Thursday, 30 April 2009

Canada Eh?

If you direct yourself over to 6:57 mr Rob Crawford has posted a pretty good trailer for an upcoming Canadian scene vid, the switch tre looks bangin, frontside half cab flip suski grind?

Loads of people are loving scene vids at the moment, and you can see why, big vids like Fully Flared and Mindfield are literally years overdue when they come out, whereas scene vids just sneak up on you and launch unknown skaters into stardom, i think the scene vid boom started with the PJ Ladd video, and Youtube etc has meant that kids are always now saying "Have you seen this? I'll send you the link" and voila, instantly known by loads of skaters!

I disagree that Canada is under the radar though, hasn't he heard of Killah Mo! And Wade is from there!

Death at Transgression/Williams trick tips

Here is some footage of a few of the Death team killing it, Benson is getting ridiculous! Flip melon is bangin!

We got restock of Bullet decks in all sizes today, as well as restock of Flip and Black Label decks. We should have a bunch of new Harmony decks tomorrow, as well as restock on Karma and Motive decks.
Also the final of Secret Wars is on tonight at Soul Cellar and it should be bangin!

I have also found a few trick tips for the learners out there, here is William, I have never met him but I have heard he rips!


Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Lindsey Dreamspot

There is a new Mystery Dreamspot up for Lindsey Robertson, I gotta say this is my favourite of the spots so far! The tricks are rad, and the skating isn't bad either!
Speaking of girls here is some footage of a girl who actually has some steez!

Pretty sick, just a reminder too that the Final of Secret Wars is on tomorrow at Soul Cellar, definately worth checking out.
And lastly it is Marc Churchills birthday today, if you see him around say happy birthday! Here he is doing a Smith at the Barnstaple park which Marc and a few friends opened on Sunday, the place looks rad, there should be some footage in the next day or two.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Black Box!

Is back! If i haven't said this enough already, I like Black Box stuff, Zero, $lave and Mystery all have amazing teams, they constantly have new footage up, the videos are always sick and Jamie Thomas is the head honcho so even though they are pretty big these days you know its still a skater run company.

We are now getting Black Box stuff direct from the USA, which basically means we have the choice of everything the companies do, instead of just what an English distributor thinks would sell, so if you guys want anything you have seen on the Black Box site then let us know by tonight and we can order it in for you! As stuff is coming from the US it takes about a week, and we are getting a healthy stock of all three board brands, but if there is a particular deck or item you think you want then let me know - - thats what i'm here for!

You can add Black Box on Facebook HERE.
and to wet your whistle here is a bit of footage of Rattray, Cole and Bobier skating a mini ramp, everyone knows Rattray shreds mini, but its rad to see Cole getting some tranny tricks.

Also Dorchester park had its opening jam this weekend, wierd how half the footage is on the four stair when there is a whole park surrounding it but I guess it shows street skateboarding is still what people want to do!

More Skateboarding >>

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Over on the Berrics you can now pick the people you would like to see in the new Battle at the Berrics, the people with the most votes will enter.

There are a few strange selections in there, Mike V must have never heard the "no feet on the ground, no bonelesses" rule.

There are also a lot of people that aren't selectable that were in the first one, no Mike Mo or Benny! But there is Chris Cole, Daewon and P Rod, if you fancy doing a screen grab of your selection then maybe we'll post some up here, when I was selecting people were saying about who is likely to win, whereas I was just selecting people who I wanted to see do tricks, so the people with the best style, I know realistically Ray Barbee isn't gonna win but I just wanna see some moves! AVE would be sick to watch too, and Justin Brock, and Guy Mariano, in fact I could give you a run down of every skater but get over there and make your own mind up.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Paget x Crawford collabo!

So Paget was late to meet us to go skating yesterday, turns out he was mackin on ladies, his facebook status has changed and everything, to celebrate this remarkable turn of events he has produced this ltd edition record available at Reskue soon.

All the music will be featured in the upcoming 6:57 video.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Guy Mariano part 7!

This is getting pretty in depth with Guy Mariano, and it doesn't look like its finishing any time soon!

Also following the Fallen tip HERE is Tommy Sandoval doing some mannys, Fakie double flip fakie manual? Damn straight! Sandoval has a lot of fans in Southampton and its rad to see someone you associate with doing gnar stuff bringing out the tech.
Also here is a little interview with Chris Cole, you might have noticed I have been posting a fair bit from the Black Box camp, thats because stuff will probably start shipping again next week, so we will finally have some new Zero, Mystery and $lave decks!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Vans, Etnies, and Trials?!

I didn't post anything for a few days, mostly because I have actually been skateboarding, as well as finishing off the Reskue vid, there are so many extras it looks like there is gonna be about two hours of skating!
To make up for the lack of recent posts here are a couple of things for you: First of all the Vans team site has been completely overhauled, with pics, vids and interviews with all of the pro team, any team that has Rowley, Cardiel and Van Engelen on is rad in my eyes!

Also seeing everyone loves Tyler Bledsoe at the moment HERE is some footage of him over on the Etnies blog, there are a few other rad clips on there too.

Chris Pulman was in the shop yesterday showing us the Holiday range of Fallen footwear, if you didn't know we are getting Fallen around August time, which will come round quickly, the Fallen team kill it and Jamie Thomas has always been one of my favourite skaters so i'm stoked we are gonna be doing Fallen.

Also here is a the HiFi promo for the people who couldn't be bothered to click one whole link the other day:

More Skateboarding >>

OK now I have posted a bunch of skating stuff you can't lynch me for posting this video, its not skateboarding but some of the stuff is actually ridiculous, 20 stair 360's?!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Reskue gets gnar!

With our decks anyway, we have some new boards from Creature, including bigger sizes for the bowl shredders and some Black Label decks, Alien Workshop ltd edition decks and some Flip decks, as well as some Plan B decks which I don't think I posted about before.
For the cheapskates out there we have some more of the Bullet decks, which are still at £30 instead of the £35 recommended price.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

SFTW Results!

OK here are the results!
I'll post more about the comp tomorrow, but i'm going skating!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Hustle Flips Son! - and HIFi promo!

So being the second most popular skate site in the world after the Berrics now means they are starting to notice my blog, and the latest Bangin is one of the best ever, Josiah Gatlyn pays a homage to Reskue with the most ridiculous Hustle flip ever! If you are wondering about the definition of a Hustle flip its a 360 flip but caught with your front foot, while your back foot steezes out the back, look at Wade D, Justin Brock, Furby and Jan Tanner on the nollie variety.
You can hustle front shuvs and pretty much any trick but a 360 flip is the OG Hustle Flip.

In skate news the Powell video "Fun" is due out the first week in May, it'll be £16 and if you want to pre order one then let me know!
The first preorders come with Powell skate dice!

HiFi are premiering their promo video today at the stereo website, if you don't know about HiFi its basically Stereos wheel company and a few other rad guys skate for them too. We are gonna be having some HiFi wheels real soon and they will only be £25 too so are really good value, the promo is premiering at about 8.00pm tonight! Ben Gore is having a last minute section on it and trust me, the guy kills it! The entire team is a collection of steez machines.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Barnstaple and Chris Cole...

...have nothing to do with each other, apart from they are both rad.
Marc Churchill just sent over some pictures of the new park at Barnstaple which is a good mix of tranny and plaza style stuff, its pretty far away (3 hrsish) but the Vans team are opening the park on Sun 26th April so is maybe worth a visit, i'll definately be trying to get there at some point for a good screechy tailslide on the bricks!

Now on to the Chris Cole part, HERE is some footage of him ripping the Black Box park on a mini board, doing tricks that would be good on a normal board.

SFTW has had an awesome response, all the videos have between 900-1200 views! A lot of people have voted but nowhere near as many as have viewed the videos, so get people to vote! If you have entered a video then you need to pimp it on your Facebook, Myspace etc.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Kanye been bitin my shiz - again!

So a few months back ya'll know how I said we have been supporting Secret Wars, then Kanye posts it on his blog saying its cool like he is some sort of innovator, remember that? Well a few days ago I posted up reminiscing about Love park and saying how Stevie Williams is one of my favourite skaters, well Kanye has obviously read that too and got Stevie all up in his new video! Kanye stop biting my steez, if you start rhyming about hustle flips in your next video then I wants to get paid! Yadadadamean!

SFTW - 09 - VOTE!

So the videos have been up for 11 hours now and all of them have had between 130-190 views, which is pretty sick as it was basically all during the night, however only around 20 people have voted so far! If you made one you should be pimping it, and if you are reading this and haven't voted then get on it! Link to the blog and get people to watch the vids.

Monday, 13 April 2009

SFTW 09! (and hustle flips)

So the vids are up a few hours late, thats because I spent about two hours trying to do tres like Wade Desarmo, aka Hustle flips.

Anyway here are all the SFTW vids, It only took five hours to get all the vids up instead of the eight it took last year!
To vote on best trick and anything else you want to comment on then comment the Reskue Myspace/Facebook (links on the right dumbass) or e mail - or even comment the blog!
GET VOTING! and pimp your vid to your friends/neighbours/teachers/parole officers/whatever, voting was really close last year so every vote counts!

Here are the entries for the comp, please take the time to view them all before you vote in an effort to be fair!
The first Poll is for best team which is based purely on the quality of skating.
The second poll is for best edit which is based on the filming and editing of the video, and not on the quality of skating itself.

Team Bonio

More Skateboarding >>

Team Daystar

More Skateboarding >>

Geek Mafia

More Skateboarding >>

Team Happy Skaters

More Skateboarding >>

Team Nipple Whip

More Skateboarding >>

Team Nipple Whip Are Lame

More Skateboarding >>

No One Bails Like Blake!

More Skateboarding >>


More Skateboarding >>

Winch Booze Train

More Skateboarding >>

Winch Griz

More Skateboarding >>


More Skateboarding >>

Sk8face trailer

This looks like its gonna be pretty rad, a documentary on skatebopard graphics, I dunno if many of you realise how much old school boards go for on Ebay these days, its pretty crazy, in the trailer a board gets close to $10,000!

If you are hoping to see SFTW edits they will be up at about 8 or 9 tonight, to be honest I thought one of the teams had it sewn up but I have had a few entries in today and its gonna be pretty close again!
The voting will be the same as last year, but you need to leave comments on the myspace/facebook/e mail for who you think should get best trick!

Saturday, 11 April 2009


As some of the eagle eyed among you may have noticed tomorrow is easter sunday, which makes it one of my three days off a year. However I did originally say the SFTW vids had to be in by sunday, that is going to get extended to Monday. So to reiterate for the stupid among you - you can hand in your SFTW vids on monday, no later than that!

48Blocks - Josh Kalis - Love park

48Blocks is dope, its a site supposedly dedicated to skating in SF, its mostly got interviews with slightly older skaters and if you haven't been skating long you might not know what they are on about, there is an interview with Josh Kalis on there at the moment - i'd hope you all know who Josh Kalis is from his recent Mindfield part, he is a real skaters skater and always comes out with a few really progressive tricks in his video parts, the interview also touches on the Philly days when him and Stevie Williams were absolutely killing Love Park. We were watching Welcome to Hell yesterday and talking about how it was strange that Josh Kalis was once on Toy Machine, I think its rad that Jamie Thomas had some faith in him and hooked him up, then in turn Josh had some faith in a non skating Stevie Williams and changed the legacy of Love Park forever, Josh basically started the Love revival!
I think I have definately posted this On Video documentary before but I don't care, here it is again:

The quality of this bits really bad, but the skating is dope.

What happened at Love was inevitable but truly horrible as well, the mainstream media cashed in on what kids had created, making literally millions of dollars!
It obviously couldn't last forever but the sight of groups of 20+ cops coming in just to arrest skaters is ridiculous, at one point the cops even tried to dress as skaters and go undercover, obviously they just looked like complete noobs and skaters could spot them a mile away, so they dressed as bums instead.
Just think how much it costs to pay twenty cops for the day, surely any damage caused to Love, which would be minimal, pales into insignificance in comparison to how much you have to pay loads of cops to be there every day! And when you have the designer of the park saying that skating should be allowed, and literally hundreds of businesses that loved the skaters being there you would think that the city council might have noticed, i'm stoked to have been skating when the second coming of Love happened, Stevie Williams reason part, half of the Photosynthesis video, even the simple pop out, were all so rad at the time, everyone was trying nosegrind pop outs and I still can't believe how good some of the tricks were - Stevie Williams switch frontside noseslide on a waist high ledge is ridiculous, I remember seeing a photo of it and just thinking it couldn't be real.
The saddest thing about Love is that there has been nothing like it since, it changed skateboarding, I guess the closest thing to it for a new generation is the Berrics, the one thing that almost all skaters look at and look up too, but as rad as the Berrics is it isn't real, its not on the streets and I hope that it doesn't mean kids will now just want to skate indoor parks all the time, street skating is where true creativity lies. Its all good skating parks and getting tricks down ready for street spots but its good to be on the streets, the attitude should definately not be "F**k the streets!"

This part was right at the start of the second coming of Love.

The start of this seemed to be ommited from the above.

This video shows DC offering $1,000,000 to keep skateboarding at Love, the council turned down the money! turn the sound off at 2:23 unless you want an attack of scarring euro pop, definately the worst case of music ruining an otherwise sick video part.

Here is a little Stevie Williams vid.

A few people don't seem to believe me when I say Stevie williams is one of my favourite skaters, but thats the rad thing about skating, is that I can like John Cardiel and Jason Adams, and Stevie Williams at the same time.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Duffs!

Our spring Duffs are here! Including the highly anticipated Louie Barletta pro model in two different colourways and a few other shoes too.

Have a look at them online HERE, but be quick!
If you didn't know much about Duffs here is a rundown: recently their UK distributor bought the company, technically making them a British company! they still have a good U.S. team with Louie Barletta and Cooper Wilt as well as British guys Ben Raemers and Carl Wilson. All the new shoes have been designed by ex pro Stacy Lowery, meaning they are made specifically for skating, and they are bangin!
Here is some footage of Stacy:

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

5 Boro and stuff

We haven't had any 5Boro for a while, but if you are a regular blog reader you'll know I really like this company! They recently turned one of their french riders, Guillaume Dulout, pro. Here is a bit of footage of him on a DVS trip to Barcelona:

As well as this they have recently picked up ex Cliche rider Vincent Bressol, you may have been wondering what happened to him as he was still killing it when he left Cliche, here is a video part to remind you:

We'll have some new 5Boro boards soon, if they don't have to keep shelling out for lenses,along with the first ever Stereo Benny Fairfax pro model, probably next week sometime.
We'll have the first ever Danny Falla pro board too, I can't remember if I posted this before but its bangin, his mag minute:

For those that have been wondering about the Fully Flared like delay on the Reskue dvd, fear not it is coming! I was finishing off the final edit last night with a few new tricks from Taters and Gregs all new section, he wasn't completely happy with his section, "too many double flips" so i'm having a rejig of it then it'll be ready to go, Curts section had to be completely re-editted too because of the format of some of the footage but its looking good now! The main video is now almost exactly a half hour, the perfect length to watch before a skate, and the extras go for probably 45 mins so you get a whole lot of skating for your money too!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

North Of Everything/ Etnies Japan/ SFTW

Have a clicky HERE to go to the Fourstar site to have a look at the North Of Everything tour, pretty good stuff. And you can have a look HERE for the Etnies team in Japan, Sean Malto is sick as usual! There is a heck of a lot of good footage there and its all for free!

And if you have been wondering about what happened in the SFTW comp, so have I! I have seen one or two tricks people have done and there is some seriously good stuff that went down, if everyone gives the videos in the right format (and aren't moronic like last year) they will all be up on sunday night - with regard to prizes it was only by luck there was so many last year, but our friends at Bones, Independent and Duffs are hooking us up, and hopefully a few other people too!
The 6:57 crew got some awesome stuff and the Geek Mafia got some bangers too! Far more people entered than last year but a lot of people seemed to pull out, citing the exact problems I said about, going straight for hammers instead of getting stuff you know you can do! Ironically it did mean that we had the most board sales ever on saturday, so looks like there is hope for skateboarding in Southampton!

Monday, 6 April 2009

The return of Jafar... rubbish, but Aladdin is sick, and after a shralp we had a watch of it the other day and taters noticed how much Jafar looked like Frank Gerwer, so he let The Berrics know and this happened...

To see it at the Berrics click here.
Also there is some footage from the recent Matix Finally Eur'up tour. Pudwills front feebs on a block is sick.

Friday, 3 April 2009


In an outstanding piece of timing from Steve Berra (I text him last night asking to put it up) there is a video over at The Berrics looking at Baker Boys Distribution, basically Erik Ellington and Jim greco started Deathwish and its all skater owned, the distributors in the UK are a couple of skaters, and Reskue is a skater owned shop, so in getting Deathwish product from Reskue you are supporting skateboarding, thats it! there is no corporate entity involved, which unfortunately doesn't happen much in skateboarding these days! and for the guys that have been asking about a slash pro model, as soon as we can get it, we'll get it!

Also over at the Berrics there are the results from Bang Yoself 2, and the person I thought was gonna win, won! As soon as you see someone flip backtail a handrail you know its on! all the other guys are properly sick, so enjoy the vids and get inspired ready for filming SFTW this weekend!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Don't look at this...

...if you are narrow minded, its not skateboarding, its one of my bros Rob Castle bmxing mostly around Southampton, I thought you might wanna see some of the spots used as they aren't likely to get skated any time soon!
It seems in lots of other places there is a bit of beef between BMX and skaters, but i'd say Southampton keeps it pretty friendly, its worth getting on if only to discuss park plans and showing the council we get along will only help in getting new parks built.

Rob Castle, Welcome to Odessa footwear. from callum earnshaw on Vimeo.

G Mizzle part four

Guy Mariano epicly later'd part four:

If you are wanting to enter Something For The Weekend you need to get your teams in! You cannot enter unless you have registered by this friday!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


So right now we have hecka boards in, over 70 in fact, new decks from Flip and Deathwish, and restock on sale decks from Santa Cruz and City, they are instore now and online from tomorrow.
your link for the day is over to Powell, not the most popular skate company in the world considering they were HUGE at one point, but the trailer for their new video looks pretty good, and with a title like "Fun" I hope its, ermmm, fun?
Paggers and Matt are currently here and want me to say something about them on the blog:
Paggers you do too many front blunts.
Matt you eat too many crisps.


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