Friday, 24 June 2011


Blogging about a fifteen year old video when the majority of the blogs readers are 15-20 seems a bit pointless, but i'm gonna anyway.

Trilogy was sick when it came out, its still sick now, all of the skaters on the teams featured were rad, apart from Kasper stinking up the place but hey I can forgive them for that (if you don't know who Josh Kasper is he once said in an interview that his ultimate demo would involve him riding in on a Harley, doing a trick over the Harley, probabaly a Benihana, then getting helicoptered out - hell on earth)

Quartersnacks, the guys who've uploaded this, have rather accurately said that Kareem Campbell seems to be better known for his appearrance in THPS than his skateboarding to younger skaters, but Kareem was one of the skaters in the mid to late 90s that was taking skateboarding away from the low to the ground, stinking pressure flip variations of the early 90s and back to what looks good: Pop, Speed, Style. Away from the dorkiness, and frankly crappy looking tricks and taking it back to pure street shredding, anyone who ollies over oil drums in lines is rad, and if you needed any more of a lesson in style did I mention Gino Iannucci has a part too?

Just watch the damn thing and then complain that its not as good as whoever it is you like now, but bear in mind this was from a time when million dollar contracts just didn't happen, generators and HD were no where to be seen and you were far more likely to see a blunt in Kareems hand than a frickin energy drink from his latest sponsor - Kareem, you are dope.

Oh and Kareem pretty much invented the Ghetto Bird - I believe his signature trick in the TH games, although I was skateboarding rather than playing games so I couldn't be sure, its a Nollie hardflip revert, and Kareem did AMAZING ones. If you don't know where the term comes from a Ghetto Bird is a helicopter that circles over Ghettos, originally in LA, they very regularly get shot at and have to be bullet proof on the underside, there you go, you've learnt something today.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Anthony Schultz

When people turn pro they tend to have a clip to say so, in case you were in any doubt he deserves it Anthony Schultz has put this out, ridiculous! Usually using a motorbike is a bit xtreme dude fest, but when you couldn't physically get enough speed then I think that ollie warrants it! Absolutely huge!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011


The blog has been neglected of late again! We've been keeping you updated via the Facebook on the sites front page, but some things need a bit more space, like this full length video from Australia/NZ, theres some rad stuff in here, on some spots you may have seen, and a whole bunch you haven't, check it out:

Monday, 28 March 2011


We got our first bunch of PALACE decks and clothing in last week, and they just happened to put up this edit of the PALACE crew hitting up some spots in NYC, any video with Chewy Cannon in is good in my eyes, and they have filmed it all on old school VHS style cameras, giving it an old feel like the OG Zoo York Mixtape video of just rinsing through the streets.

GANGBANGING AT GROUND ZERO from Slam City Skates on Vimeo.

Let us know what you think!

Monday, 14 March 2011


Contests are kinda boring generally, there are a bunch of guys that skate at just the right speed to do the tricks they need to do, and cos they wanna land everything half the time you know what tricks they are gonna do.
Thena along comes Dennis Busenitz at this years Tampa Pro, having apparently only turned up for one day, breezed throught this ridiculous run at Busenitz speed and won the contest, if you aren't hyped for the Real video you are an idiot, plain and simple!
The whole of the Real team shred and Dennis is a true skaters skater, no one dislikes Dennis Busenitz.

Dennis Busenitz Tampa Pro 2011 Winning Run from Rob Meronek on Vimeo.

He does tricks off the cuff that would be the best trick most off us have ever done!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Love Park Documentary - DGK

This was a really well made film about the history of LOVE park, and it only used to be on VHS, thankfully the lovely people at Quartersnacks have now put the whole thing online, if you wanna know about real skateboarding here is a good place to start!
I have posted this before in Youtube parts, but vimeo is way better quality and its in its entireity too!

ON Video: Love Park Documentary (2004) from Quartersnacks on Vimeo.

If you need to know how good Stevie Williams is here is a little reminder:

Easily one of my favourite skaters, i'm really hoping now that Kalis is on DGK they skate together more and put out sick parts on the DGK video.


Friday, 21 January 2011

New Decks+Parts and Reskue Video Hype!

Someone asked me the other day how we decide which decks to get in, basically if someone is doing something creative that is pushing skateboarding forward you can bet we'll have their board! thats why we have new decks from Guru Khalsa, Chris Troy, Justin Brock and Kenny Hoyle, all of them have had solid video parts, so if you wanna support them then pick up one of the decks!

Fakie Bigspin Feeble down a rail?!

Hippy Steez!

Justin Brock - D Face collab board! Extremely LTD!

Justin Brock vs D*Face from dlxsf on Vimeo.

And finally the Expedition Video! Its basically a full video for free welcoming Kenny Hoyle to the pro ranks, Kenny was personally chosen by Andrew Reynolds to skate for Altamont so you know hes bangin!

Expedition one -Madness full from Nak Shred on Vimeo.

I haven't hyped this for a while! Constant release date questions have made me go low key, and all this snow and bad weather hasn't been helping! But we have been getting footage recently and there are only a few seconds needed for each persons part!
So here is a Hype video with a glimpse of some of the stuff you can expect!


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