Friday, 17 April 2009

Hustle Flips Son! - and HIFi promo!

So being the second most popular skate site in the world after the Berrics now means they are starting to notice my blog, and the latest Bangin is one of the best ever, Josiah Gatlyn pays a homage to Reskue with the most ridiculous Hustle flip ever! If you are wondering about the definition of a Hustle flip its a 360 flip but caught with your front foot, while your back foot steezes out the back, look at Wade D, Justin Brock, Furby and Jan Tanner on the nollie variety.
You can hustle front shuvs and pretty much any trick but a 360 flip is the OG Hustle Flip.

In skate news the Powell video "Fun" is due out the first week in May, it'll be £16 and if you want to pre order one then let me know!
The first preorders come with Powell skate dice!

HiFi are premiering their promo video today at the stereo website, if you don't know about HiFi its basically Stereos wheel company and a few other rad guys skate for them too. We are gonna be having some HiFi wheels real soon and they will only be £25 too so are really good value, the promo is premiering at about 8.00pm tonight! Ben Gore is having a last minute section on it and trust me, the guy kills it! The entire team is a collection of steez machines.

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