Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Duffs!

Our spring Duffs are here! Including the highly anticipated Louie Barletta pro model in two different colourways and a few other shoes too.

Have a look at them online HERE, but be quick!
If you didn't know much about Duffs here is a rundown: recently their UK distributor bought the company, technically making them a British company! they still have a good U.S. team with Louie Barletta and Cooper Wilt as well as British guys Ben Raemers and Carl Wilson. All the new shoes have been designed by ex pro Stacy Lowery, meaning they are made specifically for skating, and they are bangin!
Here is some footage of Stacy:

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Darren Tate said...

holá tosh! can you save me a louie in a 10. cheers. Darren


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