Monday, 8 June 2009

Sponsorship/Churchill Interview

Kids ask me funny things sometimes, a kid just asked me "Who is on the Reskue team?" I said it say on our site, and he said he'd looked at it?!
Anyway a few kids have asked about the team and sponsorship lately, pretty much since the demo at Veracity.
If you are a proggresive skater in Southampton then chances are I know who you are, that might sound stupid as you may think "I'm ripping down the park every day, and the Reskue team never come here so how would they know?" You have answered your own question there, if you skate the same places all the time YOU WILL NEVER GET SPONSORED, to be sponsored you need to positively represent Reskue all over the place, all of the Reskue team skate loads of different places all the time, and with a good attitude! Being a good skateboarder is not enough to get sponsored, if you have a bad attitude then you aren't going to be inspiring anyone, and you aren't gonna get sponsored!
Hope that helps you out!
Just so you know the Reskue team all have profiles HERE.
Marc Churchill, who happens to be the person I have known the longest that rides for Reskue, has an interview HERE that appears in Huck magazine.
To be honest I have no idea what Huck is, but the interview is good anyways!

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