Friday, 24 June 2011


Blogging about a fifteen year old video when the majority of the blogs readers are 15-20 seems a bit pointless, but i'm gonna anyway.

Trilogy was sick when it came out, its still sick now, all of the skaters on the teams featured were rad, apart from Kasper stinking up the place but hey I can forgive them for that (if you don't know who Josh Kasper is he once said in an interview that his ultimate demo would involve him riding in on a Harley, doing a trick over the Harley, probabaly a Benihana, then getting helicoptered out - hell on earth)

Quartersnacks, the guys who've uploaded this, have rather accurately said that Kareem Campbell seems to be better known for his appearrance in THPS than his skateboarding to younger skaters, but Kareem was one of the skaters in the mid to late 90s that was taking skateboarding away from the low to the ground, stinking pressure flip variations of the early 90s and back to what looks good: Pop, Speed, Style. Away from the dorkiness, and frankly crappy looking tricks and taking it back to pure street shredding, anyone who ollies over oil drums in lines is rad, and if you needed any more of a lesson in style did I mention Gino Iannucci has a part too?

Just watch the damn thing and then complain that its not as good as whoever it is you like now, but bear in mind this was from a time when million dollar contracts just didn't happen, generators and HD were no where to be seen and you were far more likely to see a blunt in Kareems hand than a frickin energy drink from his latest sponsor - Kareem, you are dope.

Oh and Kareem pretty much invented the Ghetto Bird - I believe his signature trick in the TH games, although I was skateboarding rather than playing games so I couldn't be sure, its a Nollie hardflip revert, and Kareem did AMAZING ones. If you don't know where the term comes from a Ghetto Bird is a helicopter that circles over Ghettos, originally in LA, they very regularly get shot at and have to be bullet proof on the underside, there you go, you've learnt something today.

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