Thursday, 29 January 2009

I love shops

HERE is a video from a shop located in Washington in the US. Its rad, I like seeing new spots and new skaters and shop vids are always looked back at when someone inevitably gets on a proper team. Maybe that will happen with the Reskue vid?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


To be honest I have no idea where this vid is from, I just found it on the Tube, bangin moves though, and he is rocking the ltd Altamont Reynolds slims that we have instore! We were one of only two stores in the country to get them!

Mike Carroll

This isn't that new but someone recently was saying they were dissapointed with the Lakai vid, here is a look at why Mike Carroll is rad.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Reskue vid!

So the Reskue DVD was pretty much done, everyone had a preview of their parts and seemed to like em, but Mr Greg Nowik has just returned from months of worldwide travel and has with him about 8 tapes of footage!
SOOO we have now postponed the release of the DVD in order to make an all new Nowik part! The part I have already edited together will go in the extras so you are basically getting a bunch more skating for your money! An all new episode of The Adventures of Joe Paget is going in too.
Here are a couple of vids of what Greg was up too in Oz.

Ravenous DVD

We have a few copies of the Scene video "Ravenous" from up Chesterfield way which has sections from Shaun Currie, UK Deathwish rider Timmy Garbett and more, and its only a fiver too! to buy one have a clicky HERE.

There is also a bit of footage of Andrew Brophy over HERE. He recently won the high ollie contest at ASR, at 42", under Danny Wainwrights record of 44.5", but only because he had already beaten everyone else by then! We neeed to see a Danny/Brophy match up!

Also Mr Rob "G Fresh" Crawford has a few clips of the Reskue Block getting some action, if you want to skate it then come on down to level 3!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Pj vs Reynolds and more!

Todays Battle at the Berrics is a banger!

There is also a wrap up of the recent Black Box trade show with a best trick video which is sick!

And there is also some terrible news regarding one of our team riders here.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


There are some cool vids up at Plan B catching up with Matt Hensley, I don't need to explain who he is just watch the videos, click on Plan B tv at the site.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


We have a whole grip of new Deathwish decks in stock, including a few larger sizes (8.125) for the gnarlers out there, take a look HERE.
And if you are stupid enough to have not seen the Deathwish vid you can watch
Ellington HERE
Antwuan HERE
Leo Romero HERE
Theotis Beasley HERE
Bryan Herman HERE

That is basically most of the vid, or at least all the guys who ride for Thunder that are on Deathwish.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Motive skateboards

You might not have heard of Motive, it is Rob Selleys company, who was a well known UK skater in the late nineties and early millenium with pretty tech moves at the time, he has put together a team of really good uk skaters on the tech side of things and some of them are just turning pro.
We will have the first boards from Sean Smith, Dave Snaddon and Dylan Hughes real soon, you may not have seen much from these guys, or even heard of them, but check this promo for Motive and you'll see why they deserve to be pro!
Have a look at the graphics (which are sick) and what people have to say about them over on the Sidewalk forum.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Jose Rojo

To be honest I was never the biggest fan of his skating, compared to the rest of the Enjoi team he just didn't seem to have as much talent, and could be the reason behind him being an am for years, but that is not to say he hasn't got a good style, and he seems cool from his interview. so HERE is a vid from Etnies of Jose styling out some moves.

On a related note a new Tiltmode video should be out soon, if you don't know what Tiltmode is it is basically a crew of friends from the San Jose area which has Jose, Jerry Hsu, Marc Johnson, Jason Adams, Steve Cab, Colt Cannon, Louie Barletta etc and they have made two videos before, they are both rad and definately high on the feelgood factor and broing down and so i'm looking forward to seeing the new one.
to be honest i'm only telling you now so that when it comes out and its rad i can say that I bigged it up ages ago, which makes me super cool, or something.

Here is Jerrys part from the last one.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Simple Sessions!

I would hope that most people are out skating right now but if you are unlucky enough to be reading this then click here for a live broadcast of The Simpel Sessions, a european skate comp with some big US names in attendance.

Damn son!

THIS clip of Mike Anderson from the latest Krooked catalogue is so so good! Krooked always pick up stylish dudes!

The Berrics!

So today at the Berrics is Billy Marks vs Brandon Biebel, but tomorrow is Koston vs Donovan! could well be the best game yet!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Silas Part

HERE is a little download of a Silas Baxter Neal part from the Spitfire Spring Catalogue

Scott Decenzo

HERE is a bit of footage of the Plan B am, nollie noseblunt nollieflip out is pretty sick, he has a pretty rad part in the Plan B promo which you get free with the latest decks from Plan B.

Sorry there hasn't been many posts lately, we have been skating a lot! Taters made some skate dice and i'm not sure if it was loads of fun or just plain frustrating when you get things like switch frontside 360 heel, and we all just fling our boards around. We'll try and bring you some footage soon.

Monday, 12 January 2009


Taters thinks THIS is pretty boring, but I think its kind interesting, almost all the Reskue team skate 8" boards, if you have always had small boards maybe you should try a wider one, tricks feel more solid and its less likely to break too!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Pre order!

The preorder of the Reskue Remix is up now, the DVD will be £6 and in buying it you are supporting Southamptons only independent skate shop and helping us to make more DVD's in the future.
All orders will come with free stickers too.
Preorder your copy HERE.


We have got the latest Plan B decks which come with a free Superfuture DVD promo, and its really good! Also you may notice at other shops that prices of decks are going up from £50 to £55, Reskue is freezing its prices and keeping US decks at £50 for as long as we can.

We also have new decks from The Harmony and restock of Karma, including the tube light decks which are one of our best selling boards!

The Reskue DVD is very close to being done, it looks like the main feature is around 25 minutes and the extras clock in around 45 mins! A lot of people are asking when they can get it, it should be in around a week but i'm going to put it up on the site to preorder, then the day it comes in all the copies will be sent straight out.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


OK Here it is, the first trailer for mr Rob Crawfords first full length outing, should be really good, and if footage of Jack and Adam are anything to go by lately then Paget and Curt have got some work cut out, i'm sure they won't let us down though.
Get a bit of insight into it all HERE at the 6:57 blog and HERE at the sidewalk forum.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Round 1 done!

Ok here it is, the last game in round 1! And its one of the best so far, I especially liked Kostons set (i don't wanna ruin it for you!) go and watch it now!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Tom Penny

I might have posted this before but some of you might not even know who Tom Penny is, originally from Oxford, Tom is one of the most naturally gifted skaters ever, it is easy to forget how good he is but watching this montage and seeing his style develop from sketchy to effortless is rad.

Tom Penny - eS 'Menikmati' bonus footage >>

Tom should be having a full part in the Flip video, but they keep things pretty well under wraps!
Here is more too!

Tom Penny - 411 'Wheels of Fortune' (1993) >>

Battle at the Berrics

Should I even need to tell you to check the Berrics anymore? This games a banger, PJ Ladd vs Tyler Bledsoe, and that means MJ is playing tomorrow!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good new year, New Years day was one of my three days off a year so I sure did, we went filming to finish the Reskue vid New Years eve and it should be ready to go real soon.

There is some sale Vans stuff which has only just gone online including 5 different shoe models, some AVE cords and a tee and hoodie. All in limited numbers though so be quick!


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