Monday, 8 June 2009

Summer Sale - Reskue tees - Soton park

So the all clothing half price sale has ended, but we have kept all clothing from: Altamont, Cliche, Independent, Duffs and Nomis at HALF PRICE!
A lot of people asked why the clothing was half price, a bit of an odd question I thought, "never look a gift horse in the mouth" definately applies here.
But anyway, it was on sale so we can clear it and bring you a whole bunch of new Reskue tees, unfortunately a lot of clothing has gone up in price due to the fall in the value of the £ against the $, this would mean things like the new Indy tees would have to be £25 instead of £20, so instead of getting clothing in that skaters just can't afford we will get a bit of the best designs, then get a lot of Reskue tees in which we can put out at a good value price, those of you that saw the original Reskue tees will know the designs were rad, and we use local artists to do the designs which supports our scene, so you will be seeing some new designs real soon, starting with the Run DMC style tees in three colours. You'll be pleased to know the Jars design by Tibs, which was also our first deck, will be reappearing in new colourways too!
I'm stoked that people want to represent Reskue and support our scene, and if you have any ideas for graphics or artists you would like tees from then just let me know!

Ok last thing for today, a lot of people have asked about getting a new skatepark in Southampton, I mentioned in a little speech at the SFTW prizegiving we wanted to do something about this, but it takes time! Councils are notoriously slow at getting things done, and while I have seen a couple of different Facebook groups about getting a new park, without meaning to sounding negative, that just doesn't work, Do you really think what happens on Facebook has any effect on the city council? It needs to be something they will actually see!
Marc mentioned once about getting a design done for a park, which we would put in the shop along with a petition saying that a park of this style is what we want built, a good mix of transitions and plaza style stuff is needed so everyone has something to skate, but getting a design done by a park company normally costs a lot, they need quotes for prices from all different builders, quotes for materials and it also uses very expensive programs and techniques, you can't just do a drawing! - It doesn't work that way!
When things get rolling we'll let everyone know though, I want a park here as much as everyone else, just think when Mayflower park was here (for the kids that were too young, Mayflower was a rad park down in the Mayflower park from 1996 to around 2002)the use of a hassle free park produced Landscape pro Joey Pressey, Stereo pro Benny Fairfax, and half the guys that are on the Reskue team. Good parks make good skaters, simple!

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