Tuesday, 7 April 2009

North Of Everything/ Etnies Japan/ SFTW

Have a clicky HERE to go to the Fourstar site to have a look at the North Of Everything tour, pretty good stuff. And you can have a look HERE for the Etnies team in Japan, Sean Malto is sick as usual! There is a heck of a lot of good footage there and its all for free!

And if you have been wondering about what happened in the SFTW comp, so have I! I have seen one or two tricks people have done and there is some seriously good stuff that went down, if everyone gives the videos in the right format (and aren't moronic like last year) they will all be up on sunday night - with regard to prizes it was only by luck there was so many last year, but our friends at Bones, Independent and Duffs are hooking us up, and hopefully a few other people too!
The 6:57 crew got some awesome stuff and the Geek Mafia got some bangers too! Far more people entered than last year but a lot of people seemed to pull out, citing the exact problems I said about, going straight for hammers instead of getting stuff you know you can do! Ironically it did mean that we had the most board sales ever on saturday, so looks like there is hope for skateboarding in Southampton!

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