Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Joey Crack

Dunno if younger guys realise that Joey "Crack" Pressey is originally from New Milton, same as Benny Fairfax, but he is turning pro! his board will be available soon from Landscape.
Also one of my favourite Reskue lurkers made my day today without even realising, more info on that in a few days, but thanks in advance!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Busy, busy, busy.

I maybe should have found something new for you to see but I have been looking at the Berrics any spare time I have, its an awesome site and they aren't just repping one company, a load of different companies are getting involved.
The Real section I posted a few days back was rad and now there is this interview with one of the Deluxe founders Jim Thiebaud, i have a mint condition Thiebaud deck at home, i'll try and get a photo up, but in the meantime check out his interview and realise that the Deluxe companies are some of the most legitimate there are.
Not getting too serious Wednesdays with Reda has been keeping me laughing all day "Collabos".
I have also been sorting out new Tee designs, the plan is to have a new ltd design every month over the summer, and the new site should be up soon too.

Monday, 28 April 2008


I don't know if you have heard anything about Deathwish but it is a new sister company to Baker, and is headed up by Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, Antwuan Dixon and Lizard King. As soon as the boards are available we'll have them, they also have a DVD too (kinda) which you should buy to see in decent quality when it comes in, but in the mean time here you go:

Also HERE are what the first boards look like.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Nike SB in NYC

I found these few clips of the Nike SB team filming for Nothing But The Truth in NYC.

Real United Nations

I'm sure I posted this on the news on the site, but in case you missed it check THIS out.
Justin Brock is definately one of my new favourite skaters!
Here is a section from a scene video he was in:

The 360 flip nose roll is stupid.

VOX Demos

Here is a bit of footage from a couple of Vox demos
We will be getting new Vox in time for summer!
Also our newest clothing brand Insight is flying out, come check it out before you miss out!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Figgy and Slash

A couple of news guys are now on the Altamont team, both pretty rad Justin Figueroas part in the Birdhouse video was definately showed he was someone to look out for.
All the spring Altamont stock is now instore too.

Label in Arizona

Check out THIS video of Black Label in Arizona, there is also a trailer for the new Black Label video in production, and if the other Black Label vids are anything to go by it should be sick, i'm just stoked that Jason Adams will be on there!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Gav Coughlan..

... is a young irishman who has made a pretty big leap in his skating by getting on a direct Zero flow, his footage shows that its well deserved, and it is rad that someone from this side of the water is getting recognition from a US brand.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Southern Dynamics

There is a new clip up on Southern Dynamics, click here to take a look.
And Reskue friend Alex Nevill has a little edit up of a trip to Milton Keynes too.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

We Fresh...

Unfortunately we don't stock Ice Cream shoes...
"What you are about to witness has never been done befow!"
Thank God for that.

But we are due new e'S and Emericas tomorrow, including the Habitat ltd ones with a free DVD.
Oh and if you are feeling pretty gangsta but not quite TK check out some of the new Nomis clothing we just got instore, on the new site very soon!


With a slightly weak link to Reskue, in that Jed rides for Hubba, you should maybe vote on this.
My money is on Pink!

Sid Melvin

First (proper) post of the new blog is this vid of Sid Melvin, awesome style and pretty underated at the moment i'd say, Reskue homeslice Marc Churchill went on tour with him back when he was on Cruz and came back pretty stoked!
The Santa Cruz team is pretty rad these days, with Flo Marfaing, Justin Strubing, Alex Moul and more they are definately a team to watch.
A tour from those guys would be rad......

New Blog!

I have spent hours and hours today putting products onto the new Reskue site which is coming very soon! It will contain almost everything we have instore and stock levels are all transferred automatically so if its on the site you can get it!
So in replacement for the Shop/Scene news from the soon to be old sight there is going to be this Blog, it is far easier for me to update and i can imbed all the videos, pics, etc for you to see without clicking on so many links.
Reskue is nearly a year old now so we are going to kick off our second year with a website to be up there with ss20, Slam, Flatspot, Focus and all the other awesome skate shops in our fair land.


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