Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Busy, busy, busy.

I maybe should have found something new for you to see but I have been looking at the Berrics any spare time I have, its an awesome site and they aren't just repping one company, a load of different companies are getting involved.
The Real section I posted a few days back was rad and now there is this interview with one of the Deluxe founders Jim Thiebaud, i have a mint condition Thiebaud deck at home, i'll try and get a photo up, but in the meantime check out his interview and realise that the Deluxe companies are some of the most legitimate there are.
Not getting too serious Wednesdays with Reda has been keeping me laughing all day "Collabos".
I have also been sorting out new Tee designs, the plan is to have a new ltd design every month over the summer, and the new site should be up soon too.

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