Monday, 30 June 2008

New Website!

The new reskue site is now online! Almost everything from the shop is available so take a look! We are keeping the instore sale on for this week too, and will be putting the remaining sale stock online after that, but come visit the store for our half price sale!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


The new Reskue site is very near to being done and should be live in a day or two, then you have no excuse to go elsewhere!
Over 1000 products online of all the best companies, and don't forget if we don't have exactly what you want you can always order it!

Alex Moul

Alex Moul was originally from Oxford and used to skate Southampton a bit back in the day, in fact he had a photo in a mag boardsliding a ledge outside Asda, he then went on to be part of the Flip team in the states and is now pro for Santa Cruz, if you have never seen how good he is then witness this part:

From Asda to Santa Cruz!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Free Pegasus

Here is a trailer for a new film by skate legend Brian Lotti, who invented the bigspin! Here is an old video part of his too:Know your roots!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Vans in China

I have also found this vid of the European Vans team in China, the team is really strong and you can see the footage of the cover shot of this months Sidewalk.

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Vans Roll With Us tour.

There is a whole load of footage on the european Vans site of the recent Roll With Us tour.
And don't forget we have a huge sale on at the moment too!

Vincent Alverez... a new am on the Chocolate team and he is really really good, nice speedy lines and a good bag of tricks, check out his intro vid HERE.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Flip Video?

Check out this old video, made by legendary british vert pro Sean Goff in 1992!

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The NASS festival seemed to go off pretty well this year, no riots at least! The street course lookedc pretty gnarly but Reskue riders Jed Cullen and Marc Churchill both did pretty well with 8th and 6th place respectively, i heard Marc hurt his ankle in his last run, so get well soon mate!

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DGK rudeness.

The latest line of boards from DGK are instore now, kinda, they are in black bags and have parental advisory stickers on, so you can only buy them if you are 18, maybe google it or something if you want to see em!
They are being sold as ltd editions and collectors have been quick to snap up full sets, so if you know anyone that wants a set, we have one!

Bastien Salabanzi

I just thought that some younger chaps might not know who new Jart pro Bastien Salabanzi is either, he used to be on Flip a few years back but had a break from the board for a while but now he is back, here is an old part of his from the Lordz video.

Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez was pretty big time a few years back, had a pro shoe on Globe but never really found a major board sponsor, but he has recently signed up to the Jart team, all Jart boards are made in Spain and we have them instore for just 34.99, which for a company that has a lot of pros including Danny and Bastien Salabanzi is really good value.
Here a couple of clips of Danny Gonzalez, he has a wierd choice in tricks which makes people love or hate him, all i know is doing a flip melon down Wallenburg is no joke!

Gilbert Crockett

Here is the first of the catch up links, a bit of footage of Gilbert Crockett in HD, it is gonna be so good when whole vids are in HD.


So I know there haven't been any posts for a while but with good reason! I have been really busy trying to get the new site done, and to make it look really great i thought that instead of using stock photos from companies we would have a photoshoot of all the clothing in the shop, this took a while!
I will catch up now and get a bunch of stuff up to look at, and the new site should be up in the next few days too!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Dion Mcgarrity

I dunno what is going on in Ireland lately but some seriously good skaters are coming out of there, check this guy out.
Oh and may as well watch this too:

Fully Flared inspired next level stuff seems to be popping up everywhere, biggerspins and the like.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Rebel 8

We have a bunch of new Rebel 8 stuff in, should have some online soon, but take a look here to find out more about it, Mike Giant is a legend.

Winch Jam

If you are too lazy to click some links here is the Winch Jam:

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Black Box Employee Comp!

If you check out the Sidewalk website the footage from the Winch jam is currently on the front page which is pretty cool, well done to Rob Crawford for that, and the props Curt is collecting for his late back foot flip shuv is pretty rad too.
As well as this there is a new article on the Black Box site, home of Zero, Mystery, Fallen.
Black Box actually employs a whole bunch of skaters so they have an annual comp at their park for them.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Summers looking good!

So this weekend saw both a comp at Hoglands run by K2 and the Winch Jam. Reskue did its bit to support both, but when people found out you had to have helmets and consent forms for Hogs, the Winch jam seemed like a better option.
It was cool to actually have something at Hoglands, and kids were definately stoked on their prizes but older skaters went for the "run by skaters" option and headed down to Winch.
Well done to all the Winch chaps who helped put it on and all the extra bits they made for it, there is an edit up by mr Crawford on Southern Dynamics already, looks like it was an awesome day!
It is not often you have a choice of comps to go to so they are well worth supporting, and bear in mind that there is ANOTHER comp at Hoglands this weekend with an I-Pod for first place!
Anyone would think we have a scene!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Pro Tec Pool Party

A chap from Portsmouth way came in and told us about his mate going to the Pro Tec comp at the Vans park, here is a vid he made, that pool is huge!

We came back from Milton Keynes yesterday with a tiny bit of crap footage so i'll maybe have a little edit up tonight, don't expect much tho! If you haven't been there its well worth going if you are a street skater.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Girl in Oz

Here is a new tour vid from the Girl team, as usual the skating is amazing but i'm especially stoked on the pool skating, it reminded me of the pool in Bournemouth!
Mccranks lines are sick too!

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Thursday, 5 June 2008


Here is a montage of the legendary British spot Lloyds in Bristol.
Korahn Gayle pretty much kills it!

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New Girl pros!

No big surprises here, Mike Mo Capaldi, Alex Olson and Sean Malto are now all pro for Girl, Mike Mo and Alex Olsons parts in Fully Flared were amazing and this is definately well deserved.
You may have noticed we haven't had much Girl/Chocolate/Lakai stuff in a while, but we should have a bunch soon, also including Fourstar clothing too!
Check out their ridiculous ads HERE


Here is a little vid of chaps from the Kayo Corp, always good to see Rob Welsh footage.

We have over 90 decks in stock at the moment and a hell of a lot of trucks and wheels, so if you are finishing your exams then set your self up for the summer! For those of you who are still going, good luck!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Lakai extras

There are a few edits up on the Lakai site of one of their last filming trips to Malaga.
This is the second of three, check the others out at

We also got a whole bunch of Jart decks in today all only £35.

Joe Gavin

Haven't posted for a few days, but here is a section from Harmony's Joe Gavin, he has a rad style and we have his new pro model along with Danijel Todorovic's in store now.

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