob Crawford pointed out some errors I made in the post, the video is already out, and the PJ Ladd video was a shop video and not a scene video, but shops and scenes should be the same thing really, and i'm sure you knew what I meant!

And for the youth who didn't know who Killa Mo was, it is Moses Itkonen, one time DC pro who did frontside noseslides all the time and always got in fights for some reason, plus he had an extreme chin beard like Bam! Awesome!
If you want to know how to do stinking noseslides then watch this:

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