Monday, 9 June 2008

Summers looking good!

So this weekend saw both a comp at Hoglands run by K2 and the Winch Jam. Reskue did its bit to support both, but when people found out you had to have helmets and consent forms for Hogs, the Winch jam seemed like a better option.
It was cool to actually have something at Hoglands, and kids were definately stoked on their prizes but older skaters went for the "run by skaters" option and headed down to Winch.
Well done to all the Winch chaps who helped put it on and all the extra bits they made for it, there is an edit up by mr Crawford on Southern Dynamics already, looks like it was an awesome day!
It is not often you have a choice of comps to go to so they are well worth supporting, and bear in mind that there is ANOTHER comp at Hoglands this weekend with an I-Pod for first place!
Anyone would think we have a scene!

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