Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Familia Video

I'm stoked on this video! If you didn't know (I'd hope some of you are as geeky as me, but you probably aren't) Familia is Steve Nessers shop (The Birdhouse pro) I toyed around with a name based on Family for the shop but Familia was taken! Empire skate building was another one, but it was ABD and kinda cheesy, anyway.
Familia do pretty well to support the scene out there, and the skating and spots in the vid are both rad, its funny seeing Tony Hawk and Danny Montoya pop up in there (They share some sponsors with Steve) Jamiel Nowpavar has pretty good gangster white boy steez too! Scene vids and shop vids are really good lately, maybe because they actually show people having fun rather than just full on hammers and bangers! The look on the dudes face when he lands the frontside wallride says it all! Hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Oh and the reskue vid is coming, soonish! Maybe a couple more weeks!

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