Wednesday, 8 April 2009

5 Boro and stuff

We haven't had any 5Boro for a while, but if you are a regular blog reader you'll know I really like this company! They recently turned one of their french riders, Guillaume Dulout, pro. Here is a bit of footage of him on a DVS trip to Barcelona:

As well as this they have recently picked up ex Cliche rider Vincent Bressol, you may have been wondering what happened to him as he was still killing it when he left Cliche, here is a video part to remind you:

We'll have some new 5Boro boards soon, if they don't have to keep shelling out for lenses,along with the first ever Stereo Benny Fairfax pro model, probably next week sometime.
We'll have the first ever Danny Falla pro board too, I can't remember if I posted this before but its bangin, his mag minute:

For those that have been wondering about the Fully Flared like delay on the Reskue dvd, fear not it is coming! I was finishing off the final edit last night with a few new tricks from Taters and Gregs all new section, he wasn't completely happy with his section, "too many double flips" so i'm having a rejig of it then it'll be ready to go, Curts section had to be completely re-editted too because of the format of some of the footage but its looking good now! The main video is now almost exactly a half hour, the perfect length to watch before a skate, and the extras go for probably 45 mins so you get a whole lot of skating for your money too!

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