Thursday, 30 April 2009

Canada Eh?

If you direct yourself over to 6:57 mr Rob Crawford has posted a pretty good trailer for an upcoming Canadian scene vid, the switch tre looks bangin, frontside half cab flip suski grind?

Loads of people are loving scene vids at the moment, and you can see why, big vids like Fully Flared and Mindfield are literally years overdue when they come out, whereas scene vids just sneak up on you and launch unknown skaters into stardom, i think the scene vid boom started with the PJ Ladd video, and Youtube etc has meant that kids are always now saying "Have you seen this? I'll send you the link" and voila, instantly known by loads of skaters!

I disagree that Canada is under the radar though, hasn't he heard of Killah Mo! And Wade is from there!

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