Monday, 29 June 2009

Busy times!

So looking at the blog it has nearly been a week since a post and it is meant to be daily! Shocking! All it means is that I have been busy, if you had added us on FACEBOOK you would have got a good few little links tho!
So Battle At The Berrics has snuk up and started again, Chris Cole played Mike Vallely on saturday, and Jamie Thomas played Dennis Busenitz on sunday. The Cole game was a bit of a joke, and if you fancied expressing your opinion on it then HERE is a good place to start!
There was also the CPH pro contest in Copenhagen, there was a live stream but by the time I had posted it people would have missed it, again if you were a Facebook friend you would have seen it! Anyway T Puds won, and I thought it was a bit suspect seeing he is sponsored by DVS and so was the event, but he was truly killing it! fs flip the electrical box and bs smith flip out, both video worthy tricks and he did them in a comp! Koston was killing it too tho.

Jamie Thomas also has a new ten tricks over at the Black Box site, Jamie still rips, and you guys obviously agree cos I sold two JT decks this weekend.
In closer to home news the reason I couldn't update the blog one day was because myself and Reskue friend Ranny went to meet up with Southsea local Jak Tonge so Ranny could shoot some photos for his First Light in Sidewalk, Jak is seriously good and got a couple of sequences in a matter of minutes, but you'll have to wait to see them.
Ranny also brought in a bunch of his photos and put them up on the walls of Reskue last week, it adds a bit of character to the store and shows the rippage of the Reskue team so check them out next time you are in.
I guess thats it for now, I finally have got the blog to not look too crappy on the main site too, so if you have this bookmarked then maybe just look at the main Reskue site from now on, cos then you'll know bout all the new products too!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Familia Video

I'm stoked on this video! If you didn't know (I'd hope some of you are as geeky as me, but you probably aren't) Familia is Steve Nessers shop (The Birdhouse pro) I toyed around with a name based on Family for the shop but Familia was taken! Empire skate building was another one, but it was ABD and kinda cheesy, anyway.
Familia do pretty well to support the scene out there, and the skating and spots in the vid are both rad, its funny seeing Tony Hawk and Danny Montoya pop up in there (They share some sponsors with Steve) Jamiel Nowpavar has pretty good gangster white boy steez too! Scene vids and shop vids are really good lately, maybe because they actually show people having fun rather than just full on hammers and bangers! The look on the dudes face when he lands the frontside wallride says it all! Hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Oh and the reskue vid is coming, soonish! Maybe a couple more weeks!

Hold Tight/Mallorca/K Swiss!?

Hold Tight London vid should be out soon, it'll be the first British video out in a while (apart from smaller scene vids) and its gonna be banging, here is a bit of footy from some of the HTL crew at the newish park at Mile End in the big smoke:

Also you may have heard the news Greg Lutzka is on K Swiss! Unexpected and a bit strange, people have very mixed opinions on this!
Here is a vid of Lutzka starting to design his shoe!

Also there is some footage of a whole crew of rad UK guys on a Mallorca trip a few years back, some of the footy you may recognise from Danny Bradys Lost and Found part!

I have had a few people ask about the new Blueprint stuff, unfortunately Blueprint is distributed by TKC now, which is owned by the same people as Route One, and therefore we are not going to be stocking it. Oh and we aren't getting K Swiss anytime soon either! Hope you don't lose sleep about that.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Add us up! Plan B/Shake Junt/Biebel

If you are a facebooker then add Reskue as a pal, you will get even more love from Reskue and know stuff even quicker than this blog!
There is a welcome to summer clip from Plan B HERE, in Plan B news Jereme Rogers has retired! That is kinda wierd but its genuinely true, I have no idea what he is gonna do with his life, i'm guessing having "I fear no man" tattooed on your neck doesn't go down too well at interviews!
Biebel has a Battle Commander over at the Berrics and its pretty damn good!
I dunno if I said already but we have the new Powell DVD in and its really really good!
Each person has a ridiculous ender!
Also there is a Shake Junt promo up HERE, if you like faux gangsters then its pretty bangin!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

HMMMM + United By Fate!

You may be wondering why the blog looks wierd today, basically I spent a bit of time playing with it today to embed it on the actual Reskue site, it works but i dunno if i like it, I wanted to make it so you didn't have to go to two seperate sites, you could simply go to and get your fill of news and new products!
Anyway if you think thats a good idea, or stupidly crap then e mail me and let me know!
In the mean time her is the latest Globe United By Fate, and its Bangin too!
I reduced even more stuff instore today too, so all the jeans are now half price, and they are actually on the website too!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Famous video

The fall Famous line should be arriving with us in the next three weeks, and I have had a few people ask about Famous link to skating, they actually have a pretty sick team and have been filming for a video set to be released in the winter, all I know is a new Darren Harper part would be bangin!
The new trailer only went up yesterday:

Here is a reminder of the mega pop of Darren Harper:

Also if you are in the mood for some East Coast skating it is the Zoo York video premier at Orange Rooms tonight.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Andy Evans videos!

I would hope that most of you have seen This N That, or Straight To Video:

both of which are skate videos made by Andy evans which have parts from Reskue riders Greg Nowik and Marc Churchill.
Andy is just about to release a new video which is bound to be full of awesome skating and stupidity in equal measure!
Here is a trailer:

And here is Evans look at the new Wakefield park, with an interview with the designer Mr Marc Churchill.

To say Marc is doing positive things for skateparks in the UK would be an understatement, we just need one in Southampton!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Reskue Tees!

So I posted a few days ago that we were gonna be getting more Reskue tees in, and its starting now - the classic Jars logo tee is back! All the Reskue tees are gonna be £14.99 or 2 for £25! (which means £12.50 each dumbass!) You can spread out the 2, so if you and a mate want one each on two different cards for example, thats fine! £12.50 is a bit of a bargain for a tee these days, so grab a homie and get some!
we also have it as a hood, its not exactly hood weather at the moment, but after a session when the mosquitos attack they are worth their weight in gold!
Take a look at the Jars tee HERE, they are pretty limited so get on it! The DMC tee is coming next and I have a few other designs on the go at the moment so we'll see which one comes out top!

BATB2 Competition

Hi guys! It's me, Taters! I'm blogging again today because Andrew is too excited about Battle at the Berrics 2 that he can't contain himself! The brackets are now online here! So fill it in and you may win the actual skateboard the winner uses in the finals! There is also a printable version avalible so fill one of those out and bring it in to the shop and the person who get's the nearest to the actual results at the end of the championships will win a couple of Reskue t-shirts! How about that ?

Now go skateboarding!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Black Box stuff!

Ok so it has taken nearly all day to do but all the new Black Box stuff is online, New decks and wheels from Mystery, Zero and Slave and a few new tees from Zero too! there is also restock on a bunch of the popular decks and tees so if we have been out of stock of something then we may well have it again!

If you are a regular Berrics visitor you will have seen that Koston is now on Nike SB, no real surprise there!

Rather than a vid today I thought i'd post you this photo:

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New Black Box - Sale decks - Chapman vid.

A whole bunch of new stuff from Zero, Mystery and Slave should be arriving tomorrow, and we are gonna be one of the first shops to have some of it! The Mystery Mariachi series are brand spanking new, as is the Garret Hill Zombie deck in a nice big size - 8.125. We'll have a bunch of the wheels as well as some clothing and restock of the boards we got recently, including the zombie series.

We have also just had a few Santa Cruz and Flip decks restocked, which are going straight out at a sale price! So come get involved if you after a new deck, they won't be around for long.
We also got some Doh Doh upgrade kits which have a full set of bushings and bushing cup washers, so you don't have to worry what fits with what!
Also we got a few copies of the Chapman video, Short Ends, which has the first part from Jake Johnson, who then got snapped up by Alien Workshop and had one of the best parts in recent memory in Mindfield, so if you are a Jake Johnson fan then maybe get yourself a copy - its only £5!
All online tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Real Decks, Dinosaur JR vid

So while I was writing that rant I got an e mail from our friends at Shiner saying they have first of the new summer Real decks, and they are sick! Horror movies with G rap lyrics? Two of my favourite things! They will be in the new SUMMER catalogue over at deluxe, but the Real section isn't up yet! Check out the Anti Hero videos on there!

I have just done my order for this week but i'm sure we'll get some of these bad boys next week, I know I will anyway!
Anyway i'm off to see Dinosaur JR tonight, they have always had songs in Alien Workshop videos and are always pretty close to skating, even closer in their latest video:

You lucky, lucky people! SK8MAFIA and sponsorship.

I love it when stuff like this happens, you hear of free videos out there in webland, and you watch them and they are actually ridiculously sick!
The SK8MAFIA am video is available to watch in high quality for free, and the standard of skating is so so high! I don't wanna pick highlights cos i'll be here all day but the lipslide to switch crook crail grab is pretty bangin! I reckon you are pretty lucky getting such good vids for free!

Following from yesterday I wanted to clear up a few myths, a few kids came in yesterday and said, "We can get decks for £25 somewhere else" they weren't buying a deck, they just decided to tell me, and wondered why they should pay more for a deck so once again I feel like I should tell you: Pretty much any deck you find that is under £30 is gonna be a mass produced, Chinese made deck, they make them in huge numbers as it keeps the cost down, but they are almost always only in three sizes 7.5, 7.75 and 8" and are normally pretty crappy quality - skateboards come in so many more sizes, and if you don't ever get to try out other sizes because you only buy cheap boards you might never realise you prefer a different size.
I personally like skating 8 1/8 boards with a slightly longer wheelbase (the gap between your trucks) as it feels really solid under my feet cos i'm pretty tall, so I seem to get $lave or Real boards normally because they make this sort of size, all good companies will make a whole bunch of different sizes, and because they make fewer boards they have to be more expensive, couple this with the fact they have to pay a pro to keep skating, and pay filmers and editors to make videos, which now get given away for free! and you should be able to understand why pro boards cost more.
Without pro skateboarding there would be no videos to post up on here for free everyday, so look at your favourite pro, see if he has a shape you like and then you can directly support him by buying his board, pros normally get around $2 to $5 from the sale of each board, so I have definately bought Jon Allie and Peter Ramondetta a few beers lately!
The other thing here is in regard to being sponsored, most sponsors want to see a decent video these days, and if they can see you are riding cheap or blank boards in your sponsor me video then why would they waste time on hooking you up when you aren't trying to support pro skateboarding?
Joe Paget pretty much just skates Harmony boards these days, and when he gets round to finishing his 6:57 part and I show it to Harmony, the fact he is always riding Harmony boards in the video is only going to help his chance of getting flowed a few boards!
the same thing has happened with Reskue rider Darren Tate, he has been wearing Duffs for a while now and has now managed to get a Duffs flow, they wouldn't have sponsored him if he wore a different brand all the time!
Basically what i'm saying is, if you like someone or a certain company then show them some love and support them, and one day they might support you back!
With this in mind i'd be stoked if a kid watched the SK8MAFIA vid, looked HERE and decided he wanted a SK8MAFIA deck, and asked me to order one in for him - but we'll see!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Summer Sale - Reskue tees - Soton park

So the all clothing half price sale has ended, but we have kept all clothing from: Altamont, Cliche, Independent, Duffs and Nomis at HALF PRICE!
A lot of people asked why the clothing was half price, a bit of an odd question I thought, "never look a gift horse in the mouth" definately applies here.
But anyway, it was on sale so we can clear it and bring you a whole bunch of new Reskue tees, unfortunately a lot of clothing has gone up in price due to the fall in the value of the £ against the $, this would mean things like the new Indy tees would have to be £25 instead of £20, so instead of getting clothing in that skaters just can't afford we will get a bit of the best designs, then get a lot of Reskue tees in which we can put out at a good value price, those of you that saw the original Reskue tees will know the designs were rad, and we use local artists to do the designs which supports our scene, so you will be seeing some new designs real soon, starting with the Run DMC style tees in three colours. You'll be pleased to know the Jars design by Tibs, which was also our first deck, will be reappearing in new colourways too!
I'm stoked that people want to represent Reskue and support our scene, and if you have any ideas for graphics or artists you would like tees from then just let me know!

Ok last thing for today, a lot of people have asked about getting a new skatepark in Southampton, I mentioned in a little speech at the SFTW prizegiving we wanted to do something about this, but it takes time! Councils are notoriously slow at getting things done, and while I have seen a couple of different Facebook groups about getting a new park, without meaning to sounding negative, that just doesn't work, Do you really think what happens on Facebook has any effect on the city council? It needs to be something they will actually see!
Marc mentioned once about getting a design done for a park, which we would put in the shop along with a petition saying that a park of this style is what we want built, a good mix of transitions and plaza style stuff is needed so everyone has something to skate, but getting a design done by a park company normally costs a lot, they need quotes for prices from all different builders, quotes for materials and it also uses very expensive programs and techniques, you can't just do a drawing! - It doesn't work that way!
When things get rolling we'll let everyone know though, I want a park here as much as everyone else, just think when Mayflower park was here (for the kids that were too young, Mayflower was a rad park down in the Mayflower park from 1996 to around 2002)the use of a hassle free park produced Landscape pro Joey Pressey, Stereo pro Benny Fairfax, and half the guys that are on the Reskue team. Good parks make good skaters, simple!

Sponsorship/Churchill Interview

Kids ask me funny things sometimes, a kid just asked me "Who is on the Reskue team?" I said it say on our site, and he said he'd looked at it?!
Anyway a few kids have asked about the team and sponsorship lately, pretty much since the demo at Veracity.
If you are a proggresive skater in Southampton then chances are I know who you are, that might sound stupid as you may think "I'm ripping down the park every day, and the Reskue team never come here so how would they know?" You have answered your own question there, if you skate the same places all the time YOU WILL NEVER GET SPONSORED, to be sponsored you need to positively represent Reskue all over the place, all of the Reskue team skate loads of different places all the time, and with a good attitude! Being a good skateboarder is not enough to get sponsored, if you have a bad attitude then you aren't going to be inspiring anyone, and you aren't gonna get sponsored!
Hope that helps you out!
Just so you know the Reskue team all have profiles HERE.
Marc Churchill, who happens to be the person I have known the longest that rides for Reskue, has an interview HERE that appears in Huck magazine.
To be honest I have no idea what Huck is, but the interview is good anyways!

Friday, 5 June 2009

New stuff + SALE!

So after last weekends clearance we are doing it again this weekend, ALL clothing is HALF PRICE to make way for the new summer season coming in, so pick up a bargain this weekend!
We also have loads of money off decks, including reductions on Zero, Flip, Black Label, Mystery and Slave decks.
As well as this we have restock on the popular Harmonious series decks from Harmony, and a couple of new Plan B one offs, as well as some of the Karma Kapow series in the new foil colours, all online in the next hour.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Gonz and Awadh

Hi! Taters here, I'm relieving Andrew of his blog duties today. Fourstar have posted a day in the life of Mark Gonzales today as he is now 40! So this proves that you can keep skating even when you get elderly, check the bangin' frontboard!

Also Awadh Mohammed came first at Wild in the Parks at Revolutions skatepark the other day ( it's mega fun there ) Check his tre over the big driveway! I did it a while back but not nearly as smooth as his one! Duffs ftw!

More Skateboarding >>

Over and out!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Hecka Goings On! - Wallenburg and Etnies demo.

So this weekend was pretty busy in the skateboard world! first of all the Wallenburg comp, a hell of a lot went down, a few notable people were missing but here is the Thrasher vid from the event, and the youtube version for all the Iphone geeks who can't use flash (nice aren't I)

Chris Cole back 3 was second try! but for pure smoothness Lindsey Robertsons back heel takes the cake, it looks like he is doing it off a curb its so smooth! but thats 22ft hes clearing I believe.

Opinions on Lizard King are pretty divided, I have heard people say he is "pure aids" but other people think he was pretty creative, as rad as the ollie disaster thing is, does it look good? Hmmm.
Anyway there was talk of Blueprints Neil Smith going out there for this, and it appears he had a couple of tries at a nollie heel then Jake Phelps, the editor of Thrasher, told him to sit down and stop trying, apparently there were loads of people there and if you weren't getting close you got moved off, but the story goes that Adam Dyet was just flinging sw back heels and getting nowhere near and wasn't stopped from trying, Smithy was understandably pissed off apparently, you can hear Phelps calling him out on this video about a minute in:
and that is stills at the beginning, just keep watching!
A lot of brits are saying Smithy should go do it anyway and have it as a Blueprint ad.

Anyway Sheckles wasn't there because he was at the Etnies demo at Bay 66 in London, here is some footage of that, personally I think the Davis torgerson footage is the best, that kid straight kills it, the Nollie Inward Heel is bangin!

Along with this the Berrics have had some ridiculous stuff up recently, including a Bangin from Wieger, who you may know is one of my favourite skaters so I was pretty stoked, the tailslide flip out is butters beyond belief! and then a day or two later this recruits from Ben Fisher which is also ridiculous! its going to get increasingly harder for people to do new stuff at the Berrics, but these boys seem to be coming through!


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