Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Vans, Etnies, and Trials?!

I didn't post anything for a few days, mostly because I have actually been skateboarding, as well as finishing off the Reskue vid, there are so many extras it looks like there is gonna be about two hours of skating!
To make up for the lack of recent posts here are a couple of things for you: First of all the Vans team site has been completely overhauled, with pics, vids and interviews with all of the pro team, any team that has Rowley, Cardiel and Van Engelen on is rad in my eyes!

Also seeing everyone loves Tyler Bledsoe at the moment HERE is some footage of him over on the Etnies blog, there are a few other rad clips on there too.

Chris Pulman was in the shop yesterday showing us the Holiday range of Fallen footwear, if you didn't know we are getting Fallen around August time, which will come round quickly, the Fallen team kill it and Jamie Thomas has always been one of my favourite skaters so i'm stoked we are gonna be doing Fallen.

Also here is a the HiFi promo for the people who couldn't be bothered to click one whole link the other day:

More Skateboarding >>

OK now I have posted a bunch of skating stuff you can't lynch me for posting this video, its not skateboarding but some of the stuff is actually ridiculous, 20 stair 360's?!

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