Monday, 29 June 2009

Busy times!

So looking at the blog it has nearly been a week since a post and it is meant to be daily! Shocking! All it means is that I have been busy, if you had added us on FACEBOOK you would have got a good few little links tho!
So Battle At The Berrics has snuk up and started again, Chris Cole played Mike Vallely on saturday, and Jamie Thomas played Dennis Busenitz on sunday. The Cole game was a bit of a joke, and if you fancied expressing your opinion on it then HERE is a good place to start!
There was also the CPH pro contest in Copenhagen, there was a live stream but by the time I had posted it people would have missed it, again if you were a Facebook friend you would have seen it! Anyway T Puds won, and I thought it was a bit suspect seeing he is sponsored by DVS and so was the event, but he was truly killing it! fs flip the electrical box and bs smith flip out, both video worthy tricks and he did them in a comp! Koston was killing it too tho.

Jamie Thomas also has a new ten tricks over at the Black Box site, Jamie still rips, and you guys obviously agree cos I sold two JT decks this weekend.
In closer to home news the reason I couldn't update the blog one day was because myself and Reskue friend Ranny went to meet up with Southsea local Jak Tonge so Ranny could shoot some photos for his First Light in Sidewalk, Jak is seriously good and got a couple of sequences in a matter of minutes, but you'll have to wait to see them.
Ranny also brought in a bunch of his photos and put them up on the walls of Reskue last week, it adds a bit of character to the store and shows the rippage of the Reskue team so check them out next time you are in.
I guess thats it for now, I finally have got the blog to not look too crappy on the main site too, so if you have this bookmarked then maybe just look at the main Reskue site from now on, cos then you'll know bout all the new products too!

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